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Why people suffer today ( 9)

“Good day sir, Iwant to use this medium to thank you for your assistance sometime in the pastthat I had series of spiritual attacks. I ordered your oil after contacting you and strictly followed the instructions, I immediately had serious relief whenone of my uncles suffered severe stroke and died. May God continue to blessyou, as you continue to bless you as you liberate people from bondage”.  Mr.Kene 08068510786.

“God is still alive. I am happy that my prayer was answered after using your oil. You could recall that I ordered your oil for two to three times and did the prayer as you instructed me. At first, I thought it was a joke but when I insisted knowing that the testimonies I read from your column are real, I maintained my faith and prayed with it until I got my request granted. My business was almost dead, my health was very down and my family scattered. In fact, I was living from hand to mouth until I did your prayer and became free. My wife left me and all my friends abandoned me…After the prayer, one of my friends who was indebted

to me for six years that ran away with my money called me and paid me. My wifecame back and apologized and was forgiven.

My business is doing well and I haveno reason to hide my testimony from you sir. I am happy to be part of this lifetransforming column. God be with you sir…” Mr Uzo

“Dear Prof. please publish this testimony but not with my name and contact. I want toinform you here that the man that killed my mother and my only brother hasconfessed after the use of your oil. It was indeed a miracle to the entirefamily…He confessed how he did it and after that he gave up the ghost. Apart from that sir, God has started a new thing in my life since after the prayer. God is worthy of our praise…” (Names and contact withheld as demanded).

 “God is great my dear Professor Uzorma. I got your oil last year November for my wife who confessed to be a serious witchbehind my failure, inability to impregnate her due to low sperm count. We have been married for 15 years without any child. She confessed after using yourfirst oil and we re-ordered the second one for God to give us the blessing ofthe womb. My brother it was a serious battle between me, my wife and the evil forces…The low sperm count manifested in me mysteriously. We prayed and fasted  together and the evil ones came, when she became pregnant and in January this year it was like heaven was going to fall down to the earth.

The instruction and prayers you gave to us sustainedus till the day she put to bed to a baby boy. Sir, since that day she delivered of a baby boy, we have known peace and my wife is free from any form of evilattack. May the good Lord bless you for us. (Names and contact withheld).

When you go tobuy such clothes, please I urge you to first of all consider within you thequestion of who previously wore the dress you want to buy. The person might bea demon or an agent of darkness. In most cases, an agent of darkness can aswell buy the said cloth and through a psychometric process, discovers the lastuser, if the person is alive and if the agent of darkness wishes to harm him orher, he does so by invoking the person through the cloth.

Recently in Rivers state, a young Christian convert bought a pair of second hand shoes andsuit. He used his two months’ salary and bought the materials. That day, he was overwhelmed with joy. He joyfully went home and began preparing his meal. When it was time for him to go to bed, (about 11.30pm) he could not pray much. He never knew that the owner of those wears was a demon who once lived here onearth. At night, the brother heard a knock not even on his door rather the knock came from the window. The brother was exasperated and consequentlyremained silent. The demon knocked again in anger. When the brother inquired who was knocking and why he should knock at the window, the demon spoke in the language the brother did not understand. This immediately brought fears into him. Paul concludes “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of sound mind” (II Tim 1:7).

The fear which came into the brother reduced his faith to naught. Then he began to speak in tongues in fear when the demon noticed that he was wasting time to open his door, he became angrier and forced the door and windows open at the same time.The brother observed that the demon had two heads two golden eyes, four breasts and naked, without a male or female private part. The young convert was flummoxed and was about running out of his room. In the attempt of doing so, the demon hit on his head and entered into the room and finally went away withthe second hand suit and shoes. 

The moment the demon left one part of the brother’s body became paralyzed as a result of the knock, which the demon gave him on his head. If the brother had not bought suchthings, no demon would have visited him. In most cases we attract these demons through ignorance. Those wishing to know what to do after buying such things should not waste time to dedicate in the name of our Lord and savior JesusChrist. Do wash it with hot water and use the blood of Christ to deal with it before you use.

Many agents of darkness are here on earth operating their cults as churches and anybody who goes to them for one solution or another becomes contaminated. Jesus said“….Take heed that no one deceive you for many prophets shall rise up and shalldeceive many” (matt 24:4 and 11). The warning of the lord is that one shouldtake heed lest one be deceived by the show of false prophets. You may not beaware that some “pastors” or “gospel preachers” today are using negative powersin working miracles. By the grace of God, I have exposed them in my book“Pentecostal Demonism”.

Many have encountered untold predicaments bythe so called solution they received from these workers of iniquity. They are everywhere. Many of them are in churches and gather people through the workingof miracles. I knew many of them in the past. Others are agents of darkness who by virtue of their assignment are assigned to operate spiritual movement like prayer houses, churches and much more.

Dear reader, don’t expect me to tell youthat Mr. A  is a false prophet or this orthat church is a true or false church, No but you should reach that conclusionby the evidence provided in this work, for Jesus said, “Ye shall know them bytheir fruit…” (matt.7:16).

I wish at thispoint to bring to your recognition that some of these agents of darkness do notgo with the title “prophet” rather majority of them are known as Master,Apostle, Pastor, Bishop, Guru, Swami, Aladura, Alhaji, Malam, Reverend andPujari, to mention but a few. Yes the rulers of darkness can disguisethemselves and appear physically as servants of God. Demons can give youanything the moment you agree to become their slave. However, when you carryout any instruction given to you by such an agent

you are consciously handingyourself over to Satan and his forces.

It does not matter whether such an agentquotes any portion of the bible to support such instruction or not. Now bear inmind that when you go to such an agent for solution to your problems, you canreceive a “solution” based on the level in which the proclaimed “prophet” canoperate in the satanic realm. But I must let you know that any “solution”received from an agent of darkness will put

you in bigger bondage and manifestgreater problem for you in this world.

Those agents will manifest physically asprofessed men or women of God. They may be instructed by demons not to eatmeat. On the other hand, they practice (“Ahnisa” a Sanskrit word which is thebasis for Hindu’s respect for animals), vegetarianism. The bible states “And nomarvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

Therefore, itis no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers ofrighteousness, whose end shall be according to their works” (IIcor.11:14). Now,as you read on you will come to the knowledge of how one can be contaminated byseeking  solution from these ministers of unrighteousness.


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