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Why Nigeria is strangely wired

Which way Nigeria?
It was unfortunate that the ethnic nationalities too were not at peace with each other before the coming of the colonialists.
It was either Ekiti-Parapo War or Ibadan War or Kiriji War. These wars were not limited to the West; we also had them in the North such as Jukun War and Kanuri War.
The East was not left out from such wars as the Abriba War.
When are we going to have peace in this part of the world?
– Chief Olusola Abolarinwa, Lagos. 08034164841

Greatest undoing
The greatest mistake was the amalgamation of Nigeria. It is a marriage of inconvenience. To me, our greatest undoing is that we failed to allow every body to go his or her way long before now.
– Dr. Sule Popoola. 08037272026

At the crossroads
Femi, we are at the crossroads
– Alhaji Ibrahim Ajibowo, Lagos. 08033005067

Blame game
Femi’s piece made good reading. Well done.
Where were our political leaders when the boundaries were being carved out, the great Zik of Africa, the visionary Awo?
I think we should stop this blame game. What has been our contribution to changing the situation we found ourselves?
Our greatest undoing is suspicion, even in our own small groups. Can we avoid Nigeria’s balancing factors in our activities, male/female, Christian/Muslim, ethnicity and all the diatribes?
The restructuring we earnestly need is that of our mindset, our discipline, attitudes.
Even if Esie State is created today people will crave for restructuring because some are already feeling marginalised.
Even if the colonialists did what they have done what can we do to undo it?
Check the history of America, India, China, development of Canada, the people of Finland.
Let the much-clamoured-for restructuring start with individuals. Let us all develop and imbibe leadership traits. Even before the colonialists, it was a theatre of war.
– Ademola Oyeniyi, Lagos. 08023172527

Very worrisome
Thank you very much for your Daily Sun, Thursday, February 15, 2018, write-up on page 20 titled “Nigeria: Wired to malfunction.”
It is really very worrisome and mind-boggling. Keep it up.
– Pastor Ezeh. 09078005880

Deterrent to others
It is very embarrassing that a snake “swallowed” N36 million kept in an office. Does it mean there was no bank to keep the money?
EFCC should not leave any stone unturned to prosecute culprits as deterrent to others who might engage in the same act in future.
This corruption thing in government is becoming something else and anti-graft agencies should do something about it.
It is sad what happened in Benue State, where so-called Fulani herdsmen wasted innocent people’s lives without any cause.
l believe security agencies should rise up to their calling to arrest and bring the culprits to book, with their sponsors.
It is very sympathetic. If these evil acts continue without check, there will be fire on the mountain. No community will fold their hands and allow herdsmen to come to their place, kill them and go scot-free.
Well, Nigerians will decide whether President Muhammadu Buhari returns for a second term, not Olusegun Obasanjo.
After all, himself wanted to go for a third term, if not for Nigerians who rose to stop him. Obasanjo does not have the moral right to say Buhari should not contest for a second term so long as the constitution allows it.
It is only Nigerians who will decide Buhari’s fate come 20l9, if his performance is nothing to write home about.
The proposed cow colony for cattle rearers is unacceptable because it is private business that owners should find where they would be feeding their cows. It is not compulsory for governors to provide land for cattle rearers.
If it is allowed, then other groups will ask for their own business colonies.
– Gordon Chika Nnorom, Umukabia. 08062887535

What a country!
Those who rustle cattle are taken to court and jailed; those who maim and kill fellow human beings roam the land free!
What a country!
– 08033213751

Great write-up
Femi, great write-up. There is just nothing I can say towards your column, “Nigeria: Wired to malfunction.”
If it has been predestined, that at this time and season, Nigeria will have a major “convulsion,” there is nothing anybody can do about it.
Good day.
– Barry, Ogoniland. 08034356380

Strong individuals
Failure properly perceived, as they say, is just an opportunity in disguise.
To me, challenges and obstacles are the resources that mould strong individuals.

Ethnic bigotry
I don’t think those who did the amalgamation should be blamed for our multiple problems.
To me, the amalgamation and the problems associated with it is an examination, which Nigerian leaders have refused to pass because of their criminal mindset and desire to use such as excuses for their incompetence.
If one throws obstacles on your path in order to cripple your progress in life, won’t you prove him wrong by succeeding in the face of such?
The truth is that Nigerians like success a lot but abhor the sacrifices that lead to such.
They love lies, hypocrisy, double-speak, ethnic bigotry, etc.
– Ifeanyi Ifeanyichukwu. 09092011427


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