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The untouchables

WE know the untouchables in Nigeria . We feel their impact. They torture us with their impunity and arrogance. They treat the rest of the country with contempt and disdain. They are very stiff necked. They are in about three or four categories.
The first and most notorious are the political and military bigwigs who had amassed a lot of wealth. They swim in cash. They talk cash. They chew cash. They eat cash and breathe cash. In fact what comes out of their anal canal is cash! They have stolen so much money that they are well equipped to bribe their way out of any situation. All security agents and agencies are in their huge pockets. The Judiciary is also in their pocket. All traditional rulers and other traditional institutions like churches and mosques and iledis are in their pocket.
They are law unto themselves. They are larger than life. They look mean and wicked and in most cases heartless. They are untouchable!
The second category is the tribe of Fulani herdsmen classified by the United Nations as the 4th most dangerous terrorist organization in the world. In Nigeria they live a life of their own. Nobody can challenge them. They trample on the laws of the land and they are protected by their godfathers and those who provide them with AK47 guns and ammunitions. They plunder, rape and kill their defenceless victims. They are notorious marauders. Their long term goal is to frighten and intimidate the rest of the country to total submission so that they can assume political control over the whole country and treat the citizens of the country as their slaves.
The third untouchable category is the tribe of kidnappers, armed robbers and ritual murderers. When some members of this category are caught a lot of noise is made in the media and there ends the story. This third category is easily the most callous. They share their gory activities with the tribe of Fulani herdsmen.
Yes. There is a fourth group: the tribe of law makers in the National Assembly. They could easily be lumped with the tribe of money chewing political bigwigs, but they are more powerful and ruthless simply because they possess two of the most dangerous weapons mankind could have; power and money! They too treat fellow citizens with utter contempt and condescension.
The saving grace however is that history is not in their favour. All untouchables throughout history were eventually touched and torched, and they are vanquished by revolutions they provoke!
This interesting piece by Gani Kayode  Balogun is a must read before you judge Dino……
Ahmadu Bello University , Zaria started its existence as a regional university, just like its contemporaries, University of Ife , now Obafemi Awolowo University , ile Ife , established by the government of Western Region, and the University of Nigeria , Nsukka, established by the Eastern Regional government.
Please remember that as at that period, the only University in the country, the University College , Ibadan , was then  just a University College , whose admission policy and curriculum were closely tied to its parent university in the UK .
So, the three regional governments, in pursuant of their manpower needs, set up regional universities, even the federal government joined the train with the establishment of University of Lagos , Akoka, on the fringe of the then federal capital territory of Lagos .
Now, while Ife was established to accommodate the products of the free education programme, and Nsukka because the Eastern region needed a university.
The case of ABU was different. The North had a massive manpower deficit, both in the regional civil service and in the military. To meet those needs, the regional government had to lower entry qualifications for most northern youth to qualify. That was why people like Buhari got drafted into the army with what we popularly call Awaiting Result (AR), and people like Abacha got in despite not meeting the height requirements demanded from candidates from other regions.
For ABU, they had to create so many back bending programmes to meet up with their mandate. This of course led to the establishment of so many remedial programmes that it was referred to as the Remedial University .
Even after it was taken over by the Murtala/Obasanjo Administration which took over regional universities, the original purpose was never jettisoned. In fact, it got to a point where universities in the North were offering Certificates in Law! This is used as an equivalent of an A/Level or OND, and are used to get into law programmes, cleverly sidestepping the very competitive JAMB entry requirements for Law!
One of the reasons for the stranglehold by the North on the judiciary and the civil service is the transfer of state officers to fill their state’s quota in the federal civil service.
Imagine if you will, two lawyers, one from either side of the confluence, who did NYSC together, and joined their state’s civil service the same day.
The southern lawyer would move to Level 9 in 3 years, but the one from the north was employed on level 9, promoted to Level 10 two years later, and level 12 after only five years, while his counterpart at that point is looking forward to his level 10 promotions exam.
If both officers now applied for transfer of service from state to the federal service, one is already three levels ahead even though they graduated the same day!
What makes it worse is that the Northern lawyer probably had only three credits, did a certificate course in Law, and then studied Islamic Jurisprudence, which is not applicable in about fifty percent of the states of the federation!
This man will now become a judge at 30, Appeal Court at 35 and Supreme Court at 40, sitting pretty to become CJN while his Southern mate was just being elevated to the High court.
There are even courses in UK colleges designed specifically for intellectually challenged northern politicians, their wives and their children!
So, those of you showing righteous indignation about Dino’s three credits must have been living on Mars. Because if you go down that path, the very foundation of Northern education, that has produced numerous presidents, permanent secretaries, Generals, Ambassadors, and majority of Directors of institutions, will be called to question.
Please stop judging some people with your own standards, I am certain if we scrutinize the qualification’s of most northerners in public office, the military, the police, customs, immigration, prisons, ports and sundry federal agencies, you will realise that Dino is just one in a million.
ABU is just fulfilling its mandate of producing low level human resources to fill the northern quota in a skewered federal system. It does not deserve your abuse, but your pity.

