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The philosophy of psychic attack (5)

“My dear Prof. Uzorma, I came in contact with you and administered your oil over so many issues that were disturbing me. I did the prayers you gave me diligently and anointed myself as was instructed by you too. After the prayer, things started happening in my life; my daughter got married and had a baby girl, my wife had twins after twenty five years. To crown it all, my promotion that was delayed for ten years was released. In fact, after the prayer I saw great miracles around me…God bless you. Mr. Festus 09086948345.

“I never believed in the use of any oil due to my Christian foundation, yet my son was dying for a serious illness that was spiritual. Every day my pastor kept praying for my son and kept telling us to have faith in God. I must say that my faith failed me due to my son’s condition. Every day I kept reading testimonies of people set free through the use of your oil when I mentioned it to my pastor; he seriously discouraged me and implored me to stop reading your column. Prof. it was truly amazing that some pastors behave in such a way. I never knew that your column was going to be the source of my son’s freedom as I continued reading it and contacted you when my doctor told me to seek for true spiritual solution because my son’s case according to him was a spiritual case and not medical. Sir, when I contacted you and you recommended the use of the holy oil and asked me to order it which I did eventually. Consequently, I was surprised to see my 15 year old son who could not eat, talk or walk responding to prayers. After the first 7 days of my prayer, he demanded for food and stood up and ate. In fact the pains all over disappeared and he became healed. He has just returned to school and is doing well too. When my pastor saw it and asked me what happened I told him the truth on how we used your oil and got solution to our problem; he was happy and asked me to give him the remaining one which he used on his sick wife and she got her healing too. Today he is a faithful follower of your column. To God be the glory in all things…keep up the good work sir…” Mr. Fedy

When this is done, you will continue to uphold your banner of victory in Jesus Christ. The Bible says, “And they overcame him by the Blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony….” Rev 12: 11. Those who have ears let them hear.

“Be sober; be vigilant because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring Lion seeking whom he may devour… resist him steadfast in faith…” 1Peter 5:8-9.

Under the sway of divine reality, I will continue to assert that ignorance of the major cause of human problem has led to the reason why many souls are buried in the swamp of metaphysical gloom in an attempt to solving a life problem from the wrong path. This is one of the major causes of a major problem that has greatly accelerated the sorrows of the earthmen. Man cannot do without troubles of life in one of my books titled “Power in Mid-night Prayer” I did mention that problems or troubles of this life in most cases are caused by some evil extraterrestrial beings who are not happy with the sons of God consequent upon the glory of God upon the earth which is hitherto seen in the manifestation of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords as well as his chosen ones.

We are talking of deeper spiritual things which are more than the eyes can see. Spiritual battles are beyond the speculative ideologies of some earthly priests. One can become an enemy to himself without his knowledge of same. The gross material body does not know the nature of spiritual battles going on from time to time. Everybody is a spirit-good or bad. The nature of spirit that is associated with you could either determine your success or failure. Human beings come from different locations and dimensions; some for good and others for bad. The activity of someone determines where he comes from. Remember the biblical assertion “Know no one after the flesh” 11 Corinth 5:16. The flesh is not the real man and the evil forces are not after the flesh so to say, they are after the inner personality of the human spirit. They want to exert control over people’s mind and via same dominate and manipulate them. He that controls the mind controls the man.

The flesh is a battle field or center. It has many centers through which the evil forces enter the human body to carry out nefarious activities to the detriment of mankind. The flesh therefore must be brought under subjection. Though there are some people as a result of the place of their origin, they must work in line with the principles of destiny.

I am saying this because there are some people, owing to where they came from you cannot change them except by higher spiritual power of the divine, which must also follow a process. One may be married to a woman who is good mannered and well trained yet what is following her may be responsible for her husband’s failure and poverty; even when they live in peace. The same may be deeply responsible for barrenness as well. This is a big mystery that many do not know!

Recently, I discussed and counseled a woman whose 14 years of marriage was characterized by failures in business, barrenness, and un-amazing disappointments in every aspect of life. She has used my oil three times without result and finally I gave her appointment to see me, when we met eventually, I did a serious spiritual investigation with her and discovered the reason for the delay to her prayer.

It may interest you to know that her husband did not come to the earth with any blessing in life. In line with his journey into the physical life, he came with emptiness and sufferings. His encounter with his wife became the battle that took the woman from one end to another in search of solution. When this was discovered some divine instructions were given to suspend some evil forces in order to consolidate their freedom. In fact, spiritual warfare is a reality from a higher dimension. One has to be very careful in order not to associate with one who may end up destroying ones destiny.

There are people that came into the world with empty containers. They have nothing and can’t receive anything from anybody. They make effort in life like every other human being but receive nothing in return. They hardly receive any favour from anyone, though the favour you receive from anyone is the debt you must pay. One cannot receive what he has not given. Every human being should know this; we are all indebted to one another in good spirit and must pay in one way or another. The Bible says, “Eat no one food for nought…” 11 Thessalonians 3:8. There are many mysteries in this life that humanity is yet to know.

Do you know that some people may have good business plans but the moment they discuss it with their spouse who may have association with the realm of desert, and the spirit of emptiness, everything will become a failure.

A friend once told me that any business plan he discusses with his first son will never see the light of the day but any one he discusses with his second son, must be materialize. He said he has experimented this for more than fifteen times. Dear reader, there are things that follow us individually and collectively. I shall give details later.  

I wish to infer here that the devil has not forgotten anyone. He still believes that one day he will succeed in snaring you into his ignoble web. This is the more reason you as a Christian is expected to be watchful over your entire endeavors in life. You may have been hoodwinked in believing that your name is out of the record of the devil or his cohorts-this is a profound folly and error occasioned by wrong thinking. Remember that the only way to overcome the problems of life created by the devil is for one to swim in the glorious power of his Divine Majesty. This glorious and ubiquitous power of Jehovah God and his Christ is the only way out of all.

Your ignorance in this connection makes no real sense because the devil will enjoy more by keeping you in deep error and ignorance in order to dominate and control your life. Try from within your volition to avoid the major causes of human problem. Avoid voluptuous women who go about with psychic ‘yenyima’ destroying various men and much more. By so doing you will prolong your days in the world of man. Avoid everything that will consolidate the hands of the devil in your life. The moment you are out to seek for freedom and true emancipation, the glory of God will come to your aid leading you to the stratum of true freedom in Christ for the Bible concludes, “If the son therefore shall set you free, you shall be free indeed” John 8:36.



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