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The IPOB trio: A cause betrayed

Make no mistake about it, I am pleased with the release of Nnamdi Kanu, assumed leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), from the gulag of Nigeria’s Federal Government. This clarification becomes necessary before anyone accuses me of sadism.

However, if I were he, I would not have accepted the conditional bail, especially because out of the four detainees, only he was released while the other three, Chidiebere Onwudiwe, Benjamin Madubugwu and David Nwawuisi, who went to detention with (for) him are still languishing in prison.

Kanu has not shown a good leadership trait and I believe that for whatever reason he accepted the bail, he should have been in hospital attending to his ‘failing health’, the reason given for granting him bail instead of hobnobbing with the bourgeoisie Igbo elite, most of whom were apathetic to ‘the cause’, thus alienating himself from the hoi poloi, who gave their all, including their lives and property, heeding his war cry.

Since Kanu usurped the captaincy of the IPOB ship, having dislodged the foresighted old men that founded it, it is not expected that he would abandon ship, leaving his passengers marooned at high sea at the mercy of looming destruction. The captain of a ship would rather go down with the ship than abandon the passengers in his care. Any commander that abandons his troop in the warfront deserves a court martial. Legendary Nelson Mandela proved that much when, after already spending 22 years in jail, still rejected the offer of freedom by the apartheid South African regime because it excluded his compatriots.  But it mattered little to Kanu, who, after merely a year in detention, has not only jumped ship and left his comrades in jail but has also dumped IPOB, leaving it adrift; that is exactly the import of his acceptance of the strange bail conditions.

The underlying political message in Kanu being picked up from jail by a governorship candidate in Anambra State, as claimed, betrays opportunism at play. And as much as I savour the vaunted Igbo affinity with the Jews, I doubt how Kanu’s new found faith, Judaism, would advance the cause of predominantly Christian Biafra, where the religion is nonexistent. Obviously, Kanu is confused or just dishing out ill conceived stunts. Unfortunately, the Buhari government fell for it and inadvertently helped to foist him on shaky stakes of popularity.

The Kanu gambit may not altogether have taken those who knew him before now by surprise. To a great extent, Kanu owes his relevance to Chief Ralph Uwazurike, leader of MASSOB-BIM, who said he had picked interest in the young man and appointed him director of Radio Biafra in London, far ahead of his protesting superiors. Today, Kanu believes he has arrived and repudiates everything Uwazurike, a major slur in the Igbo personae. Kanu was also not privy to the formation of IPOB; former president-general of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Dr. Dozie Ikedife, claims that he and company formed the group but against Igbo culture that respects age, Kanu snatched the group from the men, who are old enough to be his grandfather.

These imperatives became necessary not because I have anything against Kanu (God forbid). It is not about Kanu but about whoever takes the Igbo for a ride and that Biafra agitators should beware that a rat that goes swimming with a lizard risks getting wet; so that they would not be led to the guillotine for the massaging of ignoble interests of Biafra apologists. The IPOB trio that followed Kanu should be wiser now. Kanu’s bail is freedom in captivity and it is morally wrong for him to accept the conditional bail and still claim to be in the cause while his comrades are left behind bars, as he prances about, doing photo-shoots in royal regalia as prince of Biafra.

Now, they want us to shut down Biafraland on May 30. On that date, the Igbo economy would receive sledgehammer battering while Nigeria’s thrives. On that date, more seeds of hunger would be sown. On that date, many more Biafran youths would die. On that date, many more Biafrans would be maimed. On that date, much more Biafran property would be destroyed. On that date, many more Biafrans would be clamped in jail by the rapacious Nigerian security apparatchik. But on that date, I doubt whether Nnamdi Kanu would be in the front line, leading the agitators since he had accepted a conditional bail that forbids him from assembly of more than 10 persons. So, if he is not there, who would lead? Parents should, therefore, put their children on a leash to avoid them being wasted in induced crisis by sabre-rattling activists far removed from the battlefield.

