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Why people suffer today (2)  

“Good day my Prof…my testimony is about the oil that I ordered from you, and you also provided me with the guideline on how to use it. I got the oil because of the evils going on in my family, which claimed the life of my father. To my amazement, one of the men responsible for such evils died a few days into the prayer and his death as a young man caused panic and uproar; as a result, the entire kindred asked the elders to go for consultation with demonic powers. The result, however, was negative because the oracle explained how they killed my father and wanted to wipe away our family. When they heard this, they asked for solution and the oracle told them to pay the sum of N300,000 and forfeit the compound palm plantation for two years. As I text this message now, there is serious confusion and bewilderment among them… Secondly, after I anointed myself with the same oil, the man that has owed me for a long time paid me the same week. When he demanded for my account number, he confessed that angels have been flogging him since the previous night to pay my money. Sir, help me to tell the world that wonders shall never end and the God of miracles is still alive…” Bro Ugo 08023839483.
“Dear Prof, as I am sending you this mail today, I am very happy that the oil I bought from you has worked wonders for me and my family. The contract has been won finally. The evil dream has stopped. The thing that has amazed my husband is that the evil bird that monitors me whenever a good thing is coming to me has as well stopped visiting my house ever since I used the oil you sent me. I would like to come and see you because many good things are happening to me now. I praise God for your life and ministry.” Funke.
We are talking of deeper spiritual things, which are more than the eyes can see. Spiritual battles are beyond the speculative ideologies of some earthly priests. One can become an enemy of himself without knowing it. The gross material body does not know the nature of spiritual battles going on from time to time. Everybody is a spirit, good or bad. The nature of the spirit that is associated with you could either determine your success or failure. Human beings come from different locations and dimensions; some for good and others for bad. The activity of someone determines where he comes from. Remember the biblical assertion, “Know no one after the flesh.”
I am saying this because there are some people, due to where they came from, you cannot change them, except by higher spiritual power of the divine, which must also follow a process. One may be married to a woman who is good-mannered and well trained yet what is following her may be responsible for her husband’s failure and poverty; even when they live in peace. The same may be responsible for barrenness. This is a big mystery that many do not know!
Recently, I counselled a woman whose 14 years of marriage was characterised by failure in business, barrenness and un-amazing disappointments in every aspect of life. She has used my oil three times without result; finally, I gave her an appointment to see me. When we met eventually, I did a serious spiritual investigation with her and discovered the reason for the delay to her prayer.
It may interest you to know that her husband did not come to the earth with any blessing in life. In line with his journey into the physical life, he came with emptiness and sufferings. His encounter with his wife became the battle that took the woman from one end to another in search of solutions. When this was discovered, some divine instructions were given to suspend some evil forces in order to consolidate their freedom. In fact, spiritual warfare is a reality from a higher dimension. One has to be very careful in order not to associate with one who may end up destroying one’s destiny. Do you know that some people may have good business plans but the moment they discuss it with their spouse who may have association with the realm of the desert, everything will become a failure?
A friend once told me that any business plan he discusses with his first son will never see the light of day but any one he discusses with his second son would materialise. He said he has tried this experiment more than 15 times. Dear reader, there are things that follow us individually and collectively. I shall give details later.
I wish to infer here that the devil has not forgotten anyone. He still believes that one day he will succeed in snaring you into his ignoble web. This is the more reason you as a Christian are expected to be watchful over your entire endeavors in life.
You may have been hoodwinked in believing that your name is out of the record of the devil or his cohorts, this is a profound folly and error occasioned by wrong thinking. Remember that the only way to overcome the problems of life created by the devil is for one to swim in the glorious power of His Divine Majesty. This glorious and ubiquitous power of Jehovah God and his Christ is the only way out. Your ignorance in this connection makes no real sense because the devil will enjoy more by keeping you in deep error and ignorance in order to dominate and control your life. Try of your own volition to avoid the major causes of human problems.
Avoid voluptuous women who go about with psychic ‘yenyima,’ destroying various men and much more. By so doing you will prolong your days in the world. Avoid everything that will consolidate the hands of the devil in your life. The moment you are out to seek freedom and true emancipation, the glory of God will come to your aid leading you to the stratum of true freedom in Christ, for the Bible concludes, “If the son, therefore, shall set you free, you shall be free indeed” John 8:36.
This is my message to the entire world, thus I go my way and your blood shall upon your head, if you fail to heed to this instruction because the physical world is the realm of psychic attacks by the prince of darkness. This has been so ever since the devil and his demons were banished from heaven, as is evident in Isaiah. 14
Thereafter Satan in an attempt to fulfilling his nefarious objectives in human life started possessing people and using them to spread evils in the world of man. These evils however, are to the detriment of mankind. It could interest you to know that under this manipulation many satanic agents are hitherto masquerading themselves as “servants of God”. The prime purpose for which they have disguised themselves as “Ministers of Righteousness” is to advance and perpetuate iniquity. Many of them under the camouflage of ministers of righteousness have established many churches, prayer houses, temples, bethels and much more.
Their true nature is not usually revealed until during spiritual assignment. Then will they come out of their camouflage to contaminate people through false messages and solutions. Jesus spoke about them thus, “Beware of false prophets which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits” Matt 7:15-16.Majority of people in the world today are not aware that Satan is somehow fade up with native doctor and metaphysicians and has craftily advanced a new metaphysical means of manipulating the earthmen as to sway them into bondage. Nevertheless, man must be free!
The only power that can set one free is the power of our Lord and Master Jesus Christ, who is, who was and is forever God. Praise God! In view of my past experience in the esoteric system of reality, form where I was brought by Jesus Christ into the path of light to advance the truth of the gospel, I am aware that many people who have problems do not know the cause of such problems and because of their limited knowledge in this connection the forces of darkness still keep them in bondage. No wonder the lord through his prophet lamented “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge….” Hosea 4:6.
This expository series is designed to expose major channels of bondage used by Satan to contaminate the earthmen. Now, the subject matter of this exposition is on the stead of spiritual platform of reality, thus you can only comprehend and appreciate it with thoughts transcending the human mental speculation. For only then can the Spirit of God lead you into the recognition of that which is unknown as contained in this exposition. There are profound spiritual revelations contained herein which will help to guide and advance you in the path of light.
Before anything can take place in this physical world, it must first of all occur in the spirit-realm. This is a fact which is unknown to many people while others under the sway of ignorance are yet to be aware of it. Yes! The spirit realm is a realm of cause while the physical is the realm of manifestation or effects.


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