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The philosophy of psychic attack ( 6)

“My family was in trouble as a result of the money my wife borrowed to support our family business from a particular shrine. We used the money to assist our business and it assisted us so much. We later had two to three other branches that surprised us. The spirit aided us to have many customers. Our shops were booming to the extent that if any envied us, the deity went ahead and fought on our behalf.

After a year and six months strange things started happening to us, we lost our son to a strange illness and the business went drastically down. We kept managing to a point that we lost everything we had including the one that we got before our encounter with the juju priest. Life became very difficult and upon that each time my wife went to bed, unknown force would carry her outside my gate. This continued until we lost another child and everything was against us. My sitting room became the meeting point of some higher evil powers. The story is too long, but to cut it short, I contacted you and you asked me to get four bottles of your oil and use same to pray. I did as you instructed me. By the grace of God after the prayer, I noticed so many changes; the midnight meetings and beating of drums in my sitting room stopped. The strange hand that used to carry my wife outside while asleep, stopped; my friend that just came back has assisted me to start another business early this year. I am very grateful to God for all these. Keep up the good work…” Mr. Amadi A. Email [email protected]

 “Prof I am truly surprised on how God used only two bottles of your oil to deal with those who connived to take away my property. The only land I inherited from my late father was to be taken away by some rich men in my kindred. They have the money and the contact so they forged an agreement paper that my father sold the land to them some years back. Some people from my community knew it was a lie but could not talk for fear; the only man that spoke out was killed by unknown gun men. So everybody decided to be silent and being the only male child of my father I was made to face the greatest trial of my time. Well, a friend of mine who has been reading you introduced me to your column. When I read some awful testimonies, I decided to contact you. Upon ordering your oil together with the prayer, things started unfolding for good. Already they took me to court and arranged two false witnesses against me. During the prayer, we went to the court and one of the false witnesses appeared and as he was telling lies, he slumped down and was rushed to the hospital, he died the next day. The other witness refused to come to court for fear too. The main man who was sponsoring them had total paralysis few months ago. In fact, all those involved started dying and having problem one by one. Few weeks ago, they called me and handed the land over to me. To God be the glory…” (Names and contacts withheld).

 Do you know that some people may have good business plans but the moment they discuss it with their spouse who may have association with the realm of desert, and the spirit of emptiness, everything will become a failure. By association with emptiness and desert or barren region, I mean those who have nothing to do with success in life. If you are rich and marries anyone that has a relationship with barren region, then you must feed from hand to mouth. If you don’t take time, such relationship will bring you to zero level economically.

It is on divine record that some people that are suffering today came to that point as a result of this kind of association. If you have a child that is not yours, you must suffer by relating with him/her. If you marry a wife that is not yours, you will suffer in penury and such matrimony must be bereft of joy and other matrimonial condiments. If you get a job that is not yours, you will not have the joy of labour satisfaction. Anything you receive that is not directly your own, must contribute to your suffering in one way or the other.

 Events on earth are ordered so that with your developed inner eyes, one will be guided to avoid making serious mistake that will lead to lamentation. Ignorance is the major root of our failures in life. However, if you have a child, wife, husband, and or job that is yours in reality, you will sail through life being happy and satisfied.  Paul says, “All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient; all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any…” 1 Corinth. 6:12.

 A friend once told me that any business plan he discusses with his first son will never see the light of the day but any one he discusses with his second son, must materialize. He said he has experimented this for more than fifteen times. Dear reader, there are things that follow us individually and collectively. I shall give details later. Everyone is a spirit and came from different spiritual locations. Three children can come from the same womb but they are not from the same spiritual plane or zone. This is a mystery that may be decoded here later.

The Biblical Abel and Cain came from the same parent but of different spiritual zones which informed why Cain killed Abel because he never saw him as his brother whom he could watch over hence his response to divine question. “…Am I my brother’s keeper? Gen.4:9.  Here we are dealing with the seed from demonic realm and the one from divine realm. Ever since creation was introduced by God in this dimension of existence, entities of different kind have been coming into the earth through procreation. In most cases, some children, while coming to the earth take along with themselves certain things that make parents uncomfortable.

  At this point, I wish to warn parents or couples not to have sex during misunderstanding of any kind. Again, I warn parents not to have sex that will lead to procreation (pregnancy) within twenty four hours after quarrels. Finally, I warn couples not to have sex leading to procreation when there is bitterness in their hearts. This certainly will certainly magnet some elementals and or higher negative powers to plant a seed that will bring sorrow. The process by which this is realized may not be discussed here. It is obvious that today some good parents with sound moral upbringing have criminals as children and they wonder where they came from. A particular man spoke to me few weeks ago, he is very prominent in the society, but has a son that is a criminal. According to him, “…He is my first blood and I love him so much but I cannot trace either from me or my wife where the criminal blood came from. He is intelligent and smart but a criminal… Please help me sir…”

 The man lamented very much and consequently developed Blood Pressure (BP) as a result of same. Where did the boy come from? The answer became an issue to the family. He had spent a lot of money to rehabilitate him from drug addiction all to no avail. When the issue was investigated, I discovered that in between his birth, there was a deep spiritual gap between the two couples and the enemy took undue advantage of that to sow a seed of sorrow in their marriage. The seed became the boy that is causing serious problem now.


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