Of course, I risk being cast in negative mould. The truth though remains that I, too, am a Biafran, dreaming big for Biafra. However, I don’t believe in the Biafra where smart alecs would abuse the gravestones of our fallen heroes. I don’t believe in Biafra where Nigeria would be balkanised only for us to reach Biafra land and begin to beg Nigeria or Africa to come and mediate in our war of attrition of who leads and who a true Biafran is. I don’t believe in a Biafra where everybody must be leader and no followers.

The Igbo are great in whatever they do, building from ground zero up. When, after the Civil War, then Nigerian leader, Yakubu Gowon, and his acolytes officially gave the Igbo mere £20 for all the millions they had in the banks, seized Igbo property, which they described as abandoned, and gave other tribes Igbo money in banks to buy up nationalised companies, to the exclusion of the Igbo, they never envisaged the resurgent, can-do spirit of the Igbo. Today, the Igbo have built from the scratch and occupy commanding heights everywhere despite prevailing official policies to put them down. Why then must we now help the Igbo enemies to complete the rout they had since failed?

The Biafra of my dream, therefore, is a golden land where the Igbo are mentally free; an egalitarian haven where the Igbo are shorn of their incurable itinerant investments to think homewards. I believe in Biafra where the Igbo can do for themselves what Nigerian governments deliberately refuse to do for them by disinvesting or not investing and developing the rest of Nigeria while neglecting their homestead. I believe in Biafra where life is sacred and violence eschewed, as canvassed by Uwazurike. Of course, the MASSOB-BIM leader, Ijele, who reignited the fire, like all humans, is not perfect but without him there would not have been these latter-day opportunists, masquerading as freedom fighters that now want to run him out of town. The Biafra of our dream is not one where illusive speculators climb on wantonly wasted blood of misguided youth to limelight.

Let whoever thinks otherwise lead in the battle. The Igbo must refuse to be led by the nose by those who are neither grateful to benefactors nor respectful of elders to take us back to the destruction Nigeria would eagerly afflict on the Igbo. I can honestly advise the forgotten trio of IPOB agitators to smarten up and find their way out of jail on benign terms before they die for a cause betrayed by no other but its leader.


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  1. Ezekiel Okeke 15th May 2017 at 7:18 am

    That is not an issue- they should be celebrating victory on daily basis. Even Mandela did not came out with all he was held with at the same time. All Biafrans in the hands of Biafran enemies will be out.

    • Onyewuchi Nze 15th May 2017 at 5:06 pm

      This man is so good that he deserved to be conferred with the title “chartered”, if he is not already one. It is very clear that he is neither a friend of Kanu, nor Biafra. All his efforts to appear so, did not at all succeed. Where must the brown envelope coming from? I wonder!

  2. Ezekiel Okeke 15th May 2017 at 9:26 am

    Kanu has to forget irrelevant sermons. The only relevant thing now is Constituting Biafran Government in which all pro-Biafra groups are represented. Republic Of Biafra is already here- it is now about defending it with Diplomacy or War. There was never leadership vacuum in Biafra, there will never be leadership vacuum- Ojukwu is Biafran leader- dead or alive. Our obligation is to defend his intellectual vision and legacy- which is Republic Of Biafra- it is not about leadership, it is about playing our individual and collective roles within our individual and collective capabilities and capacity. MASSOB, IPOB etc. have played and still playing vital roles, others have also played and still playing vital roles- deciding factors roles etc. Kanu may have come to certain understanding but still need to come to certain level of understandings and realities. One must only make something convincing to people, certain people- politicians or not, to identify with a project or mission. Today, no reasonable person or intellectual with evidence can say Republic Of Biafra is project of jobless people, miscreants etc., which make politicians etc. of Igbos extraction etc. to identify with Republic Of Biafra- we made it possible since September 19. 2016 we step into the Biafran issue, we made many other key factors possible which make Republic Of Biafra a reality and here- we do not take glory, because glory belong to God who gave us Republic Of Biafra. We are not interested to be Biafran president either- we are not politicians. Kanu has to know that Republic Of Biafra is not about patronage- it is about defending existence security of Igbos, Biafrans with Diplomacy or War- we should not care about who hate us as Igbos or who do not like us or do not feel comfortable with us- we should only do the right thing to the extent possible but never compromise our existence security as Igbos, Biafrans. Kanu and every Biafran should know that Republic Of Biafra has been actualized- it is here. The only two things to do now are (1) Constituting Interim Biafran Government in which all pro-Biafra groups are represented. Biafran capital is Enugu, the currency name is BS- Biafran Shekel etc. (2) The poor northern bandits nickname FG and their collaborators to vacate Biafraland now or Republic Of Biafra apply bloody engagement in BIAFRAN REVOLUTION WAR and drive the bandits out of Biafraland. God is With Us!!!

