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Travel trends in 2018

The travel industry is expected to experience some interesting and significant changes this year 2018, following the trends seen in the previous years. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 4 travel trends to expect in 2018. Business Travel Mixed with Leisure Travel
With business travel on the rise as more countries are becoming accessible, today’s travellers prefer to combine work and leisure to make the most of their experience and for increased convenience. In line with this, it is expected that travel agencies will see more of travel/vacation plans being dictated by business as well as proximity and availability of time.

More Solo Female Travellers
Solo female travellers are fast becoming a norm in the travel industry, as more women are becoming entrepreneurs or are in employed labour. Women are also venturing out of their comfort zones and becoming more adventurous, willing to experiment more with destinations, experiences and activities. Hence, this segment of the market actually has quite a major scope for growth this year.

Technological Advancements
The world-wide scope of technology is increasing quite significantly, and as a result of this it is expected to have an impact on the travel industry. The industry is believed to see an increase in technology being used for various applications like travel bookings, communicating locally, and ease of local travel. In addition to this, there are also airlines that are currently investing in AI tech to help communicate more effectively with travellers and help put together personalized travel plans for them.

Emerging Destinations Will Experience More Recognition
Anchored on the spread of social media, more people’s eyes are being opened to ‘lesser-known’ destinations as travellers are increasing in seeking remote places to travel for leisure and relaxation. Destinations in countries like Ethiopia, Bhutan, Paraguay and Kazakhstan are increasingly being considered, as their tourist numbers continue to increase (according to the World Bank current projections). Some of these destinations have also caught the attention of hoteliers as large hotel chains like the Hilton are opening up new properties in these areas.


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