From Juliana Taiwo-Obalonye, Abuja

A two-year-old, Nkem Odafe, son of Samuel Odafe, was kidnapped, yesterday, at about 3:30pm, in the Bwari area of Abuja.

The suspected abductors have been identified as Idimmachi Joshua Onyekachi and Emmanuel Chinoyerem William, who were former neighbours in the compound where the parents reside.

The child’s nanny, Martha Maigamu, a key witness to the abduction, who identified the culprits, said both individuals came to the gate of the house, forced her into the house, collected her phone and the key to the house, locked her out of the house and left with the boy.

Speaking to Daily Sun, Odafe said: “I was at the office when they came to the house and stopped the nanny in front of the gate. And then forced her into the house, took the boy, collected her phone and the key to the house, locked up the house and left with the boy.

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“I don’t know why they would do something like that. The nanny had called me earlier to inform me that she was going to buy a charger for her phone and I said no problem. The next call I got from her was to inform me that some guys came and took the boy from her. Thank God I have a spare key to the house.”

Odafe said the case has already been reported at the police station in Bwari.

“When we found the car they used, it was parked in front of an eatery, Bwari kitchen, and was completely covered up with a trampoline”, Odafe said.

The distraught father said the pictures of their former neighbours were obtained from Facebook.