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The Buhari govt: Two years after

You are right, but…
I agree with all your submissions. However, may I state that after acknowledging the very few successes of his government, you ought to have congratulated him on that score so as to disabuse the minds of those eager to label you biased. Furthermore, you also overlooked the president’s abysmal failure to hold the All Progressives Congress (APC) together as a party, thereby causing serious divisions within the ranks of the government. See the Bukola Saraki debacle. The Yakubu Dogara debacle. The Bola Tinubu, Nasir El-Rufai, Ibrahim Magu, Babachir Lawal, etc. 2019 cannot come soon enough. -Chiadikobi Ezike; [email protected]
The more you look, the less you see
What is expected from an Igbo man? Nothing. When you talked of cases, do you talk about corrupt judges? What of corrupt legislators? Sai Baba 2019, Insha Allah. Supposed you witnessed or experienced Boko Haram, you will commend this government, even for only that. The legislature and judiciary are our enemies, and by the grace of Almighty God, they shall be brought to shame. Those of you that are wailers, the more you look, the less you see.

We need a Rawlings
Onuoha, no sane Nigerian will ever vote for these looters in the name of PDP. Imagine the amount looted found with these heartless PDPs. I bet we need a Jerry Rawlings. Will Patience be bold to come out to campaign?                 -0805679385
Kudos to you
I appreciate your article, Onuoha, God’s presence and wisdom will never depart from you. Keep it up.                   -09022233300
Buhari’ll be re-elected in 2019
Those that kept silent in the face of massive stealing of public funds and when a sitting president declared that stealing is not corruption have now become vocal against a regime that is bent on ridding the nation of all evils. Your write-up lacks objectivity and betrays poor understanding of the state of things. By His grace, Buhari will be re-elected president in 2019. Our people will not return to Egypt.  -Barr. Ngozi Ogbomor. 08033397362
We now know the best
Good and frank talk. With two different husbands, we now have a choice, even when the other husband’s game has silenced the first because of his inefficiency toward the woman.
-Uchey. 08034720836

Buhari won’t return
Thanks for your article. God works in a miraculous way. Mark today’s date. Buhari will not return in 2019. That is my prayer. If God could destroy Pharaoh, He can do same with Buhari.

Buhari’s supporters owe us apology
Where are the Rev. Fr. Ejike Mabakas, who told us that President Muhammadu Buhari was the answered prayer of Catholic Bishops of Nigeria? Where are the Olusegun Obasanjos, who tore their PDP membership cards? Where are the Wole Soyinkas, who never saw anything good in Goodluck Jonathan? Where are the C. Don Adinubas, who told us that it was absolutely certain that most Igbo campaigners for President Goodluck Jonathan were so thoughtless that they had lost all forms of self-dignity. We have seen President Buhari and what he could do. These people owe Nigerians apologies. They should ask the Almighty God to forgive them for misleading Nigerians.
-Uche Chikezie Kanu, 09050092930

Biafra: 50 years dream that refuses to die

Igbo egoistic
I read your article. It seems to you that Biafra republic would have been successful if it had been actualised, but I am telling you that it would have been a disaster. This is because even from your statement, an average Igbo man is egoistic. He looks other ethnic groups with inferiority complex and disdain, in which you are not an exception; yet hope of forming a peaceful and prosperous Biafra. You should ask yourself: Is an Igbo man accommodative?
We think alike
I have always followed your articles with rapt attention. You most times preempt my thoughts and had a congruence of thought with me, honestly, you are a philosopher. Your in-depth analysis and critical assessment, as far as I am concerned, is supper. Little wonder people thumb up for your pieces. -Dr. Uzochukwu, Enugu, 80355504512.

Thank you
Thanks for your article on Biafra.
-Pastor Ezeh, 09078005880.
Igbo should change their attitude
There should be a change of attitude by the Igbo to other tribes because I saw the hatred Igbo have for Yoruba and northerners when I went to Obosi to campaign for Buhari. Igbo should hold their political leaders accountable first because you have leaders, who are selfish at the federal, state and local government levels.
-Feyi Akeeb Kareem, 08033291953

Kudos to you
I appreciate your article of 2/6/17, which made an interesting reading. Keep it up.
Unamma Ezenwo, 08030729084.

Journalists have done well
We are grateful about the cooperation among journalists towards the fight against marginalisation. Igbo have never had it so good than now.
-Nnabugwu, 08035533654.

Igbo noted for prosperity
Your article on Biafra, 50 years after, was a masterpiece. I appreciate you and salute your courage. Also extend same to Femi Fani-Kayode. Your article and Fani-Kayode’s were eye openers. Definitely Igbo are noted for good things and prosperity,
-Kaycee Opara, Owerri, 08033377276.
Nigeria built on false foundation
Nigeria was built on false foundation, with some tribes, believing they were born to rule. The opportunity to rule has become an avenue to suppress and impoverish others. Nigeria, as it is today, has not given room for individual excellence through unhindered competition. The region known as Biafra is made up of people with different mindset and will be more progressive as an independent entity. -Pharm Okwy Njike, Lagos, 08038854922.

North won’t accept insults Igbo’re taking
It does not matter whether South eastern agitators witnessed the civil war or were born after the war. All we ask for is fairness and equity wherever we find ourselves. Let the truth be told. Buhari and his northern brothers cannot accept and will never accept the insult we the South easterners are taking in the Nigeria nation. Let us come to equity with clean hands.
Uchey, 08034720836.


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