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The philosophy of psychic attack (2)

“Let me use this opportunity to express my thanks to God in heaven and his servant on earth for bringing the highly awaited major breakthrough of my life to me. It was a serious contract that I have always wanted and prayed for. It required contacts and much more which I never had. It comes twice in a year and for five years; I have struggled for it without success. I have prayed and sowed seed of faith without success. My Pastors prayed and prayed without success until one of my friend pastors introduced me to Prof Uzorma’s column in the Sun Newspaper. I started reading it and contacted him one day and he asked me to order two bottles of his oil and use same to pray for favour. I did as he informed me and I started seeing the manifestations of God’s favour upon my life. I noticed that things became very possible for me to the extent that the man who never wanted to hear about me in that company was the one calling me and asking me to come and see him in order to seal up the contract arrangement. In fact, I got the contract and by God’s grace, favour has not stopped coming my way…May God be praised…” Mr. Mezie H. Email [email protected]  

 “Please sir, don’t publish my name and contact for obvious reason. This is to inform you that after using your oil for the number of days you instructed, my dead manhood that could not perform for over ten years as a result of the attack I had with my spirit wife, started working effectively and efficiently. It was a miracle in deed as I saw the glorious manifestation of God in my dream that manifested to my healing. Thank you so much my brother and God bless you…” Anonymous 

This is the body we see in the dream world from time to time. If you have ever heard of the “out” of the body experience “it is the etheric body that is functioning to allow anybody involved has such experience. This body operates very well when all the physical senses are closed down either by deliberate action, sleep or unconsciously. As a Christian, I mean a born again, spirit filled child of God, if you abide in Christ righteousness, your etheric body will be impenetrable as a result no attack of the enemy can tear you into pieces. If the etheric body of any person that is not rooted in Christ is tampered with when he/she is asleep, it could result to death.

Those vulnerable and susceptible Christians whose psychic spaces are open and weak are constantly prone to different kinds of spiritual attacks. Their etheric energies are weak as a result; their bodies become centers for demonic experiment.  The fact that someone can sing doxology to God, jump up and down in the name of preaching the gospel without righteousness imbedded in wisdom gives rise to ubiquitous spiritual attacks. Death of such a person is very easy by evil forces. There are various spiritual channels within man and he must utilize same to advance his course in the journey of life.    

 So many people have been attacked in the realm of the spirit during sleep. When we sleep our astral or etheric (soul body) bodies move into higher realm of the spirit world, if enemies (agents of darkness) succeed to poison anybody in the spirit, it must manifest in the physical due to the relationship between the realms. If the poison is not removed through serious prayers, the person’s body will begin to disintegrate and it may result to physical death. The Bible says, “The wicked watches the righteous, and seeks to slay him” ps. 37:32.

 It is of note that many evil activities are going on in the realm of the spirit. A soul may be poisoned in the spirit via dream world; the way this is done is very simple. In keeping to certain abstract psychic rules a sleeping soul whose etheric body is weak and vulnerable whether he or she goes to Church or not is not the case here; provided the person is out of divine coverage, he becomes the target of some higher “ensouled” elementals. His or her spirit could be called upon provided the predominating psychic factors are put into consideration first. By that I mean if certain mundane aspects of the person is solely homogeneous with the inner spirit personality, the person answers immediately to such call or invocation.

The moment his spirit appears, he could be poisoned, hypnotised, attacked, or killed in the spirit world. Whatever is done to him in such a realm would manifest in the physical. He may be forced to take too much alcohol, or be raped or be forced to do one heinous thing or the other which he must manifest in the physical world. Let me briefly inform my numerous readers of this, if the person is a young boy whose spirit was  called upon in the realm of the spirit, if he is fed with alcohol or any hard drug, the moment he is brought back to the physical world, he will begin to take too much of alcohol or hard drugs. Again, if he was poisoned, this will however result to sickness in the physical body. The relationship between the spiritual body and the physical body is very simple. I have treated it in this column before now but for those who may not have access to such piece of information, I wish to state here that the spiritual body is the extension of the physical unit. The relationship is simple is just like the generator machine, the wire and the electric bulb.

When you switch on the generator set, there will be no light until it is connected to the proper wire that will transmit energy to the bulb. Whatever happens to the generator affects the light. If the wire goes off, the light switches off, if the generator is off it affects the light, if the bulb busts, the light goes off. These are the relationships between the body, soul, and spirit. Whatever affects the spirit man, affects the body. That informs why a person could be attacked in the spirit and it affects the body. There are cases that someone may be poisoned in the spirit only for him to wake up to notice that he is sick of a sickness that may defie medication.        

Recently a young lady called me and said that she was attacked in the dream; consequently she was forced by some men to drink a particular substance. She drank it and when she woke up she started having serious stomach problem that finally snowballed into serious swollen stomach. She has gone to many hospitals yet the problem resisted every medical treatment given to her failed hence it was a serious psychic attack. When she contacted me on phone, I recommended my anointing oil to her, she used it and prayed and fasted as she was instructed. Two weeks thereafter, she excreted something that looks like palm- cannel oil. Her stomach became very normal and healed. This is the nature of another psychic attack.


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