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Welcome back to the field of luscious men!

Barka de sallah folks. It’s been a while. Hope you had a blast over the weekend. I guess we have a lot of catching up to do. Jasmine, the temptress, has been her usual crazy, lovable and sexy self. Sultry Zara is unpredictable; alluring Bola still doing her married lover (God forgive her and help us all), beautiful Kaycee still very churchy and shy. And me? Well you guys know me. I am trying to keep a sane mind, caught between two gorgeous hunks (rolling eyes).

My four girlfriends and I had a rollicking time over the weekend. It was Zara’s first outing after four weeks of the ‘No men’ ban she slammed on her herself. We went to a “ladies-friendly” club downtown. In fact it was a girls-only night. Even the staff was all female that night (except for the bouncer at the door). When the waitress arrived, Bola ordered a margarita on the rocks.

“Make that two!” chimed in Jasmine, “Three!” piped Zara, “no reason to limit myself,” she said. “In fact, bring a bottle of champagne for the table,” Zara squealed in excitement. Kaycee and I took chapman amid jeers and name calling from the others, but I was unperturbed. That night I was the designated driver and not ready to yield to the temptation.

We were chit-chatting, waiting for our drinks, when I noticed the Manager raising her voice and hands to a man who had come through the front door. The woman was pointing toward the door with an exasperated look on her face. Unbelievable, I thought, some men will try anything to get in on ladies night. Still he persisted. Where was the bouncer, I wondered?

The man smiled and looked as though he was explaining something. Suddenly the woman relented, kissed him on the mouth and walked away. I was shocked because he slapped her on her butt as she turned away. He must be the owner or her boyfriend, I imagined. Still, how indiscreet!

Drinks arrived, along with five empty flute glasses for the champagne. As the waitress passed out the drinks, I again noticed the man. This time he was talking to a pretty, but skinny, light-complexioned girl with big breasts. I laughed to myself. The lighting in the place was not very good but visible enough. Zara poured everyone a glass of champagne, and Bola raised her glass. “To a great friend, a happy welcome back to the field of luscious men,” she said, giggling. “Give them hell!” Jasmine yelled, and gave an unladylike hoot, which the rest joined in except for Kaycee and myself. We drank, and suddenly the strange man was at our table.

“I am glad you all made some racket. I might have missed you in the corner over here,” he smirked.

“Hi,” said Jasmine, giggling. “Are you the owner of this place because Zara is having a ‘coming out ball’ and we should have some free drinks.”

“No, I’m not the owner—just a patron looking for some action, I suppose,” he smiled in an irritatingly smug, conceited way. “Oh, well, sorry this is a private occasion,” Jasmine sneered mischievously. The man just stood there awkwardly and continued to stare at us, not that I could blame him. We were dressed to party and attractive to boot. What he did next surprised us.

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