My Ten Kobo.


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  1. Dr. Uche Kalu 3rd April 2017 at 3:40 pm

    If indeed, Buhari and members of his APC led Government are serious about fighting corruption,which is endemic in the country, let them start first with Buhari and within their ranks.
    As a matter of fact,the bloke, Muhammadu Buhari, has got tons of corrupt cases in his closet,still pending against him.
    A suit filled by Barrister Mazi Nnamdi Nwokocha Ahaaiwa Esq., against President Buhari for his forgery of School Certificate,was
    squashed by Justice Kola Awodein.
    Buhari had hired 13 SANs ,who through Justice Kola Awodein
    with the sum of 500,000 Niaras,bribed Justice Adeniyi Ademola,who dismiss that suit against Presiden Buhari.
    Bribery is an act of corruption.Therefore,Buhari is in this act, a felon.He is guitly of offering bribery in order to pervert the course of justice in his favour.
    Before our code of laws and conducts,all Nigerians are equal.
    There are therefore no sacred cows under our laws and codes
    of conducts.
    President Buhari is therefore,a criminal and must be persecuted for
    bribery and corruption.
    Who knows how much Mallam Buhari had offered to Sheik Ahmed Lemu,who helped scuttle the mass murder case against him,over the linching of over 1000 innocent Nigerians,for the purported Election Rigging, against him.
    Amongst the victims of that Buhari’s ordered linching,were scores of our Christian Youth Corps,whose futures were thus, untimely terminated.How saddening and heartbreaking indeed!
    President Buhari is but,a mass murderer.To distance himself
    from the Boko Haram,whose godfather he was,he resorted into
    staging a Boko Haram’s attack on his convoy in Kaduna.
    Over 85 innocent bystanders and pedestrians,lost their precious lives for that evil act of Muhammadu Buhari.
    Prof.Sagay and his cohorts,the cabal arround President Buhari,
    must call their Principal to order.
    President Buhari is a known proponent of an imposition of Sharia all over Nigeria and therefore,he is one of the godfathers of the Boko Haram Jihadists.
    He is also one of the patrons of MACBAN, and thus, he is
    culpable for the mass murder and ethinc cleansing of Indigenous Christian minorities of the North by his Fulani herdsmen and Militias.
    The sacking and pillaging of our Southern Farmsteds,Hamlets and
    Villages,the defiling and raping of our Southern Christian women folks and daughters,coupled with the destructions of our crops and farms by Buhari’s Fulani Herdsmen and Militias, all constitute a crime against humanity.
    Besides,Buhari’s Fulnis herdmen and Militias slaughter all those who dare stand on their ways, and usually that is done with a genocidal intent.
    The above compelling evidences against President Buhari are
    enough to have him impeached and immediately removed from
    Futhermore,his case ,which borders on the crimes against
    humanity, ought to be referred to the ICC at the Hague,in the Netherland.
    Mallam Muhammadu Buhari is a felon and curse to our Fatherland.
    No to the status quo ante bellun!
    Down with Hausa/Fulani/Kanuri Islamic Hegemony!!
    Hail Biafra!!!

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