By Christopher Oji

Two officials of the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) are facing orderly room trial for sleeping in the office and engaging in sexual activities.

The lovebirds, who work in the Lagos State Command of the service, attached to the Alagbon office, were said to be repeatedly sleeping in the office and having sex.

According to a source, the lovers used to pass the night in the office, and other officials “thought that they were sleeping in the office because of accommodation problems.”

It was later discovered that they were sleeping with each other.

“The bubble burst when the lady started proposing marriage to the man repeatedly, but he refused the proposal on the grounds that he was already married. His refusal did not go down well with the lady, who started threatening to expose the man. She later blackmailed him to either settle her with the N1 million or risk being exposed.

“When the man dared her to expose their illicit relationship, the woman went to a nearby police station to report that the man raped her in the office. The police came to charge the man for assault and rape but some NIS officials prevented the police from arresting their colleague and, rather, promised to handle the matter internally. That was how the provost’s department invited the two officers, and in the course of investigation it was discovered that they were lovers deeply entangled in an amorous relationship and having sex in the office.”

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However, another NIS officer who spoke on the condition of anonymity said, “the authorities cannot say they were not aware of the atrocity being committed by the lovers. We have the provost’s department. The provost should know what is happening in the office at any given time. What would a man and a woman be doing in the same room at night? I think the organization knew but pretended not know and refused to do the needful. If not that the police were involved, they would have continued the shameful drama.”

Daily Sun gathered that the management of the service has arrested the lovers and they are facing orderly room trial. A senior NIS officer, speaking off record, as he was not authorized to speak to the press, said, “The matter is before the Comptroller General of Immigration, who ordered disciplinary actions on the lovers. 

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That is why they have faced orderly room trial. We are awaiting the verdict of the provost marshal, which will be communicated to the NIS boss.

“There is no way they will escape justice because, through their confessional statements, they breached the ethics and code of conduct of the NIS. They were sleeping in the office and at the same time defiling the office by making love in the office. Second, they subjected the NIS to ridicule. We are a disciplined organization. We are like ambassadors. So, we should show good example. We have internal mechanisms for handling matters relating to us. Why should the lady report the matter to the police, ridiculing us before the police? In fact, they are on their own.”

The NIS Lagos State Command’s public relations officer, Mr. Jinde Ogungbe, confirmed the story but refused to give more details.

He simply said, “Yes, I know that we have a case of two officials attached to our command. We are handling the matter through our internal mechanisms. I know that they are facing orderly room trial. That is all I know.”