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“Touché Madam Lawyer, apologies!”

Whoops! Here comes Mr Drama king, I muttered uncharitably with a heavy sigh. “Darling is that Rick?” Jasmine asked excitedly opening the door with flourish and taking up a striking pose. “Hello Tiger,” Jasmine drawled sensually as Rick made to knock at the door.

He stepped in, looking around and flashing what he undoubtedly believed was his sexy smile. “Hello bellissime signore (gorgeous ladies),” Rick said in his baritone.” My girls were blushing and preening like new brides. I watched in amusement as he went round each and every one of them kissing them on both cheeks and on their hand. “Am I missing something? I am hurt that I wasn’t invited to this gathering,” Rick said with mock seriousness. “Okay ladies, listen up, change of plans; how about a night out on me?” Rick said in his most persuasive voice. “Sorry love, I’ll take a rain check on that, some other time.

Got a date!” Jasmine said with a smile. “I am game Rick,” I heard Zara say. “So am I,” Bola chipped in. “No one is going anywhere Rick, we are actually in the middle of something important,” I said quietly. “Obviously, I’ll be back to pick you in two hours,” Rick said cockily in a voice that brokered no argument as he walked towards the door. What part of ‘not interested in having anything to do with you’ does this guy not understand? I reasoned in frustration. “Babe na wa o, dis your bobo no dey take ‘no’ for answer. I am impressed!” Zara said in wonder. “Why didn’t you just go with him Tobs? We are not Strangers, we could have left after you leave,” Bola stated scathingly. “What is it with you ladies tonight? We have unfinished business here.

Rick badged in on us and so does not deserve empathy from you guys,” I said, feeling irritated. “Touché Madam Lawyer, apologies!” Zara said in mild amusement. I felt immediately contrite, I shouldn’t be snapping at my friends, they were not the cause of my irritation, moreover how would I get them to let go of the incident with Kaycee if I can’t even keep my temper in check. I smiled apologetically at all of them and explained about Rick’s highhandedness and automatic assumption that I must do his bidding.

They were amused by Rick’s antics. “Girls you must excuse me, I am running late for my appointment, can we reschedule this Meeting please?” Jasmine asked in a tense voice after checking the time. “I agree with Jasmine, I am utterly bored and drained and will like to go home, it was a busy day at the office today,” Bola said sullenly. “Alright Girls, when and where do we meet? I suggest tomorrow night here at my place or should we all go over to Jasmine’s place?” I asked quickly assenting to the suggestion to move the Reconciliatory Meeting to another day so as not to p*ss off my friends.

In my opinion when there is a conflict it is always best to resolve it as quickly as possible so it doesn’t become a cankerworm that infests the relationship and eventually destroys it. “At last someone has the f**king sense to bring this shenanigan to an end, either way I do not really care. I just feel we shouldn’t waste the night over flogging this issue, frankly speaking to borrow Bola’s words I am bored, bored, bored!” Zara finished in spiteful glee. “Ok Tobs, seeing how this is bothering you, we will meet tomorrow at 7.00pm at my place, ladies please clear your calendar.

I am sure I would have thought of a ‘suitable punishment’ for Kaycee by then” Jasmine said decisively. Thank God they all agreed. All through the exchange Kaycee did not utter a word. When they left Kaycee remained on her sit and still said nothing. “Kaycee dear what are you thinking,” I asked, gently placing my hand on her shoulder and in the process jolting her to the present. “What if they won’t forgive me? I particularly cherish Jasmine’s friendship. She is a kind soul and has been there for me on more occasions than I care to remember,” Kaycee said in a shaky voice as the tears flowed freely.


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