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Mrs Funke Egbemode,

I thank you very much for all your articles; especially the ones I’ve read pertaining to relationships. But you see, the question is  do most of  our women, especially the young ones I’ve observed very closely,  create  time to read these wonderful articles written on relationships and  mostly the ones concerning the womenfolk? To my utmost surprise, you can imagine their responses. The reason  I’m passionate about this is that when I read newspapers or watch television and I see women clamouring for 35% Affirmative Action,what I say to myself is that women are their problems, because their numerical strength is greater than men.In a nutshell, please try to throw more light on  issues concerning them directly  economically, politically and  socially and devote less time on the Khardashians and so on and so forth.Thank you for your good works. –Ikenna


nature has it that we should feed women,but in doing so, we don’t intimidate women. It takes a man with wisdom to stand women’s behaviour.Your views are okay but you’re only on  women’s side and I can understand you’re a woman.



the position of man in the family is spiritual as well as mundane. Adam was created before Eve and mandated to prepare the Garden of Eden ahead of Eve’s arrival. Eve’s success at making Adam defy God’s instruction on  the “forbidden fruit” revealed the devilish instinct in women. At  the mundane level, the fact that it’s the woman, in marriage, who moves into a man’s house, proves who the head of the home is. Most  women driving costly cars bought them from their husbands’ sweat. When a man is broke, his wife should help out but in most cases, women try to assert authority, while in some other cases, they start cheating on their husbands. An insignificant percentage of women stand by their husbands when times are rough and tight. A man needs a lot of prayers to  understand his wife. Otherwise, he would go through hell in the hands of  the daughter of the devil he calls “wife”. Wahala!

–Lai Ashadele


I wish to submit that a broke man is always frustrated and irritated and should be accorded every support necessary, especially by  his wife. Another masterpiece from you Funke. Well done.

–Eziefuna Samuel

After reading The rich will cry harder tomorrow, l felt as l always feel after reading each of your articles. Your column should be made compulsory for all politicians and government appointees. May God be with you for being among those giving me hope in this country. Remain blessed. –08136864650

Good evening Funke,

your write up in today’s Sunday Sun is really insightful and educative. Thank you.  –08033333303


your  article, Living with a man who’s broke is interesting, but let me ask  how come a woman starts “working late” the moment her man’s job or finances crashes? She’s also doing “weekend jobs”, attending “special meetings” etc. These were never her way of life nor  her job ethics and you justify this change?

–Mr. Donald 

That craving by a woman  to attain financial independence when taken to the extreme, leads to  female chauvinism and there’s no vacuum to  fill by a man. This  leads to pride. The opposite, male chauvinism, breeds alexithymia which in  Greek  means  “Without words or emotions” and   peculiar to  men. But these days, both sexes are to blame. That’s why affected men  focus on PMS-Power,Money,Sex. My God only recognizes marriage.Twain they shall be one flesh.Your boyfriend is not your husband and your girlfriend is not your wife. Relationship must be defined before sacrifices and commitment.

–GINOSKO aka Eloho Igbi


Good evening, I just read through your piece  in Sunday Sun  back page. But honestly, it’s two ways. After some time,  most ladies realizing they now pay most of the bills start exerting bossy tendencies. Maybe it’s psychological, I don’t  know but it’s true. So, balance your write up. Thanks.


Funke ,

African women including you, believe that the  man must provide for his family and  even the bible says so. “A man who cannot provide for his family is worse than an infidel”, so says the bible. Man was brought up to see himself as the breadwinner of his family. The boy growing up saw his father doing, so, why not him?

In the part of this country where I come from, it’s a curse for a man to be fed by a woman.

The problem in this part of the world is that a shift to the left, makes the woman lose respect for her man and  even try to order him around. God forbids that a woman should feed a man in this part of the world.

I believe and will support my wife to climb the ladder of progress but not for me  to depend on her.No.

Her wealth will be for her and her children and  if she buys me a gift, thank God; if she doesn’t, no problem. If she supports in any way great, if she doesn’t, no problems.

The bottom line is that it’s abnormal in Africa for a woman to be the breadwinner. That bread will be eaten with anger everyday. –08069189091


you asked “Why do men lose their cool when their fortunes take a nose-dive and they have to depend on their wives for sometime?” I’ll tell you why. Most men who lose their jobs lose their wives’ respect when such wives cater for the family’s needs momentarily. In most cases, the man’s money is usually for the family, while the wife’s earnings is exclusively her’s.It makes the news  when  the woman pays the  bills. 


Mrs Egbemode,

I’m an ardent reader of your richly rewarding column.You see,some women are not  supposed to  live with us on this planet. I have  a close friend whose wife was privileged.We were close for many years. While I worked in public service,he was a banker.After my wedding,he got married to this lady who works in an oil company.The lady asked him to  quit his banking job, because  he wasn’t well-paid  and promising to open an oil firm for  him; but which she opened in  her own name. Against my advice,my guy left his job  and only for  his wife to  turn him to a  “houseboy” as he wasn’t running the firm. She only gives him weekly allawi.Is that love?

–Mazi Ekene W.Ugwu

Yes! FE,

Men won’t grow-up because they’re called bridegrooms and husbands.This role is impossible without cash. Regards. –Emma Chiadi


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