  3. Ezekiel Okeke 15th May 2017 at 6:46 pm

    MASSOB and IPOB child’s play has to come to an end. May 30 is Biafran National Day- it is neither IPOB nor MASSOB day, it is Republic Of Biafra Day. Whatever childish rivalry the two groups has, is their personal issue- it is not Republic Of Biafra issue and has to keep it out of Republic Of Biafra affairs.

  4. mazi offor joseph okereke 15th May 2017 at 7:03 pm

    Tony iwuoha, you are a true ibo son. one englisgh proverb had it that a fly without an adviser, enters the grave with the coffin. that leads me into questioning if kanu had an adviser or advisers. by his statue now as ipob leader, he should have one. it is this lack of adviser that made him to start derailing and fumbling since his release. although, ikemba nnewi was every thing a man should be, but he made the same mistake nnamdi kanu is making since his release by jumping into NPN when he came back from exil in ivory coast and that instead of boosting his renowned image, it led it to sharp deterioration by removing the aura that made people fear him and other things that followed till his death. the same scenerio is been played in nnamdi kanu release but imprisoned freedom. your traducers told the world that you were release or given bail based on health ground. besides that they said you should not be found in the mist of people above ten in number, they equally gagged you by ordering that you should not address the press. what nnamdi kanu would have done was first to look into his health, use his charisma to get the release of the remaining three people in the same gulag with you, because living them there , most likely will bring division and lack of confidence among you and them when ever they come out especially when they feel that you kanu did not make any imput to their release.. the next step is to evolve a strategic means of getting all your supporters together without braking the order that forbids you from gathering or speaking to people. instead of the aforementioned, kanu kept galavanting from one place to another futilely , paying homage to people who never totter a word when you were languishing in kuje prison. if the homage was to people like f f kayode, orji uzor kalu, ayo fayose, ike ekweremadu, okwadike igbo-ukwu, enyinnaya abaribe, ifeanyi uba, and host others who saw to your release, one will not raise eye brow. for nnamdi kanu who banged his hands on table before justice nyako and said before the whole world that president buhari cannot jail him and asked who was buhari with all bravado to start behaving the way he is doing now, questions his background as a fighter of people . i advise that kanu should not throw away the confidence reposed on him so soon because if he does, he will end up as a chiken that a mere corn leads to his untimely death , more over, the effect on biafra adventure will be an unpalatable investment in the nearest future. kanu should think and siff his enemies from his friends.

  5. Ezekiel Okeke 16th May 2017 at 6:30 am

    May 30 is Biafran National Day. It is not IPOB day, it is not MASSOB day. It is Republic Of Biafra Authority- not IPOB group, not MASSOB group. Biafraland is under the authority of Republic Of Biafra, not under the authority of IPOB group or MASSOB. It is either IPOB group and MASSOB group respect the fact that Biafraland is under the authority of Republic Of Biafra or get lost. This is not the IPOB – MASSOB childish rivalry. This is Republic Of Biafra with its authority over Biafraland. What majority Igbos decided for is Republic Of Biafra, not Republic Of IPOB, not Republic Of MASSOB.

  6. Ezekiel Okeke 16th May 2017 at 9:04 pm

    Has Achuzie Kanu visited, change his ways of deceiving attempt insinuating that Biafra project is Biafran identity within Nigeria, not Republic Of Biafra as an entity?

  7. ABADIKE 16th May 2017 at 11:28 pm

    pls who knows Nnamdi Kanu should ADVISE him find a way to identify with those our enemies call people “jobless people or ordinary people”. These Igbo bourgeoie class you are seeing now will derail the Biafran project. Again use your influence to bring out the three in jail.

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