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There’s united voice against Okorocha, says Oyegun

Romanus Ugwu, Abuja

National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief John Oyegun, has dismissed the insinuation of witch-hunt against Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State, saying there were ‘united voice’ against the governor.

Governor Okorocha had claimed that the National Chairman was trying to get back at him as a result of the role he played in ensuring that the National Working Committee (NWC) did not get the failed tenure extension.

Speaking during a press conference to officially withdraw from the National Chairmanship race, in Abuja, the ruling party boss urged the embattled governor to examine the reason “there are united voice” against him.

Chief Oyegun, who did not give detailed response when asked to respond to governor Okorocha’s witch-hunt allegation, wondered why the governor was the only one complaining.

While responding further, Oyegun argued that Governor Okorocha “Wasn’t the strongest force behind the objection to tenure elongation so why is his case different? I don’t think it is necessary to go into the details.

“Well, the processes are still on and it is not good to answer you in details, but the answer lies in one fact; that he is not the only one who opposed the so called tenure elongation, how come he is the only one being witch hunted?

“When you look at the totality of the events in that state, I think you can get a clearer picture of what is going on there. There is a united voice calling for a different way of doing things so to speak,” Oyegun said.

Similarly, speaking at a separate press briefing, a former Secretary to the National convention Planning Committee, Sen. Benjamin Uwajumogu, also took a swipe at Governor Okorocha, stressing that APC members at the South East were ashamed of him.

In the words of Uwajumogu, “Based on the fact 95 per cent of the indigenes of Imo state and indeed South-East members of APC are not happy with what is happening in Imo State under Governor Okorocha.

“Imo state has become a basket of fraud. South-East indigenes are ashamed that the only state that we have that is running by APC is been run the way we have seen in the last few years.

“There was no choice than for me to detach myself from that government. I am happy now that I have resigned maybe it would be clear that the convention slated to elect national officers will go smoothly.

“I am aware that the governor is supporting and promoting certain South East citizens to run for the position zoned to South East.

“So, I am aware that now that I am no longer the secretary of the convention no one will accuse me of manipulating the result of that convention,” he said.


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  1. tonibekwe 4th June 2018 at 11:42 am

    It is like governor Okorocha has suddenly become very quarrelsome of recent. Before now we were not used to hearing him accuse everybody around him for his misfortune. The people his is accusing; were they the ones that asked him to start building status when workers and pensioners in the sate are being owned salaries running into months and years? The same people pushed him into endorsing his son-in-law as his preferred successor to the government house Owerri? Was it the same people that pushed him into demolishing all the markets in Imo State where poor people trade to feed their families? It is on record that none of the markets demolished have been rebuilt. No work is going on at most of them at the moment.Probably the money that would gone into rebuilding the markets are reserved to execute the governor project for Uche. Was it these enemies that pushed him into destroying passived enemies houses in the name of expanding some of the wide roads in the state? The truth must be said, the governor has made many enemies for himself recently than he has made in the last six years or thereabout. His agenda are very unpopular. Simple!!!!!

  2. Cley 4th June 2018 at 5:08 pm

    The governor who prides himself to have performed more than any one before him, made several trips abroad without convincing even sachet water investors to come and invest in Imo State in order to help absorb the deluge of graduates being turned out from the various universities in the country. He was there in Kano during the 50th year anniversary creation of Kano state last year 2017 where the governor brought eleven foreign investors with whom he signed agreements to put their money in various areas of Kano economy. If one interpolates this with his frivolous claims, one will come away with the conclusion that he is either living in delusion or in a world of fantasy. Precisely, the razzmatazz exhibited by Rochas about his concocted achievements that rival any other governors’ sounds like a child’s play that should not be spared any intellectual discourse.

    Of interest was the reference of best performance he had made severally including the publisher turned press secretary which predates late Chief Sam Mbakwe’s administration. Except may be he was outside the country in 1979 to 1983 when our then amiable governor burning with genuine desire to turn a bigger Imo State into a modern industrialized state, governed three states in one namely; Abia, Eboyi, and now Imo State. Otherwise, he should not have needed any one to either inform him or remind him. The bigger culprit is his press secretary who acts like a novice lacking in professional ethics and subsuming his professional experience and knowledge in the governor’s gluttonous penchant for theatrics, sophistry, and grandstanding attraction of sympathy and admiration from the maddening crowd. Any one who compares his government to that of De Sam Mbakwe for now, should have his head undergo psychiatric examination. His giant development strides that are the bedrock of industrialization, cross-crossed the length, and breadth of the three states. We should not be in a hurry to forget about the independent power plant at Amaraku and massive rural electrification all over the three states villages, and communities, and International glass factory at Aba, Abia state, construction of durable roads that stand till today. Others are, Inyishi alumium extrusion factory Ikeduru, Avutu Poultry Obowo, Shoe factory Owerri, Concorde Hotel Owerri, Ceramic industry Umuahia Abia State, Ariaria Market Aba, Abia State, Okigwe water works Amauro, Imo State University, flour mills Akabo, Aladinma housing estate owerri, Mechanic village Owerri, Imo Airport Owerri, Ada Palm Ohaji, Owerri Master plan, Imo Broadcasting Service Owerri, keep Owerri beautiful society that made Owerri the cleanest city in Nigeria. Do not forget that the then Lagos state governor, Alhaji Jakande had to send a delegation to Owerri to understudy what Mbakwe did to achieve this fit for the benefit of Lagos not too clean environment then. In addendum, the press in Nigeria tagged Mbakwe the weeping governor because though in a opposing party NPP had to pester President Shagari of the NPN so as to attract marching grounds to augment and develop Imo State who was still suffering the ruins of the three year Nigerian civil war – a fit not even Rochas can attain in this era of acrimonious politics, bickering and character assassination. That is why some analyst has continued to wonder why successive governors have failed woefully to toe Mbakwe’s development strategy, and economic thought or replicate a similar economic blue print to further enhance the industrialization of Imo State. The list of what Mbakwe put on the ground is endless, and the above is to buttress the point and refute in the strongest terms such obnoxious and repeated claims being made to cover up inept performance targeted to scurry unnecessary, and undeserved applause from hangers-on and sycophants.

  3. Ebuka Amaechi 15th June 2018 at 2:09 pm

    The development in Imo State should serve as an eye opener & lesson to Nigerian Politicians who found themselves in positions of leadership. Tru freely conducted election elections,or otherwise.To ve fear of God in all their dealings wt the massess.To avoid unpleasant & disgraceful ending in the hands frm the Massess who ve been on receiving ends.Since every day is for the thief,while one day is for the house owner. Consequently,if a man cooks for the community,the People will finish the food.But when the Community cooks for one man,he will never finish the food he’s served. This is aptly what ve played out in Imo State btwn once ‘Emperor Nero’ Gov Rochas Anayo Okorocha & APC Stake holders in the State.

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