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Umahi orders eviction of herdsmen from varsity community

From Emmanuel Uzor, Abakaliki, Chris O. Chris, Nsukka, David Onwuchekwa, Nnewi and George Onyejiuwa, Owerri

EBONYI State Governor, David Umahi yesterday ordered the Commission- er of Police, Peace Ibekwe Abdallah to evict herds- men who have settled in the premises of the state’s university.

The governor, who gave the order in Abakaliki during the Agric Sumit organised by the state government to boost rice production in the state, noted that the university environment was no place for nomadic herdsmen.

He, however, rejected calls for a reprisal on Fulani herdsmen in the South East zone over the brutal killing of over 30 persons in Ukpabi Nimbo, Uzouwani Local Government in Enugu State by

herdsmen. The governor insisted that though he was the first South East governor to publicly condemn the dastardly act, the Hausa Fulani community in the state has a long history of peaceful settlement and have not been implicated in any criminal activity.

He added that nomadic herdsmen should be al- lowed to pass to and fro in the state provided they do so peacefully with- out causing harm to the people or destruction of crops. Umahi insisted that waging war against the Fulani herdsmen would have grave implications for their commercial nomads which was the mainstay of majority of Igbo traders across the country.

“The Hausa Fulani community in Ebonyi has a long history of peaceful and harmonious settlement and have not been

implicated in any crimi- nal activity. But, those who are nomadic should be allowed to pass to and fro Ebonyi provided they do so peacefully, without causing harm to people or destruction of crops in Ebonyi.

“Those who have set- tled in the premises of the university must be quietly and peacefully evicted by the Commissioner of Police because the university environment is no place for nomadic herds- men, Umahi said.

“Against the backdrop of the dastardly killings in Enugu, the governor recalled that he held 18 hours of security meetings with security agencies and warned against alleged extortion of money from herdsmen, as anybody caught would be prosecuted.

In Nsukka, Enugu State, it was jubilation galore when news hit town that

Bishop of Nsukka Catholic Diocese, Most Rev. Prof. Godfrey Igwebuike Onah and the Bishop of Nsukka Anglican Diocese, Most Rev. Alloysious Agbo with other clergymen and Christians in Nsukka will, today, be atUkpabi-Nimbo for interdenominational prayers.

Bishop Onah and Bish- op Agbo told Daily Sun, through Fr. Nnam Ene, Bishop Onah’s secretary.

In his words: “The Catholic bishop of Nsukka and the Anglican bishop of Nsukka with the priests of both denominations will today, organise an inter- denominational prayers at Nimbo to commiserate with bereaved families in Ukpabi-Nimbo following the herdsmen invasion of the area which has left over 50 people dead and hundreds displaced with scores still receiving treat- ment at various hospitals in Enugu.”


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  1. Dr. Uche Kalu 5th May 2016 at 12:23 pm

    Prays and prayers are not the issue here, because God helps those who help themselves.God knows our needs and God will
    never let us down.We Igbos,are the people of the true living God.
    It behooves every Igbo man and woman ,to take up arms and
    to defend themselves,their families, homes ,lands and values against their enemies, the Fulani muslim invaders, so called
    Fulani herdsmen.
    The ongoing Fulani herdsmen invasion of Southern Nigeria
    is but the last step of the Caliphate of Sokoto’s Islamization of our
    Fatherland,thus making it, an Uthman Dan Fodio Estate.
    Come to think about that,the Abokis already control all the
    three branches of Federal Government plus every institution in
    the polity.They are really in charge.Lol!!
    Now the Fulani herdsmen are there to cleanse us ,and take over
    our Fatherlands for good.
    Mazi David Umahi is an Aru-uzo; an Efiki-Igbo mongrel whose
    ancestors were slave traders and middle-men between our littoral
    slave traders and the European slave traders.
    Mazi David Umahi is an Aru man and in my local Ibom-Igbo
    Lingua Franca,we say,’ Ndi-Aru bu ndi-ohoro’; meaning, the Arus are crooks.
    So,Mazi David Umahi is a crook.Lol!!
    He is a paid agent of Buhari’s Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders’
    Association of Nigeria.
    The people of Ebonyi should hound that Aru crook out of their
    State House.

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