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Year of the prophets

Several men of God have made a habit of releasing what they ‘see’ would happen in the year ahead. Some wait to weigh in on a subject at the tick of it. I recall when Bill Clinton made his entry as president of the United States of America. He contested on the platform of Democratic Party against George Bush, an incumbent who was president on the auspices of the republican party. A popular Nigerian prophet at the time said Bush was sure to return to office. He could put his reputation on the line on that matter. The Americans were not persuaded to bring back George Bush(snr). They voted him out and thus made nonsense of the prophecy of that famous man of God at the time. I do not know what has become of him and his church. I have refrained from mentioning his name, to stay away from trouble. But the real surprise for me was that he said God changed his mind on the matter of bringing Bush back to office.

It may well be that prophecies can be upturned which may be why Hilary Clinton did not win the last American Presidential polls. The man on the synagogue as Prophet T. B Joshua is popularly known ,did say that  Hilary will win. He told his congregation thus :

‘I saw the new president of America with a narrow win. In that vision it was a man that would have won the election. The lord said narrowly 99 percent voted for this woman and the woman narrow wins(sic). The men of God saying the opposite things, maybe they saw 15 days ago. They saw a man. I saw a woman 10 days ago….’

We all know that Donald Trump, a man , is about to mount the saddle after winning the election as the next president of United States of America. The next Sunday the prophet of God said ‘ thousands of people cried to God…They said they heard my prophecy and cried to God to change it.’ Again, we can deduce that God changed his mind.

Another prophet was emphatic that Nigeria’s economy would rebound  in 2016 so much that it will send shock tremors around the world. Apostle Ogu, who leads a certain church, said he saw the growth last year. But more people lost their jobs in that year and the trend has continued in the new year. I do not know who would have prayed against that recovery. I pray God has not also changed his mind on that matter.

This year, some rather gloomy prophecies have come forth from the men of God. Some have declared that some in their ilk may be in their last year on earth. They have also said popular actresses may make so much money but would not have children. One of those named in that category is now said to be heavy with child.

I have been told that some of these prophecies are publicity stunts by those who make them. It draws attention to them. But there is a tendency for such attention to proceed on a negative direction. Some would compile such predictions and make a fanfare of their release as though they were releasing annual budget. Little wonder such budgets fail like their counterparts across the land. This prediction ministry was the forte of few men of God in the past. Now every one has become a prophet and have proceeded to bring that sacred calling into ridicule. False prophets seem to have been let loose on the polity. In the midst of multiple predictions, there is bound to be confusion. The people must take heed and take those predictions with a pinch of salt. It makes nonsense of genuine gifts given the plethora of people parading themselves as prophets. Scores of people have fallen victim of the antics of these people. I know that matters of religion border on the realm of faith.

Some chief executives and top politicians take some of these predictions as article of faith. I do hope they have the discerning spirit and could separate the wheat from the chaff.


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