From Emmanuel Adeyemi, Lokoja

A public commentator and social critic, Dr Shae Bebeyi has said if President Muhammad Buhari wants the world to believe him that his administration is truly fighting corruption then he must compel the Nigeria’s celebrated super cop, DCP Abba Kyari to immediately submit himself to the US court to clear his name from the $1.1 million bribe allegation levelled against him by a suspected fraudster Ramon Olorunbe Abbas alias Hushpuppi.

US Officials had said in court filings that Hushpuppi disclosed during interrogation that he paid bribes to Nigeria’s police chief, Kyari, to have one of his rivals arrested and jailed in Nigeria following a dispute over a $1.1 million dupe of a Qatari businessperson.

Abbas had asked Kyari to arrest and jail a fellow suspected fraudster, Kelly Chibuzor Vincent after both were locked in a dispute presumably over how to share the $1.1 million loot received from the Qatari businessperson of which he alleged the police chief
promptly assented to by arresting Chibuzor and sending his picture while in the cell to him , a situation that led to the payment of the bribe.

Reacting to the allegation on his Facebook page, Kyari denied the bribe allegation and , claimed he only assisted Hushpuppi to get native clothes and caps worth N300,000

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However, in a press statement made available to newsmen in Lokoja Saturday morning, a social critic and the chairman board of trustees Chartered Institute for development and social studies, Dr Shae Bebeyi said with the allegation the integrity of Kyari, the Nigeria police and even the nation is at great risk
He therefore urged president Buhari to force Kyari to as a matter of urgency abide by the court summons and go to the US to submit himself for necessary interrogation so as to clear his name, police and the nation
The statement reads in part:
” The righteous is said to be bold as a lion; if you know you’re clean ,then do the needful ,please ABBA Kyari go to where you have been accused and clear your name because it will amount to hypocrisy if you are being celebrated in Nigeria as fighting crimes and corruption yet you are being accused by a competent court of law in US of corruption

” And if truly, the Government of President Muhammad Buhari is fighting corruption, then it should cooperate with the U S by responding positively and immediately to the request of FBI by compelling Kyari to go and answer to the allegation.

“A bribery scandal is already established against the super Cop Dcp Abba Kyari to the tune of $1.1 million from Huspupi (Ramon) between 2019 – 2020 and the US government has already issued arrest warrant for extradition of Abba Kyari for the said allegation or his involvement, so the best thing to do now is to turn himself in for necessary interrogation

“I hereby, challenge the super cop to submit himself to the jurisdiction of the district Court in the United States of America to prove his innocence’ ‘ the statement added.