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The Python dance in South East

Does the military really think its relaunch of ‘Operation Python Dance’ in the South East, with the claim that it is meant to fight kidnapping and other criminal activities, is believable? If it does, it means that the leadership of that institution takes Nigerians for fools, especially at a time when kidnapping, armed robbery and sundry crimes abound in other parts of the country without any major deployment of soldiers. Yes, kidnappings and armed robbery are rampant on the Abuja-Kaduna-Zaria expressway flank, for instance, to the extent that the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, had to remove all police DPOs, Commissioners of Police and Assistant Inspectors General of Police (AIGs) in the area, yet soldiers have not been massively deployed. There are also kidnappings and crimes in other parts of Nigeria, but the military has not been unleashed soldiers on residents and people of the affected areas. Therefore, there is more to singling out the South East for such show of military strength and might.

Indeed, it is pertinent to ask these questions: Why is it that a legion of soldiers and military hardware have been deployed to the five states of the South East when there is no war or insurrection in the place? Why is it that Abia and other South East states are swarming with armed soldiers, who are brutally dealing with people, against global military rule of engagement, relating to civilians?  Why has the military chosen to raise unnecessary tension in the South East and further worsen security situation?  For the avoidance of doubt, the hitherto peace enjoyed in the South East geopolitical zone, despite the wrong picture the authorities were painting, has been deflowered with the military deployment. Now, Aba, the commercial nerve centre of Abia State, is under curfew, from as early as 6pm, with residents afraid to even step out for their legitimate businesses during the day. And people are being victimised, tortured and maimed because of the activities of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

Reports and video clips on the military operation in the South East show the most inhuman treatment of innocent people by this invading army. The soldiers are executing orders in the most callous way, flogging their victims like animals, making them to lie down in ponds for hours and liquidating some of them in the process.  I have really wondered what message the government thinks it is sending out to the Igbo and the world.  At a time south easterners need protection, they are getting horrendous treatment in their own land. Coming just a few months after a coalition of Arewa youths issued a quit notice to Igbo living in the North and no action was taken against them, the ongoing military operation further shows the treatment of Nigerians on unequal measures. If Arewa youths issued a quit order to Igbo to vacate the North, and there was no military deployment in the areas wherein the Igbo were under threat, and the military turns around to deploy troops to South East, it says much about how the Federal Government perceives people from the South East.  To say the least, if there is anywhere the military and the government are supposed to deploy soldiers, it is in the North, where the Igbo and other non-indigenes are living in fear, following an earlier quit order.

Granted that the Arewa youths have suspended the quit notice, the government knows that there is need for security guarantee in the North, especially as the October 1 earlier deadline approaches. For one, Arewa youths outlined conditions on which they suspended the quit order. Therefore, there is still the feeling that Igbo are not safe in the North. And the fact that President Muhammadu Buhari, in his ‘return home’ broadcast, did not condemn, outright, that quit order, but only said all Nigerians were entitled to live and do business in any part of the country leaves much to imagination. Of course, condemning the quit order and saying that Nigerians were entitled to live and do business in any part of the country are not the same thing. Whereas the former is an assurance that the government, which President Buhari leads, is against the quit order, the latter is stating the obvious, as the constitution gives Nigerians the liberty to live and do business anywhere in the country, within the ambit of the law.

At present, tension has been heightened by the indiscretion of deploying troops to the South East. Just as it did not achieve anything tangible in 2016 other than making the agitation for Biafra to resonate, when Nnamdi Kanu was under incarceration, the chances of the government achieving anything currently is low. Using force to suppress people who feel shortchanged in a country they think they have equal rights would not work. Rather, it will increase the agitation and a feeling of alienation. By its actions, there is no doubt that the government has not learnt any lesson from the mistake of arresting Kanu, in the first place, over Biafra agitation. Whether the government believes it or not, the arrest of Kanu was one of the most fundamental errors it has made. This is because with the arrest and detention, Kanu was transmogrified from a simple director of Radio Biafra to the youths’ hero and his followers’ symbol of emancipation. And the worst mistake the government would make is to re-arrest him or to drive IPOB, the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), Biafra Independence Movement (BIM) and other agitating groups in the South East underground. This was the error made in the Niger Delta, which did cost Nigeria a lot, until the late President Umar Yar’Adua, in his wisdom, initiated the amnesty programme and quelled the agitation in the region.

The current government’s attitude would not produce good result. Those advising the government to toe that line may think that crackdown would stamp out agitation in the South East, but it is apparent that this would increase it. When the things that fuel Biafra are left unaddressed, there is no way the agitation or identification with it would go away. Just like government believed that arresting Arewa youths, who issued quit notice to Igbo would have further increased tension and insecurity, re-arresting Kanu, through military force or the revocation of his bail would cause the same. Such plot, if it is the goal of Operation Python Dance, will be a disaster. Therefore, the government should retrace its steps, withdraw the military from the South East and allow the dialogue the South East governors and Ohanaeze Ndigbo initiated to run its course. It does not make sense that just three weeks after South East governors, Ohanaeze organisation and some Igbo leaders met with Kanu and his group, with the plan of further meetings, the government ordered a military onslaught. Such an act shows that some unpatriotic elements in government do not really wish the country well and, therefore, taking actions to exacerbate problems.

