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Thank God, Zuma, like a rancid fart, is blown to dust [1]

We have been reading some of the little sweet nothings and nonsense that we men push out, not only for Valentine, it is the season, but also as commentary in Nigeria. Almost to the last they were all nicely written, but roughly thought through. In the end it is so annoying that what many authors contribute to saving their nation is further confusion. Yes, they got passion in the mix, but it’s a mix of ignorance and refusal to read the minutes of the last meeting.
In this particular instance, some penmen were putting out the logic or illogic, that the sack of Jacob Zuma would not have happened in Nigeria. If these authors stopped at that it would have sounded tolerable. But they limp forward to assert that neither the Nigerian Senate nor the House, on one hand, or the ministers or the civil society “mandators” on the other, would have fired a Nigerian Zuma. Zuma is the South African helmsman who just got sacked.
The point in issue is that they are missing the only fundamental deficit in our scenario. It is not the character of the marginal or average Nigerians that is the issue. It is not the character of the operative Nigerians at work and play that fail Nigeria. What fails Nigeria is the character and lack of profundity of the founders or capital Nigerians. These are the Nigerians who set up the framework, the template, of running Nigeria, post-civil war Nigeria. That is, Nigeria, to pre-empt ourselves, is a designed disaster.
Nigeria runs a potent and or sleeper dictatorship, not a democracy. Immediately you elect a Nigerian president you have elected a dictator. All he needs is to trigger or not trigger the clauses that give him all his powers. A Nigerian president is a national god and or deity so made. That is how he was designed by a long line of the forgers of the Nigerian Constitution, so called.
Former President Jonathan said so. And sitting President Buhari has confirmed it. According to Jonathan, he had not even used up a third of his supreme powers as executive president and commander-in-chief of the armed forces. He claimed he was self-restraining himself. Perhaps no Nigerians took notice.
And later, Buhari acceded to the fact of Nigeria’s deity size and style presidency. Despite his legendary taciturnity he conceded Jonathan had the powers to have stopped a smooth transition. (https://www.thisdaylive.com/…/buhari-i-still-marvel-that-j…). And Senator Osita Izunaso, easily one of the brightest stars on the block, also hinted at the nature of the Nigerian presidency and presidents. (aylive.com/…/izunaso-trouble-awaits-apc-if-buhari-refuses-…).
So the fundamental point in issue is not whether members of the Nigerian Senate and House and national community have the livers to push things. The fundamental point in issue is the nature of the power skews, distributions and architectures that Nigeria is burdened with. That is the issue. Now, in power terms, the report is that Nigeria as a state has been wondrously constructed. Did someone really say wondrously? He got it wrong, totally wrong. Nigeria as a state has been monstrously constructed.
Ironically, that explains why a Buhari can’t run even the Presidency. Rats, just rats, ran him out of office for one long week or more. Yet, this is a man that has powers of life and death over 180 million and I guess a greater number of rodents. The fact is that the designers of today’s Nigeria have gummed up our national destiny and nearly its entire ecosystem in one man’s hands. The issue is not whether it is Buhari. The issue is that the Nigerian presidency itself is irredeemably a monstrosity.
The fault is in the forgery that is the Nigerian Constitution. I will shock the nation with one truth everybody is afraid to voice. Those who drafted the Nigerian Constitution, the so called 50/49 wise men, do not, to their last man, have any understanding of what a constitution is. Let me repeat myself. The men, 49 odd ones, who authored the Murtala/Obasanjo constitution are in total and joyful ignorance of what a constitution means and or amounts to.
If we came back to those unwise wise men, it may be safe to state as follows. They have no understanding at all of what constitutionalism amounts to. And worse, their understanding of presidentialism is even more befuddled. They were one and all, and this on the basis of the constitution they produced, elegantly ignorant persons. It is they who put us in this hell of a quandary. And nothing, repeat, nothing, imprisons a man and a people more than their collective and or composite ignorance. And a constitution is evidence of a peoples collective genius or lack of it, or better put their blockheadedness. Nigeria’s present constitution makes us all blockheads. Quote me.
So, the Nigerian constitution, as is, is a proof that you reading this and I writing it are it. We are blockheads. No sane European mind, in our times, would have authored this style of constitutional insanity, not even for their cattle.
And why are we pointing at the Generals Murtala Muhammed Olusegun Obasanjo, 2GMO, constitution? It is because that was and is the basis forgery and fake document and documentation. The rest of it, by Professor Anwulu and such characters, are mere derivatives, revisions of texts and emendations. The source or the Ile-Ife of all our errors are from the Murtala Muhammed and Obasanjo index forgery, the so-called constitution. The panel was chaired by Rotimi Williams, SAN.
And there was a “moral hazard” here, but not of the financial kind. It is on record Williams was a personal lawyer to the dictator, imposter and anti-humanist, General Murtala Muhammed. It is thus safe to say it was like a paddy-paddy, army arrangement fix, between and betwixt them. That is despite all appearances they were in a conclave agreement of what they were about, over and against the people. And this was proven even in their own lifetimes. At least Mallam Aminu Kano indicted them as such. And Williams, a legal boa constrictor, if there was one, threatened to sue and snuff the live out of Kano. And atypically he never came about the liver to sue. And in the end Okonkwo as was written in the scriptures, threw the cat. What Mallam Kano said, exactly was all that happened. A presidentialism was forged and imposed upon hapless Nigeria.
That is, the parties in issue, both the professional/intellectual hired guns and their retainers, were secretly decided and dedicated to imposing an American style constitution. That would not have been an error, if they understood things. The error is that neither Williams and any of his 50/49 wise men nor their 2GMO-dictator retainers knew anything, repeat, knew anything, about constitutionalism and, worse of all, about presidentialism. If they knew, they would not have made the schoolboy errors that showed in their “basis” document.
A warning. Constitutional law is not the same thing and is largely unrelated to constitutionalism. Constitutionalism is as willed by the peoples, not their especially talented tenth. Constitutionalism is not a technical, it is a peoples’, exercise. Constitutional law is in the interpretations, study and interrogations, and the suggesting of setting to form, admissible and serviceable forms, the constitutionalism or the will of the people as expressed.
Let us illustrate. I used to be in the profession of bush meat merchandising. Now, the constitution of butchers and meat merchants, is as written or imagined by them. It is not as imagined by hunters, who rank higher in status than butchers – at least in my local government in those years. And it is not as is imagined or written by elite butchers. It is as written by the best representativeness and the greatest representative numbers of butchers, all butchers. Like elections, constitutions are and must be representative of the people. It is not to be, however highfalutin, the rare and or rarefied imaginings of elites. And it makes sense. It is we the people – 99% of us – who live the constitutions, in the main, not the elite.
Oftentimes, the historically ignorant Nigerians mix up the issue of the elite being elected to represent the peoples and the elite seizing and usurping the rite of representativeness. The point is that, as proxies, emissaries, ambassadors or representatives, the elite are agents, not principals. But in their seizing powers or self-electing themselves, the elite are like upturned pyramids. They are both principal and agent. It thus cannot stand or be stable or stabilised.
That their act of the seizure of the realms, of being both principals and agents, is the worst form of political and incestuous prostitution. That is what those 49/50 wise men did. And what offspring may come from such a copulation of gross sin and untoward shame? The answer is Nigeria as is. Ahiazuwa.


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  1. Peter Okeke 22nd February 2018 at 7:37 am

    The best way out of this mess of constitutional self destruction is restructuring. Let us agree to uncouple the present structure and then re couple with the right mix.

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