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When youths charted course for Mbaise

From Walter Ukaegbu, Abuja 

There comes a period in the life of an association when it sits back and ruminate over its affairs so as to chart a new course for itself. 

This is exactly what the Ugwu Mbaise Youth Forum organized by the Ugwu Mbaise Abuja set out to do. Last week, Mbaise indigenes made up of all the seven communities that make up the town gathered with their youths in Abuja with a mission to inculcate in the youths the ideals of good citizenship.

Speaking on the occasion President Ugwu Mbaise Abuja Mr. Leo Erasmus Njoku called on the youths who gathered in their hundreds to imbibe the ideals of good citizenship, know their roots and strive to contribute their quota in the development of their home community. 

Njoku explained that early in the year 2017 the community had agreed to organize a forum for the youths in Abuja so as to sensitise them on their ancestral home . He lamented that most of them were getting estranged with their culture so much so that some cannot even speak the dialect of their fore fathers. 

He Urged the youths to engage in projects that will connect them with their homes . He cited some heroes and heroines from Mbaise as MS Chioma Ajunwa an international athlete ,Chief Frank Nneji of ABC Transport and Pat Ekeji formerly of Nigerian Sport commission among others. 

The gathering made up of Mbaise people from all walks of life included Professors, lawyers, medical practitioners, top business icons, teachers among others. One of the professors, Isaac Obasi of Tonsha Energy Limited who is also a financial expert counseled the youths to avoid businesses with shady inclination. He told them that the intellect of an Mbaise man has wrongly been perceived by many people in the country just as the entire Igbo race were also wrongly perceived by other Nigerians of being super intelligent or crafty. 

Professor Obasi advised Mbaise indigenes not to allow their people reside outside until he or she familiarizes self with the community. He described Mbaise as a cultural and Spiritual entity with clans and villages before the white man came and destroyed the culture. 

He revealed that outsiders rush to marry from Mbaise to inherit their genes , while regretting that the root of people regarding Mbaise people as greedy came from Kabaka International Dance Band’s qurell with his friend and band member Sir Warrior. Obasi wondered why a qurell between two friends should be used to judge a whole community. 

President, Ugwu Mbaise Abuja women wing, Dr. Mrs. Ogechi Uwazie represented by Mrs. Nwoha who regretted that most of their ladies were getting married to people outside Mbaise because they hardly visit their village or know their malefolks. 

She listed one of the challenges of Ugwu Mbaise as the refusal of the younger generation of both men and women to attend monthly meetings. 

Chairman of the event, Chief T.P. Nwokocha said the essence of the occasion was to interact with the youths let them to know about their culture and where they came from.


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