For the IPOB and other pro-Biafra groups’ leadership, they should know that caution is not a mark of cowardice. They should know when to talk and how to say it, when to keep quiet and when to play the fool. Confronting military personnel, who are on a mission to kill, will only be counter-productive. Doing so will be tantamount to playing into the hands of those  looking for an opportunity to descend on the Igbo. And for other Nigerians who are watching and clapping for the military and government, as the Igbo are being dealt with, one message is this: Those who sit back and commend evil tendencies will, one day, discover that they would not be spared. Igbo are being dealt with today and others are not talking. This will embolden those carrying out this suppressive programme. Tomorrow, the oppressors of our people will take on others. And the undemocratic practices as well as dictatorship will subsist.


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  1. Emmanuel Chukwuma Umeh 15th September 2017 at 7:30 am

    Their python dance mission is more devilish than the Devil himself!

    Devil seems to be more sincere and honest than the leadership of NIGERIA Military!

    Burati has turned the NIGERIA Military into the devilish monsters of senseless mascare of the NIGERIANS in the South-East and South-South, out of obvious hatred against the Igbos!

    He needs to be prosecuted for such wickedness against humanity!

  2. Emmanuel Chukwuma Umeh 15th September 2017 at 9:39 am

    It is more clearly obvious, especially now to the Well-meaning Nigerians citizenry across the country and in diaspora, as well as to the Global communities, that what one of the Northern political cabals said in one of the social media platforms, after the 2015 Presidential election, that after Buhari was sworn in as the NIGERIA Federal Government Democractic President, that “he should kill the Igbos of the South-East and South-South, for not giving him the massive electoral votes as he got from the Northern and Western States”!

    President Buhari, after he was sworn in as the NIGERIA Federal Government Democractic President, also said would give 97% of his presidential appointments to those that gave him massive electoral votes against those that gave him less electoral votes!

    From that statement, he revealed that his first step of his revengeful mission against the Igbos for giving him less electoral votes was to abuse the Federal Constitutional Character in his presidential appointments, by subtly marginalizing the Igbos at the Federal Executive appointments, which he played out in his appointments, six months after he was sworn in, and he paid deaf ears to the legal implications of such undemocratic, barbaric, uncivilized, uncultured, unpatriotic, political actions against the 1999 Constitution he was sworn in to be guided with!

    His second strategies in carrying out his revengeful mission against the Igbos of South-East and South-South in NIGERIA, was to exclude the Igbos’ high profiled Security officials from his security inner caccus meetings!

    The third undemocratic, barbaric, uncivilized, uncultured and unpatriotic political strategies, was to use Burati to promote the Northern Muslims Junior ranks in the NIGERIA Military into higher ranking positions, and to retire most of the high profiled Security ranking NIGERIA Military officials from the South-East and South-South, as well as some from the South-West, in order to enable him carry out the remaining revengeful mission of militeralization, brutality, oppressions, suppressions and all sorts of political wickedness against the Igbos of South-East and South-South, as it is gradually being played out through their devilish python dance!

    They were the political cabals brains behind the Arewa Youths quit threats against the Igbos in the Northern Kaduna Declaration on Tuesday 6th of June 2017, as well as the Fulani’s herdsmen criminality activities, especially accross the South-East, South-South, Middle Belts and South-West States!

    That is why President Buhari has not made any outright condmnation of such evil and wicked deadly activities by his kins men.

    He was just playing words around it, especially as he said that every NIGERIA has the right to do business anywhere of his chioce in NIGERIA without security threats!

    Like Governor Erufai commented late last year, that they the Fulanis, by nature do not forgive so easily, even as far as 200 years, they would still carry out their revengeful mission!

    He said this when he was trying to politically justify the senseless killings of the people of the Southern Kaduna, mainly because they are non-muslims, among other political reasons best known to them in Kaduna State!

    That statement of Governor Erufai of Kaduna State, clearly gives the picture of the personality of President Buhari and the Northern political cabals in relation to their poitical marginalizations against the Igbos in NIGERIA, as well as the devilsh python dance mission activities of the NIGERIA Military in the South-East and South-South under their political command!

    Like the Bible in Proverbs 6:6 admonished the sluggards to wisely learn from the ants, President Buhari and all the Northern political cabals should wisely learn the all-inclusive democractic transparency and honesty from the American Government, more unbaisedly!

    Many Americans have been calling President Trump all sorts of provocative names, since his assumption of office from 20th of January 2017 till date, and he has not deployed any Security Agencies to militeralize and to brutalize them because of that, or because they do not give him massive electoral votes from their geographical areas!

    Unlike the President Buhari, who through the advice of the Northern political cabals, has been doing against the NIGERIANS of the South-East and South-South, especially since his assumption of the office from 29th of May 2015 till date!

    Out of obvious hatred, President Buhari and the Northern political cabals have outrightly forgotten that today’s NIGERIA is a democratic environment that needs to be unbaisedly running on the democractic transparency and honesty, more Inclusively, without any form of political and religious marginalizations against any selected tribes in NIGERIA!

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