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“When I take you, I want you fully aware!”

It is another windy and rainy day, everyone has closed and I even had to force Debbie to leave, assuring her that I will lock up properly when I am done. She left reluctantly probably convinced I will not be able to cope without her, I should feel insulted. I was so engrossed in what I was doing I could not say precisely when I realised that someone was staring at me. The hairs at the back of my head stood as my heart began to pound. It was just me and the gateman and my car was parked out in glaring sight. I had sent the driver home earlier since I knew I would be working late. Didn’t the gateman lock us in as instructed? I wondered. We were located in a business district, the place always turned to a ghost town after office hours. “So this is where you are holed up, my workaholic counsel, anything I can help with?” the intruder asked as I swivelled around to see who it was. “Dennis! Where did you surface from?” I asked breathlessly heaving a sigh of relief as the pounding in my heart subsided.

I suddenly had a headache; I must have grimaced in pain because unexpectedly he was all concern. “It’s 10.00pm by the way and I am sure you have not eaten your dinner. We can discuss while I feed you,” he said, whimsically laughing. I was shocked I didn’t know time was far spent. I wanted to protest but realised I was very tired and hungry. I am not supposed to eat anything solid after 6.00pm and my gym instructor will probably have a fit if he finds out but I am starving and who would tell. We went to a small restaurant in the district that I had always driven by but never given a glance. The food was surprisingly good. After that we drove to a condo in Lekki Phase 1, I looked at him wearily as he glided to a halt beside another expensive car in the parking lot. “Are you going to stand and fret in the hall way?” Dennis asked smiling.

The apartment is sparsely but tastefully furnished, very masculine and begged for a woman’s touch. It was obviously a bachelor’s pad. I sat daintily at the edge of the white sofa feeling discomfited that he brought me here without first informing me. What is his plan? I don’t have the energy to fight or go into long rhetoric if this turned out to be part of an elaborate seduction plan. “Relax Tobs I am not going to jump you.

When I take you, I want you fully aware so we enjoy every moment,” he said, laughing and winking mischievously. He went into a room and came back after about ten minutes; he had changed into jeans and t-shirt, his hair still wet from a quick shower. He looked relaxed and ready to tackle anything. “Why don’t you take a shower or at least change into something comfortable? You must be feeling a bit stifled in that getup,” he said casually. “I have nothing to change into,” I said cautiously a bit nervous. “Go in there Tobs, you are safe with me. I am sure you will find something to your taste in the closet,” he said in amusement nudging me towards the second room. True to his words, Dennis had new cloths stockpiled that were my size! The guy is an enigma, his attitude and his actions seem to consist of one epiphany after another. What is his game? I chose a tank top and a pair of jean, I wasn’t about to give him easy access just in case he had ideas. When I stepped out Dennis looked at me through narrowed eyes like he could read my mind but said nothing. He insisted I bring out the file I was working on and we both worked on the brief that kept me in the office till late. His eagerness to assist is one of the advantages of having him as a colleague. “Tobs, let’s get married!” His words hit me like a thunderbolt, jolting me out of the uneasy sleep I had drifted into. What!


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