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“why are you gawking, haven’t you seen a woman before?”

When did he get back? How long has he been standing there? Oh my goodness. I was flustered as I turned around striking what I hoped was a composed pose of someone who could not be bothered, I must say I failed miserably. His hungry gaze wandered over my curves to my garter belt and down to my leg chain.

“Why are you gawking, have you never seen a woman before?” I asked in a shaky voice. “Actually not one as sexy as hell or should I say heaven? Who would have thought under your prim and proper dresses, a man can get lost in paradise,” Dennis asked drooling. “When you are done salivating please close my door behind you while I finish dressing,” I said coldly, my eyes flashing fire as I remembered how a lot of men sexually objectify women. “Alright tigress I’m gone, calm down.

I didn’t mean to ruffle your feathers,” he said laughing as he made his escape and the throw pillow I threw at him narrowly missed its target. Tigress my foot I fumed, does a tigress have feathers? Jasmine sauntered into my room looking ravishing in a stylish shirt dress and knee length heely boots. “Wow, someone’s planning to knock dem boyz out,” I squealed in excitement.

“What about you Tobs? If Dennis does not propose tonight, don’t know when he will. Fiery Lawyer during the day, vixen at night,” Jasmine laughed seductively as she looked me over. I was decked in a short denim dress with ankle heely boots (the boots were courtesy of Jasmine as you may have guessed) and my bold bangle like earrings and long tresses (packed during the day, let down at night) gave me a bohemian style look. I must admit I did look hot and feel sexy. “We look like club girls though,” I said grimacing. “Yeah, hot classy ones not the trashy kind,” Jasmine admitted grinning. When Dennis came for us he had changed to a pair of denim jean and skin tight t-shirt that showed off his six packs and flat tummy.

He looked like a model from a magazine. Dennis reaction to our looks is best left to your imagination. I can say this for sure, he was blown away. We partied till the wee hours of the morning and because the flight was chartered, we were back in Lagos by 7.00am. It was a wild night and I must say worth it, reality beckons, now it’s back to the grind. Trust Jasmine to give the girls a graphic account of our adventure. Our Valentine Ball was interesting, there was drama.

The big boys and girls in Society were present. Rick and Dennis were also in attendance with friends. I was uncomfortable the minute I sighted Rick a few minutes after Dennis walked in. The two men even nodded acknowledgement at each other, strange. A game was played during the ball; a guy was asked to pick a dance partner and do the salsa. Dennis took up the challenge but I was so busy talking with Jasmine I didn’t know when he made his way to where we stood and picked me blindfolded, I was told it was part of the rules of the game.

I gave him a blank stare oblivious to what was going on but the crowd chanted and urged me on and so I had no choice. The spotlight was on us and I must say Dennis is a good dancer; the dance was erotic and sensual.

When we were done he planted a kiss on my parted lips and the crowd went wild. I opened my eyes and turned to look at the girls instead I met a thunderous expression on Rick’s face. After the dance I stepped out for a breath of fresh air and the next thing I know someone grabbed me and planted a hard kiss, I was still grappling with the effrontery of the person when another guy pulled him off and gave him a punch. Everything happened so fast; like a movie. I turned to look at the men and saw Rick and Dennis giving each other murderous looks, oh dear, this is not good.


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