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We must rise to Trump’s insult, AU Commission chief tells Africa FMs

The chairman of the African Union Commission said yesterday that the continent’s leaders cannot stay silent after United States President Donald Trump’s alleged vulgar remarks about African countries and Haiti.

Moussa Faki Mahmat told African foreign ministers gathering in the Ethiopian capital that many are still digesting Trump’s comment that the continent’s countries are like a filthy toilet. “The continent is deeply shocked by the message of hatred and the desire to marginalize Africa,” Mahmat said, in preparation for the African Union summit which will be held on Sunday.

He said African leaders may also respond to other statements and actions by Trump. “The statements on Jerusalem, a reduction of contribution to a peacekeeping operations budget . the continent cannot keep quiet about all these,” said Mahmat.

Many Africans have reacted angrily to Trump’s rude comment but Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni grabbed headlines this week by saying the U.S president should be praised for not mincing words.

Botswana’s government called Trump’s comment “reprehensible and racist” and summoned the U.S. ambassador to explain. The U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres responded to Trump’s remark by saying that “the dignity, equality and human rights of refugees and migrants has to be respected everywhere.”


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  1. Ezekiel Okeke 26th January 2018 at 6:18 am

    President Trump did not insult African Continent, did not insult Africans- there is no racism in his word “shithole” respecting Africa’s fundamental present state of nature and living in which Africa sits on wealth and live in want. Anyone who think otherwise should define and interpret the words and apply them to present Africa’s state of nature and living in which Africa sits on wealth and live in want. Those European countries who fought against Atlantic Charter America proposed for the 1945 world, which made Africa to sit on wealth and live in want, which made Africans to die in Mediterranean Sea, which made Africans to immigration caricatures etc., are the racists, are the ones insulting African Continent and Africans, are the ones deceiving Africa and plundering African- it is over, this is 21st century world. God Is With Us!!!

  2. Eclat De Bullet 26th January 2018 at 7:07 am

    Eclat De Bullet is congratulating Africans for their 2018 Title: SHITHOLE and the Formal African Nickname Filter Toilet.

    Shame ! ! ! ~ unto you you African Leaders, shame also unto that followed the idea of the Islamist Ohaneze, Igbo useless politicians, Orji Uzo Kalu, Okoro hausa, Laurent Anouchie , Joe Igbokwe, Onyeka Onwelu, South East pregnant Governors, Shame unto you all.

    Your shameless attitudes are being recognised internationally.

    I will like to inform my fellow Biafrans that this Shithole is being referred directly to these imposters that lack ability to reason. It is because they lack that ability, that is the reason they are Animals with human cloth. They do not know because they all are busy tackling each other to please and endear their self to Hausa Fulani masters for financial reward and political appointments for their family members. MENTAL SLAVE IDIOTS.

    African leaders do not need to lament much about the shithole Mr. Trump called them because Africa deserve what ever name the westerners call them.

    African indigenes are shameless,weak, selfish and hopeless idiots. No body will doubt these.

    If you take a look at people that are lamenting about the shithole Trump call African indigenes, you will see that, it is those that are beyond useless that are shouting and making all these animal noises.

    Those that are useless to their linage and ethnics. Those that have taken a borrowed life as way of progress but forgotten the reality of life and where they come from. Those that have taken hypocrisy and propaganda to gain selfish favour.

    Eclat De Bullet is saying this because our people of African indigenes has been allowed their selves to be manipulated by their enemies.

    Any body that allowed his or her self to be govern by his enemy must face all nonsense names including shithole and black monkey.

    African Presidents has abused their citizens more than what any body can compare as shithole but due to our foolishness and self greed, we do not see it only lamenting when a stranger call us shithole.

    Listen my fellow Africans, you are more than SHITHOLE, stop all this noise making here and there.

    African indigenes has lost their memory and that is why the westerner see you as shithole while the Muslim people take you as an Imbecile.

    How can African Indigenes with elders will sit there, the westerners will be using their resources and the Muslims are Governing their Authorities why their Youth are being killed leaving their masses with poverty.

    Those that claim they are civilize and educated as well Senators, Governors, House, Vice President, President, Lawyers and barristers and the rest, are all there but Arab Muslim using Fulani’s which has nothing to contribute in the society will Govern you, kill and take your land and even give you command.

    These sycophant are there claiming and posing their selves on what they are not but the Arab Muslim manipulate them through Hausa Fulani.
    I do not see any reason any African president should oppose Mr.Trump. All what you people need is to watch him very well and find their error then you throw a word back to him.

    That is democracy but all African president have assemble to talk a word their fellow president said.

    Take a look at this Nigeria, All the elders of Nigeria ethnics just sit down, looking, marrying many wives, eating meat and drinking why their children are being killed day and night, raping their women by Fulani who are foreigner there but no one of them can stand and challenge such immorality.

    Then tell me, why wouldn’t Trump call such people Shithole.

    All what they pass is continue holding meeting here and there, shouting like goat, when their enemy want, they give them grass to eat then they will shut up.

    Some African indigenes like IPOB are lamenting struggling to maintain their life and to put their future in right direction so as to stop such embarrassment in future but those useless Igbo nonentities, noise makers and coward mental slaves are working against them.

    Their stupidity and foolishness lead them to abandon their right to struggle here in Africa but to go and struggle for US linage, claiming US citizen, which they do not have linage to while foreigners, Fulani are taking their land. Tell me, why wouldn’t Trump call such people a shithole.

    Namdi Kanu saw this and lamented but those imbecile Ohaneze and Igbo timid politicians go and collect #88 billion to go against him, now all their intellectual and intelligent is why Trump call them shithole.

    You people deserve any nonsense name he called you.
    Look at another Ashawo woman call Laurent anouchie, Media publicity Secretary to Buhari asking who own Niger Delta Avenger.

    That woman worth more than shithole. She is nothing but complete and confirm imbecile and nonentity. Woman beyond useless. She has never ask who own Boko Haram and Fulani headsman, NO Because she is mental slave, mental blind only there to be use by her enemy to work against her future generations. Useless woman that only interested in material things while her ethnics is being wipe away.

    IPOB that recognise that they are not shithole but struggle to liberate their future are people that good for nothing woman has mind to work against.

    Useless diplomats, certificate buyers, ritual and occultist politicians. Using killing, hypocrite and sabotage to gain position and that is why they do not know why they are call Shithole. Illiterate and timidity people claiming diplomats.

    If they are really people with wisdom and have merit in any position they are today, the should know the Shithole is not for them but as long as they are all useless and imbecile, that is why you see them jumping up and down with these noises because they hate truth, they do not want someone to tell them their mistakes or how they are.

    Glory be to God that IPOB is not complaining because Shithole is not for us.

    All Hail Trump

  3. Ezekiel Okeke 26th January 2018 at 9:34 am

    Those making empty noise of illiteracy about President Trump fundamental fact about Africa present state of nature and living, are like slaves who no longer know they are slaves. 21st century Africa must end present Africa’s state of nature and living in which Africa sits on wealth and live in want, in cooperation with Africa’s 21st century partners. God Is With Us!!!

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