SGORL cultivates the culture of reading through it’s book donation drive


Books hold a unique and invaluable role in shaping minds and advancing intellectual growth.

They serve as windows into diverse worlds where access to education remains unequal.

On January 19, 2024, Sterling Global Oil Resources Ltd. (SGORL) organised a book donation drive themed ‘Creating Possibilities’ to cultivate the culture of reading among students at Wesley Schools for the Hearing Impaired, Yaba, Lagos.

By donating pictorial school textbooks to children with impaired hearing, SGORL aims to bridge the gap by providing resources to those who might not have easy access to educational materials.

Dignitaries present at the event were Dr. Abolarin Abimbola – Director, Special and Inclusive Education, Lagos State Ministry of Education, Mrs. Elizabeth Oluwayemisi Popoola – Director & Principal School 1, Wesley School of Impaired Hearing, Lagos State Ministry of Education, Mrs. Elizabeth Aderonke Ojemola – Director & Principal Wesley School 2 for Impaired Hearing, Lagos State Ministry of Education, Mr. Abegunde– Assistant Director & Vice Principal – Wesley School 1 and Mrs. Olorunda – Assistant Director & Vice Principal, Wesley School 2.

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SGORL recognises that promoting literacy and learning is a responsibility and an investment for a brighter, more inclusive future.

Through this initiative, SGORL aims to empower young minds, stimulate creativity, and ignite curiosity.

At the event, Dr. Abolarin Abimbola, said, ‘SGORL’s book donation drive for the hearing-impaired children will profoundly impact them by breaking communication barriers. The initiative instills a love for reading, broadening horizons, and paving the way for a brighter, more equitable future.’

During the event, books were distributed among the children to kindle a passion for reading, to enhance vocabulary, explore new worlds, unravel mysteries, and visualise bigger dreams.  The books delivered represent a treasure trove of wisdom.

Mrs. Elizabeth Oluwayemisi Popoola, expressed, ‘By adopting a culture of sharing knowledge, SGORL sets the platform for a more comprehensive humanity where everyone can learn, grow, and contribute meaningfully.’

Sterling Global Oil Resources Ltd. (SGORL) is committed to the belief that influencing the power of knowledge is essential for societal advancement. The company strives to create a sustainable society by empowering and uplifting students with impaired hearing.