For a Senatorial District which despite its abundance of Resources have been left to dwell and wabble in the waters of Poverty which has been highly facilitated through the lack of a proper leadership and representation which serves as a vital tool to re-engineer the socio-economic realities of the people for the better, the time has come for the people of Ondo North Senatorial District to do the needful to take back their Region and give it the opportunity to thrive which it truly deserves.


Positive change and transformation can only be heralded by proven change makers and agents of positive transformation, Economic wealth and prosperity can only be given by men who come with a proven, verifiable and credible economist, ones with a proven track record, whose antecedents lends credence to their portfolio that they have done it before and can still do it again.


Reality of our Socio-Economic system drives the more need that we should not just elect representatives based on sentiments but using credibility, value and worthiness as a viable yardstick.


Chief Alex Ajipe, CEO Klick-Connect who recently declared his intention to contest the Ondo North Senatorial district election come 2023 comes with qualities which ticks all the right and required specifications needed of a true and progressive candidate.


Going by his official declaration speech, for a man who rose from a very humble beginning in a very challenging environment, where he has made a name for himself, one which has the capacity to last generations after generation, his declaration to serve the people, is not bore out of a personal pursuit of glory and power, it is a pure expression of his readiness, his passion to serve the people, to advance the community he came out of and ensure that the commonwealth of the people are properly harnessed and utilized for the collective gains of all within our senatorial district.

He represents the bridge between the old and the new, holding the resources and capability and capacity to pull the strings and get what needs to be done, done.


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Judging based on what he has been able to do in the Rotimi Akeredolu led administration in Ondo State which saw to the emergence of various industrial revolution, leading to the birth of a new economic reality for the people, it is clearly evident that Chief Alex Ajipe comes with a wave of new ideas for the Senatorial district.


He is not just a dreamer or a hoarder of brilliant ideas, he has proven himself to be a good planner and executioner of ideas, while the electorate have had to face the reality of electing individuals bereft of brilliant ideas, ones with no pure sense of purpose or plan for the people, Chief Alex Ajipe brings something wholly different for the people, he comes with the passion matched with a breathtaking resume and a willpower to deliver for the people, that which they have been longing for over the years.


Yes, the narrative and action plan with Chief Alex Ajipe is simple and clear, collective wealth and prosperity for the people through sustainable leadership and qualitative representation right from the grassroots.


A better Ondo North Senatorial district is possible and achievable with Chief Alex Ajipe, a vote for him is a security for the future.



Elegbeleye Lekan wrote this piece.