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The Bible, Almighty God and I

Before going into today’s topic, let me begin with this preamble. In the last three years I had written about three herbalists, Dr. Isaac Adeola Odeyemi (September 2015 – February, 2016), Mrs. Oluwasola Folarin (July – November 2017) and Pa Aliyu Giwa, January and February this year.

And through them a number of people who had prostate cancer or enlargement, pile, asthma, stomach ulcer or typhoid fever got cured. While they made the blood sugar or pressure of those with diabetes or hypertension to reduce to safe levels. Efforts are now on to get one of the associates of the late nonagenarian man in Ado – Ekiti who cured my diabetes with herbs in 2002 to start doing the same.

Today, I am introducing an Igbo man in Lagos who sells at N300 a bottle and at N1, 300 a pack of six bottles, a solution that stops mouth odour and cures toothache and swollen or bleeding gums. I met him by chance two days after I spent twelve thousand naira (N12, 000) to extract a troubled tooth in an orthodox dental clinic. But a bottle of his solution within two days prevented me from removing another painful tooth that was already shaking and billed to be pulled out a week later.

The man’s telephone number is available free for anyone who needs his product. I also have information on a man I was told cures breast cancer with herbal medicine. He has agreed to my suggestion to do a test run charging only ten thousand naira to buy the materials he needs for the trial exercise.

So, any woman or man with the disease in Lagos can get in touch with me. It is when I have proof that the person has been cured that I would make the herbalist’s name and telephone number available to anyone who requires treatment from him.

After taking care of people’s health, I am now shifting attention to scriptural and spiritual issues to make all and sundry particularly Christians have correct understanding of the stories in the Bible and to enhance the opportunity of everyone making of the Kingdom of God in the hereafter. This series is on the questions I have asked the Heavenly Father in the last 21 years on some issues in the Christian Holy Book and the answers He gave to me.

The series is also on the other Biblical issues I still have to raise with Lord on contentious statements and happenings in the Old and New Testaments that need clarification and which only He can unravel. Since I am writing about the Ancient of Days to whom I will give account on the Day of Judgment, I hope everyone will realize that I will never say He told me something if He didn’t. This is more so given the fact that I will be in 74 in September and getting nearer to the end of my life.

What’s more, I am also someone the Lord was angry with on Saturday, January 13, 2007 when three of us with whom, like Abraham in the Holy Bible, He made a covenant with in 1994. We had approached Him that day that the hardship we had been going through in 13 years was too excruciating and that He should help lessen our ordeal and fulfil His promise soonest.

I wrote about the issue in 2011 and that it was an experience I pray not to go through again. The Heavenly Father who is normally soft – spoken and very accommodating rebuked us in a terrifying high – pitched vibrating voice in which the ground where we knelt was moving as if an earthquake was about to occur and our legs and hands were covered by soldier ants (the ones the Yorubas call Ijalo). The Lord made us fast for nine days for the forgiveness of our sin and warned us not to displease Him again.

It was the day He reminded us it took 25 years before He gave Abraham the covenant son (Isaac) He promised him (Genesis 15:1 – 20). And that the sufferings of Job narrated in Chapters 1 – 42 in the Book of Job in the Old Testament lasted 30 years, and asked us: what is your 13 years compared with the 25 and 30 years of Abraham and Job?

Eleven years after the 2007 incident the three of us are still undergoing a test of faith in a worse condition. With I who led the team losing my 22 year – old second son and the last of my four children to cerebral malaria in 2011. Given these experiences, can I be foolish to jeopardize and make my hereafter more painful by coming out to lie that Almighty God told me something when He did not?

So, it is those who would have a different view to what I say the Lord told me that will be in the wrong. And such people especially if they are clerics will be committing a sin if they claim that it was the Ancient of Days or the Holy Spirit who told them what is their personal opinion.

The story of the Supreme Being and King of the Universe discussing the issues in the Holy Bible and Glorious Qur’an with me, which He told me He rarely does with people, goes back to an incident on Monday, December 20, 1993 when as He did with King Solomon in 1 Kings 3:5 He told me to ask whatever I wanted Him to do for me. But while the monarch’s experience was in a dream, mine was during a live discussion He had with me.

To be continued next Wednesday.



Asiwaju Tinubu, a great and amazing leader (3)

Other political leaders in the country need to learn two things from Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu, a grassroots politician. The first is how he is able to make most of his followers to be absolutely loyal to him. It is the reason why Barrister Babatunde Fasola who succeeded him as the Governor of Lagos State and Mr. Akinwumi Ambode, the present Governor have remained faithful to him. Since 1999, Tinubu has always controlled most of the legislators in the Lagos State House of Assembly that he would easily have gotten them to impeach Fasola if he had gone against him. The same applies to Ambode, the present Governor.

It is instructive that Tinubu’s leadership is such that Mr. Femi Pedro, one of the three Deputy Governors who served under him when he was the Governor of Lagos State (1999 – 2007) and who left their Action Congress of Nigeria party when he did not support him to succeed him is back in his camp. Ditto Mr. Musiliu Obanikoro, a commissioner in his cabinet who decamped to the Peoples Democratic Party and became Nigeria’s High Commissioner to Ghana and later Minister of State for Defence in President Jonathan’s government. And Lawyer Opeyemi Bamidele, another commissioner in his administration who left when instead of him he backed Dr. Kayode Fayemi to be the governorship candidate of the ACN in Ekiti State in 2011.

The only one who has not gone back to Tinubu is Chief (Mrs.) Kofoworola Akerele Bucknor, the first Deputy Governor in his administration who decamped to the PDP in 2002 or 03 and has remained with the party. From what I knew about her in my boyhood years in the Brazilian quarters on Lagos Island and when we were in the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation, Ikoyi, Lagos, she is not a person to do such, either for political or financial reason. Especially to Tinubu who is about thirteen years younger than her. She was born on April 30, 1939 and Tinubu on March 29, 1952.

Next week: the second lesson political leaders in the country, indeed in Africa, need to learn from Tinubu.

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