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“why are men so greedy? Worse! Some men are just plain stupid!”

Jasmine and the girls were very concerned about me, it is very unlike me to allow things get to me but this situation with Rick was getting out of hand and frankly speaking I was drained. I don’t know what facial expression I had on because next thing I know Rick excused himself and walked purposefully towards me.

When he got to where I stood with the girls, he gave them a boyish grin and asked their permission to steal ‘his Princess’ away for a minute. Holding tight to my elbow, he forced me up the stair to a room that turned out to be the library. After closing the door, he locked it and walked to the bar to pour himself a stiff.

I went to the window and stared down at the garden; having feelings for someone who is involved with another girl can be emotionally draining I thought tiredly as I stared wearily at Rick. After he swallowed his drink in one fell swoop he dropped the glass cup on the bar table and stretched out his hand while walking towards me, “come here,” Rick said in a commanding tone.

I thought of refusing but what is the point ‘fighting’ when all I want is to be in his arms. I went to him and he hugged me tightly, after a few minutes he pulled a chair that was close by and sat on it drawing me unto his lap, we sat like that for a few minutes, both of us loath to break the silence then he dropped ‘the bomb’. “Tobs, there is something I need to tell you and I know this might come as a surprise to you. I still have feelings for Sotonye!” Rick said quietly. “You what?” I whispered with a shaky voice in disbelief, my heart palpitating at the same time.

I must be having a bad dream I thought. He continued, “I had plans to marry Sotonye in spite of all her shenanigans not necessarily because it was expected of me but because I loved her and then you exploded into my world.

I never planned to fall for you, it just happened. I don’t want to lose you Tobs, I need you to be patient with me. Let me sort out my feelings for Sotonye. I know the feeling I have for you is stronger but I need time, can you give me a little time?” He entreated looking at me intently. I think I was frozen in time as I listened to him rattle on because as soon as he was done, I jumped off his lap like I was sitting on hot coal.

This man is going to be the death of me I thought in despair. Did he honestly expect me to stay here and listen to this nonsense? How do you sort out feelings you already admitted to having for another girl? Why are men so greedy? Worse! Some men are just plain stupid!

Is this the same Sotonye that he caught in bed with another guy? The same Sotonye that tried to have him kidnapped? The same Sotonye that had on several occasions tried to extort money from him? If she was unfaithful once, she definitely will be unfaithful again. People like me are rare and hard to come by and Rick dares to think he can trifle with my feelings? I was irked. How dare he? My stiff shoulders and set face told a story of its own.

Hearing the words from Rick felt like someone was tearing my heart out. Suddenly I felt drained with the emotional upheaval and even considered recusing myself from being Rick’s Grandmother’s Attorney. This was all too much. “Tobs, all I ask for is a little time, surely you will consider it,” he pleaded looking intently at me. Ok, I must be dreaming or is this nightmare a reality?


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