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Why you should never store your eggs in the fridge door

Eggs are one of the most versatile ingredients in a number of foods eaten at breakfast. Whether you purchase your eggs from the supermarket or a farm itself, these small ovals of nutrition are a kitchen staple. But do you know that where you store them can affect their longevity?

Some fridges come with a rack in the door that appears to be a designated egg rack, making it seem like an easy place to store them — but experts are saying that may not be true.

When it comes to preserving this delicious staple, the door is actually the worst place to store your eggs. Not only is the fridge door mobile, but it’s also the warmest part of the appliance.

Due to extreme temperature fluctuations, storing your eggs in the fridge door makes them turn rotten faster, according to Vlatka Lake, a storage expert.

“When it comes to eggs, there is a huge debate on where they should be kept, with some saying in the fridge and others saying on the counter,” said Lake. “The general consensus is to store eggs in the fridge, but not in the egg racks commonly found on the fridge door. Egg racks are susceptible to changes in temperature due to the fridge door opening and closing and can cause your eggs to go rotten more quickly.”

Good Housekeeping, an online portal, takes this advice one step further, saying the best place to store your breakfast staple is in their original packaging on the middle shelf of your fridge.

“Eggs are at their best when stored at a consistent temperature, so we recommend keeping them in the fridge on the middle shelf,” explained consumer editor Sara Benwell.

Another staple ingredient you shouldn’t be storing in the door of your fridge – even despite its perfect fit? Your milk. Good Housekeeping recommends storing foods that aren’t as likely to go bad in the door. “Like eggs, the temperature fluctuations can cause the milk to go off quicker. Instead, store foods that have natural preservatives, such as condiments, jams and juice.”


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