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The joys of Christmas

Another Christmas is here with us. Thanks to God that we are witnesses and participants in this epochal event. While some lay stiff in morgues, others are feeding worms six feet below the earth or manure for crops. Some are in grief over loss of loved ones. Some are quarantined in hospital beds while yet some others are in jail or detention for offences they might not even have committed. But here we are, standing on our feet on this occasion, celebrating the most priceless gift ever from God who so loved the world He gave us His only son.

Unfortunately, the Nigerian government has not emulated God even if on this occasion only. It has gifted us with harrowing experiences. Most Nigerians have been sleeping on the roads and petrol filling stations in search of elusive gas to power their cars. Those that bought new cars to show off this season have been dealt a terrible blow, as they cannot travel with the cars because there is no fuel anywhere. Those that decide on public transportation are stuck at parks, as they cannot afford the exorbitant fares. Yet we voted for change by a President who condemned this kind of madness while seeking office. Now he is in the saddle, nobody knows his justification for allowing this calamity.

Ooh, I think it is Jonathan and gang who must take this rap again. Jonathan and his subsidy scammers are at it again. You would think fuel scarcity died with Jonathan! No, not at all! Oga Jona is that powerful; you don’t know? Fuel subsidy is thriving still but the new landlords don’t scam the nation. After all, we have changed the name, having changed government. Even what Nigerians are going through may not be fuel scarcity. I am only searching for correct vocabulary to describe it. Come to think of it, why don’t Nigerians stay in one place, why are they always on the move?

 Don’t tell me that there is no electricity at home to make it conducive. Fashola is coming, remember his promises on power, even as action governor of Lagos? Stay at home and wait for him. Don’t tell me he promised six months. If you believed that six months have elapsed, check your calendar again or don’t you know that Baba God said a day is like a thousand years in His sight and vice versa? When people acquire power, they also possess the extraterrestrial potential. I tell you, Fashola is now born again since he got changed by the change mantra and operates a divine calendar, like all the changers in the All Progressives Congress (APC) do with regard to their electoral promises.

Pardon me, please, I digressed. You never can imagine how much admiration I have for the current crop of leaders running the country. They are doing just great but, truly, I am disappointed that I won’t be able to reach Owerri this Christmas to see Rochas due to the fuel crisis. Or, maybe I should start trekking now like that patriotic Nigerian that trekked to Abuja to herald Buhari’s emergence. If I set off now, I don’t know if I will reach Owerri before the 18-day holiday Okorocha declared elapses. However, I know that there’s nothing patriotic in my quest. I had hoped to see the governor and negotiate for my statue to be moulded. If he could spend millions of naira to mould those killing our people in South Africa while workers and pensioners are languishing in hunger,  he would have no reason not to mould my statue. I guess I will have to send my best picture to Douglas House via courier.

Anyway, what does Christmas mean to you? Certainly, many misunderstand the season. They see it as a time of debauchery and raunchy festivities. They see it as a period for unbridled fun. That is why the taverns are full and markets are stressed. That is why fowls and goats are going extinct.

 But beyond the partying, eating and drinking, do you understand what you are celebrating? If you must know, Christmas is a period the world remembers the birth of Jesus Christ, saviour of the world. No man ever affected the world than He. Despite being the son of God, He submitted Himself to the inglorious birth by a woman just to come and reconcile fallen man to God.

Have you been reconciled to God or are you still trapped in the mire of sin, alias fun? The devil has deceived so many and is still in that business today. It is time you escaped for your life, using this occasion of Christmas for deep reflection into your sin-ridden life. If you are yet to join the commonwealth of Christ, NOW is the time to do so. Time is ticking fast and soon shall be no more.

All around us, signs of the end-time abound, as rightly proclaimed by the Holy Book, the Bible. The (dis)United Nations can vote against Israel for as much as they want but they can achieve nothing. They have become a pliable institution in the hands of terrorists but as the Lord told Paul in Acts 9:5b, “it is hard to kick against the pricks.”

Hate United States President Donald Trump or love him, he is already blessed for standing in defence of God’s covenant nation, Israel, and no matter what anyone else says or does avails nothing.

The world should wake up to the reality that God rules in the affairs of men and only His perfect will MUST be done.

Who is there who speaks and it comes to pass, Unless the Lord has commanded it?” Lamentations 3:37.

Happy Christmas all; see you in the New Year, by His grace!


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