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The governors of Rome

The Governor of the bleeding state of Nasarawa escaped the stones from his dying people and proceeded to Ekiti to count the votes for the APC Ekiti State Congress. As the chief security officer of that exploding Nasarawa State he would rather pretend that the anomie engulfing the Benue confluence and way beyond is news from Afghanistan! Before this Governor of Rome made it as the H.E of that unfortunate state, he was a businessman the type we see in Nigeria Most of those Nigerian contractors are now our politicians and inside the Government houses and the corridors of power. Am sure he never visited Ekiti all his life. Suddenly the APC with its Army of party functionaries, other very qualified but idle Nigerians were ignored to supervise a simple state congressional elections. The party decided to go to a Governor that is neck deep in trouble and very busy as a result of the invasion of his state by blood thirsty Fulani herdsmen considered that Governor of Rome as the best to conduct the Ekiti Congress.

Look at the mess in the end, and with that inconclusive result, the consequence is that the party is in a deep hole once again in that state. Some few weeks ago, another governor of Rome from Ebonyi abandoned his constitutional brief at Abakaliki and obeying an obscene call up by Abuja, rushed to the bloody plains to head a Committee investigating the killings in the North East and Middle belt.

A governor who had no serious understanding of the conflict Laws and probably visiting those conflicting areas for the first time, returned clueless and indeed wasted our resources and time. Your Excellences please learn to sit down at home, and serve at your state. That’s the constitutional brief given to you governors. Otherwise have you heard about the Governor of New Jersey or New Mexico leaving his state gallivanting away time in Washington on a party schedule. Governors disgrace this country when we see them as “amusing, tea drinking school boys…” part of the ever travelling President’s delegation visiting Paris, London etc. or as idle officials at the airport awaiting to welcome the “ever arriving President at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport.

The Fall of Fayemi, Ngige, Okorocha

He was with us when we ran away for our lives, as the Chief had been incarcerated and Concord would publish no more. We met and continued the struggle in Maryland, United States. Others like the Chief like in every violent uprising would be eaten up by the revolution. Wole Soyinka escaped by the whiskers even there in the US. Our pen master went underground and saw hell until he surfaced many years after the revolution to join the Sun Editorial board. Some of us on our return, heralded Fayemi, who dropped on power. He was Governor of Ekiti State and presently federal Minister of Gold, Diamond, and Silver. What can we pass to the future generation as the great moments of Fayemi, whether as Governor or Minister?

For our generation, these latest falling angels of our unproductive politics, have been lucky. Enjoy the advantage of age, some of them are well read. All of them were literally taken up by God fathers, from grass to the summit if power. Dr. Ngige we knew him from Coal Camp to UNN and we lived close by at Victoria Island. At the climax of his kidnapping drama by the vagabonds, we guided him to win the support of one of the greatest Igbo, the Canadian based Okechukwu Ikejiani. Master story teller Chinua Achebe in few lines destroyed the vagabonds attack on the encircled Governor. Onwa was our hero and we were ready to die for him. In Washington, his press was ahead of Nigeria and at that time he was the recognised No.1 Igbo leader. For years those that Ngige used to climb the ladder, those that sacrificed their time and resources for his political successes he has discarded. When he escaped the bullet at the last APC Congress he was running alone. His ambition, selfishness, ingratitude would mark his final fall.

How is the mighty fallen? Okorocha’s slip is a long story. This pretender who is not so gifted like the others is my friend and we were neighours in Maitama. The Governor who created the only Africa Ministry of Happiness is no longer a happy muffler. A carpet crosser, he does not understand the concept of Development. Development has over ten UN indices. Destroying people’s home to pave the way for a clean city, without providing alternative housing for those agonising displaced citizens is not development. Okorocha like Ambode, El-Rufia crossed the humanity abode lines. Many would forgive you for your terrible legacies while you were in government but those you destroyed their homes would continue to haunt you until heaven.

In your daft expression of happiness you gave out millions and car keys to our boy Miracle who am sure rode home in Halleluiah loaded with paradise. This Miracle fella don’t need any more gold. You lost a golden opportunity when your bright Commissioner of Agriculture recommended to your government to invite home the Songhai Agric Guru from your State, based in Benin.

The Rev. Father coming home to Imo State would have given meaning to the Agric revolution you pronounced, including the civil service bizarre involvement all of which few months to your departure have woefully failed.
Following these Angels, we predict a rosy future for the flamboyant Senator Ohamdike. Umeh is the oldest Onwa active member of the original APGA. Onwa Ngige’s every loss is Ohamdike’s win. That is the nature of Anambra and Igbo politics.

For the muffler Governor of Imo, this is the end of the road. Enter the rising stars of Hon. Emeka Nwajiobi, Elvis Agukwe and APC organisation Secretary.

The Delta Police Commissioner and the Nwodo Explosion

From every angle of interpretation, the bomb explosion at the Ukehe home of the Ohaneze President General is ominous. For those who are taking note of the free brigandage and the sheer anomies ravaging Benue, some one hour drive north of Ukehe, it is like the first shot at Gakem which signaled the beginning of the Biafran war of June 1966.
Whatever may be your guess as to who are the culprits the signal is frightening. We demand an internationally conducted investigation with foreign forensic experts’ involved to study the exploded devices, and any other materials tenable. To enable the forensic experts reach their own findings. This in no way diminishes our respect or professionalism of the Enugu Police.

In Delta on the night the IPOB was proscribed by the South East Governors and Ohaneze there was a similar explosion at the Abraka market, Asaba. Some yellow livered Igbo leaders were already breathing down in apologising pleas at the Palace when I asked the Commissioner of Police to present his findings. It was after his sound professional investigation that innocent lads arrested were released. And the real culprits detained.


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    what a writer!
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