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Trendy body piercing

By Edherigho Efemena

Piercing is the practice of adorning the body with jewelry. It has become the most effective way of expressing one’s personality and it’s trendy. There are so many types of body piercing trends available today like lip, nostrils and septum, eyebrow, nipple, belly, ear and tongue amongst others.

Lip pierce

Lip rings are good for anyone interested in trying out a facial piercing without committing, because it’s easy to fake with a lip cuff or even with makeup.  If you don’t want to go through the pains, you can buy the ones you just pin into your lips. However, be careful when kissing, so you don’t swallow it. 

Nostrils and septum pierce

Septum rings are definitely an edgier look, but they can also be quite elegant. Like lip rings, you don’t have to fully commit to this one either as it can be faked.

Eyebrow pierce

Eyebrow rings are definitely harder to pull off without looking “trashy” or “tacky” but with the right jewelry, even a classic punk piercing can look toned-down and delicate while maintaining its air of rebellion.

Nipple pierce

Unlike other body piercing trends, nipple piercing is more personal because it’s not meant for everybody’s viewing and which some might find empowering. This one is harder to fake, so it’s likely that’ll you’ll have to go all in if you want a nipple ring.

Navel pierce

Belly button rings connote the “just for me” sentiment. On the other hand, this one makes you more likely to be mistaken for a ‘90s pop star and mobbed by crazed fans when you go outside.  

Ear pierce

This is a very common pierce mostly among ladies but it’s now trendy among guys.

Tongue pierce

When compared to other types of piercing, tongue piercing is extremely diverse and peculiar in nature. Like other types of piercing for girls, tongue piercing can also be done in several ways. Moreover, it’s also possible to modify your desire and preferences. As there are several arteries in the tongue, it’s important to get tongue piercing only from professionals. Piercing the tongue vertically is the most popular trend.


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