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The Bible, Almighty God and I (9)

When this series on the Bible, Almighty God and I began on April 18, nine weeks ago, this was the text message Mr. Frank Meke, a veteran journalist and media consultant, sent to me through telephone number 080 – 5771 – 1885: “Sir, just read your piece. Hope you’re not going to stir controversies that may generate responses that get you angry? Nigeria has many experts on the Bible and prophetic encounters, please be careful.”

But as at last week, eight weeks later, only 24 readers had reacted to my write – ups on the issue, and most of them were complimentary responses or people trying to get me to enlighten them on other matters in the Christian Holy Book. I received a total of 151 reactions from readers on all the subjects I treated during the eight – week period, and the telephone numbers of the herbal doctors people wanted from me.

Of the 24 reactions to the Bible, Almighty God and I, only six readers were opposed to my write – ups. Indeed, before I wrote on polygamy in the last two weeks (on May 30 and June 6) only one person expressed contrary view. And it was the man who sent this text message to me on May 17: “Of what relevance is the number of years Job suffered and the age of people in the Old Testament to the many problems plaguing the Nigerian nation? With all sense of respect, I think you have exhausted your competency (sic) and the right time to quit writing your column in the Sun newspaper is now.”

Records available in history books or in documents online show that Job lived in the 6th or 5th B.C, which is 27 or 26 centuries ago. While the Holy Bible was first published in one of the years from 96 – 105AD, one thousand, nine hundred and thirteen years to one thousand, nine hundred and twenty – two years ago. Since then nobody had known the number of years Job’s sufferings lasted. Yet, someone cannot see the importance in God making this known to me and me passing the knowledge to mankind. My critic is definitely someone who does not know the relevance of teaching history in modern world.

It took three years before the Ancient of Days gave me permission to start asking Him questions on issues in the Bible. Those who read this column in 2010 might remember that I wrote that I told those who wanted me to ask the Heavenly Father questions on issues in the Holy Book that He had suspended the opportunity in 2007. He lifted it in 2012. Indeed, if not for the promise He made, when as He did with King Solomon in 1 Kings 3: 4 – 9, He had told me on Monday, December 20, 1993 to ask Him anything I wanted Him to do for me, He might not have granted me the grace to make enquiries on issues in the Holy Bible.

When next week or in two week’s time I take on those who in their reaction to my article said polygamy is unbiblical and ungodly, people will learn new things on the marriage situation in ancient Israel and have better understanding of what they read in the Holy Bible. And get to know one of the reasons why the American university, Zoe Life Theological College, Philadelphia in Pennsylvania in the United States, conferred me with the honorary degree of Doctor of Divinity in March 2009.

Frank Meke’s reaction to my column of April 25, a week after his text message to me, is very instructive. This time he phoned and discussed with me for 17 minutes and forty – two seconds. He said my article of that day was very inspirational, enlightening and with lessons people can learn from.

Five days earlier, I had received this text message from Colonel P.A. Clark (rtd): “I am wondering whether or not you’re the reincarnate of one of the Biblical patriarchs. Your divine gift is very, very rare indeed. Kindly put down the Lord’s discussions and messages to you in a book for the benefit of mankind.”

To be continued next Wednesday


Phenomenal Matriarch of the Adedipes, Falaes, Ade – Ojos & others (5)

As our great grandmother, a favoured one of God, proclaimed when leaving the Elemo palace in Akure to return to her people in Ilara – Mokin, that her less than two year – old son would succeed his dad as the Elemo and that only his descendants would continue to reign after him, my dad the last son of their father to be Elemo, was succeeded by his nephew, High Chief Bolanle Arifalo Adedipe V, the grandson of our patriarch, High Chief Adedipe I. His successor and reigning Elemo, High Chief Olusegun Adedipe VI is a great grandson.

The most remarkable prediction of our matriarch is that her descendants have since 1860 continued to be among the most prominent in Akure, and at times the most successful in the town. Her son, High Chief Adedipe I, was the richest in Akure until he died in 1916. From the late 1930s through 1960 his sons, Chief James Boboye Adedipe (a.k.a JB) and my dad High Chief Josiah Orisabinu Adedipe IV, were the wealthiest in Akure. They also brought the two multinational companies Akure ever had to the town. Uncle JB came with John Holt and my dad with G.B. Ollivant (GBO).

Uncle JB of the NCNC (National Council of Nigeria and Cameroon) was elected in 1951 into the Legislative Council in Lagos to represent Akure in the National Parliament. In the next poll that took place in 1954 for the House of Representatives (as the Legislative Council was renamed) it was my dad of the AG (Action Group) that was elected.
To be continued next Wednesday, with more stunning political, academic and career achievements of our matriarch’s descendants in Akure and Ilara – Mokin


Ebenezer Babatope, the great (7)

After my article in April 1984, I wrote another appeal in 1985 pleading for the release of Ebino and the other political detainees who had not been found to have committed any offence. Again, it did not go down well with General Tunde Idiagbon. If not that the Buhari military government was overthrown on August 27, 1985 Idiagbon, without doubt, would have ordered my arrest under Decree 4 anytime before the end of that year or early in 1986.

This is because about two months before their government was toppled Idiagbon at a meeting he had with media executives at the State House, Marina, Lagos warned that if I did not stop embarrassing their administration that I would be arrested and arraigned at the Military Tribunal under Decree 4.

I commend Ebino for realizing what I did for him in those dark days of his life and for showing appreciation on this in the articles in his POLITICAL PANORAMA column in the Nigerian Tribune in 2014 and 2016. Some other people will not show gratitude the way he had done.

Details of what he did come up next week


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