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What Ibe Kachikwu should do

AS I said earlier the best thing for Dr. Ibe Kachikwu is to resign.

Granted that he is astute and straightforward, but the President loves his cabal more than the honesty and expertise of Kachikwu or any well meaning person. President Buhari is back and looking good but what has happened to Aisha’s solid promise that when the lion returns the hyenas and jackals will go out of circulation? It turns out the hyenas and the jackals are more powerful than the lion itself! The first sign for Kachikwu was his removal as General Managing Director (GMD) of NNPC and keeping him as mere Minister of State. We all know that minister of state is just a placeholder. Do you even hear anything about any other minister of state? Kachikwu has been sidelined since then. He can only see the president when the cabals that scored a coup against him (and put Baru) want him to see the president.

. Other technocrats should learn the lesson. What is happening to Kachikwu presently shows again how difficult it is for anybody to work for the APC government of Nigeria. In the final analysis, they will show you that we are not equal. I feel sad seeing Dr. Kachikwu asking the President to protect him from being humiliated by the GMD of NNPC. How come? Isn’t there a mechanism through which the minister could sanction the erring GMD? I am stunned. I don’t think I will ever work for this APC government as an employee. They will humiliate you and reduce you to nothing. And the most shocking is that Kachikwu could not be allowed to see the President. The Minister in charge of the source of 80 per cent of Nigerian export base. If Kachikwu should have difficulty seeing the President of Nigeria, who then is able to see the President? It suggests that Kachikwu is significantly sidelined already and that the GMD has superior access to the President. For Kachikwu to resort to this sort of letter, it must be because the GMD has been meeting with the President during the same time that they denied Kachikwu access to the President. What a shame Nigeria!

Ofodile Chinweike writes from, Lagos


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