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What do men really want?

In the days of our fathers, our mothers actually flirted in a laid back manner. Once a young girl is interested in a young man, all she does is start visiting the young man’s house. She goes to the young man’s mum to either help her sweep the compound, fetch fire wood, go to the river to fetch her water. She does these chores a few times and the young man’s mum sends a message to her son that they have got him a wife. Before you know it, those two are married.

Today, most ladies that try in whatever guise to help a young man clean, cook or even fetch water is called desperate. She is homely, caring, respectful and above all God fearing, but most brothers see such women as too available. Men of today will treat a good girl with so much disrespect or disregard because they feel she will always be there, while treating the bitchy one with so much attention and pampering.

Men call themselves hunters, they prefer to hunt the girls that mostly don’t give them too much attention or availability, rather than reciprocate the love showered on them by the one they choose to call desperate.

No matter how wealthy a man is, hardly would any woman feel or be intimidated by his wealth or status, she naturally blends in easily, the reason a village girl can fit into a millionaire husband’s life with not much hassle.

But many men in this clime are easily intimidated by independent women, even when they want an independent woman, one who can take care of herself. In reality, they want women they can control, the one they can tell when she should say hello or shake other men.

What do men really want from their women? You want her to act like a porn star in bed, yet be a virgin.You want her to be miss independent, but need her to leave her job to become a complete house wife.

You want her to not shed tears whenever you have arguments, yet you won’t stop saying nor doing things that breaks her heart.

You want her to quit nagging, but that one thing you keep doing that makes her nag, you are not ready to stop. You want love, respect and commitment, yet you are naything close to what you demnd from her.

The one that truly loves you, you don’t want, you prefer the one you chase and express yourself to. You don’t care if she loves you back or not, you are just proudly the hunter.

To most men of today, good girls are boring, so they prefer to go after the bitchy kind of girls and they still wonder why marriages crash easily. You are all over her but she is not into you. You pay her attention, shower her with love and gifts but she doesn’t want you or she’s with you just because the one person she truly loves is not giving her the attention she deserves. You now become her second choice.

Many of today’s men crave for women like their mothers because they watched their mums love and dote on their fathers, but they don’t wish to be like their fathers who gave their mothers all the needed support to be the good wives and mothers they were. To them, the happiness and joy of their relationship starts and ends with the woman. She must treat him well regardless of how he treats her.

It is a trend already, some men are willing to be fathers, but not husbands. They dread the thought of giving up their freedom in the name of marriage, so they would rather be proudly baby Daddies. They are growing in their numbers by the day.

Women seem more prepared to be married than most men are. Most men feel marriage is all about financial readiness, they actually forget that there’s an emotional and physical readiness. If you are only interested in providing her financial needs , then you are not ready to be a husband yet. For a marriage to work, couples must make deliberate effort to make it work.

Some men want grown women to behave like children at home and in public. Ever wondered why some beautiful ladies are stuck to their phones in public chatting away while seated in the midst of their men? It’s because they were mostly instructed by these men to keep quiet or to not say anything except when asked any question.

These women are glued to their phones in  public not because they don’t have any meaningful contributions to make to the  conversation that is ongoing, but they play dumb because their men already told them not to contribute to conversations.

You can’t like a confident, strong and opinionated woman, yet tell her to act or play dumb. You cannot be attracted to a very successful carreer-oriented or business woman, yet insist she quit her job or business to become a stay at home wife.

If you can’t stand a successful woman, then don’t marry or date one, just get to your village and acquire yourself a wife that will fit in perfectly into your full house wife. But be rest assured that after a while your village wife may rebel because she’s tired of you trying to control her.

Brothers, choose a struggle already. Stick to your type, you got to know what you really want in a woman and from a woman. If you want a fashionista, then go for one, but you can’t get one and the insist she’s all wrapped up from head to toe because she’s now your woman. Was the attraction to bring her in and kill her fashion sense?

If you want a gist companion that is versatile on every topic including soccer, politics, economy, health, social issues etc, then go for your type and leave the village, uneducated ones alone because she may never meet up to your standard.

Variety will always be the spice of life when you refuse to stick to your kind. You like sex, marry a woman that likes it too. You can’t be looking for classy, yet settle for somebody you are not proud to show off to your friends.

If confident women turn you on, then go for one. You must know what you want and stand by it, for it only takes real to recognize real.


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