From Gyang Bere, Jos

Plateau State Governorship Candidates for the 2023 elections have resolved to tackle the ravaging insecurity that has claimed several lives and displaced several persons from their ancestral lands.

They also vowed to put in place machinery as contained in their respective blueprints to return all persons who have been displaced as a result of violent attacks in the state to their ancestral homes.

The four governorship candidates who were selected through online voting by Plateau citizens made the resolution on Saturday during the Governorship debate organized by Plateau Debate Guild (PDG), held at the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS), Kuru, Jos.

The PDP candidate, Caleb Mutfwang who promised to revamp the tourism sector in the state, said his administration will reorganized the security architecture in the state by equipping the “Operation Rainbow”, the state security outfit to work in collaboration with hunters and vigilante groups to provide adequate security in rural communities and recover tourism sites for revenue generation.

He noted that the model used for the returned of displaced persons in Jong community would be embrace and replicated across all the displaced communities for safe return of the people.

“We will reinvigorate the Justice system to give justice to everyone and we will reorganize the state security outfit “Operation Rainbow” for effectiveness. We will also be advocating for the constitution of state police.

“On the issue of land grabbing, we will use “carrot and stick” diplomacy, we will press the button where we can press to ensure that all people are returned to their ancestral lands.”

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His APC counterparts, Dr. Nentawe Yilwatda said hunters and vigilante groups have been optimal in the fight against kidnappers and criminality in recent times, saying their services would be deployed by his administration to secure the state.

He explained that his administration will set up a security trust fund where resources will be contributed to finance security for the protection of citizens, using technology and the local communities.

The Labour Party candidate, Dr. Patrick Dakum said he is determined to come up with participatory security blueprint driven by various communities using hunters and vigilante groups.

He explained that he has transverse across rural communities in the state and what resonates is the need for inclusive security architecture that will involved the villagers in the security of their environment.

“We will do everything possible to resettle our people who have been displaced to their ancestral land and address the issues of land grabbing.”

Comrade Luka Panpe, candidate of the People’s Redemption Party (PRP) said he has contributed to the enthronement of Plateau peace Building Agency and said challenges of insecurity would be tackled from the root.

“being somebody who contributed to the establishment of Plateau Peace Building Agency and as former consultant to the Plateau State House of Assembly on conflict, I have a clear understanding of some of the rudiments of the crisis that has led to land grabbing, we will bring strategic approach.

“One aspect of our security is to safeguard our people, the second is to address our insecurity within the hinterand and the third is to look at the Metropolis. With this understanding, it will enable us to test some of the provision that are in existence such as the anti-land grabbing which will be reviewed o give it a flesh.’