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Surrender now, Air Force chief tells Boko Haram members

From: BillyGraham Abel, Yola

The Chief of Air Staff (CAS), Air Marshal Sadique Abubakar, has warned Boko Haram insurgents to surrender, saying that the Air Force would  not relent until everyone of them was captured.

Marshal Abubakar said the Boko Haram insurgency had been completely degraded and decimated as a unit and its ability to launch coordinated attacks has been dealt a great blow but for its sporadic isolated attacks on soft targets.

Abubakar said: “The only way the air force will cease its offensive is if the boko haram fighters surrender but if they don’t, the air command will keep hunting them down until they are all dealt with.

Air Marshal Sadique said, “I am very proud of the effort of the men and officers of the Nigerian air force which has ensured the safety of  the people in the north east.

“The air force has successfully foiled several planned attacks by the boko insurgents and the officers and men are absolutely committed to making sure that every Nigerian lives safely.”

Abubakar called on the men to redouble their efforts especially in the maintenance of aircrafts as the country is committed to their safety, welfare and training.

The Air chief said, the air force is building its capacity in the training of about 450 specialized personnel in order to ensure that all the men with in the force remain focussed on their specialised task without necessarily getting involved in guard duty.

Sadique said, “The air force will soon introduce its k9 unit which has been trained by the police force and will soon be deployed to various airports in the country.”

Abubakar told the officers and men that, “The challenges of the 21st century can only be addressed with knowledge hence the commitment to training both men and officers of force.

“About 160 officers have already gone through professional training and 200 more officers will soon be going for training.

“We have increased our capacity from training 500 recruited personnel within three month to training 2000 recruits in 6 months

“The welfare of our air men is critical to our success that is why we initiated a skill acquisition program for about 150 Barrack boys and girls in port Harcourt in order to support the families of our men and women.”

Air Marshal Abubakar commended the tactical air command for its effort saying that the about ten thousand flying hours expended in its operation in the last two hours is paying off as the boko haram insurgents are on the run.

The Commander of the Tactical Air Command of the Air force,  Air Vice Marshal M. A. Idriss, lauds the chief of Air Staff, Sadique Abubakar’s initiative in making it a policy to dine with the men in the front line every festive season, an action which he said has boost the morale of the officers and men to give their best.

AVM Idriss said the dinner though a celebration, has become a forum  for which the air force officers and men interact with the Chief of Air Staff on the challenges it faces in its operations which has led to greater efficiency and success in the components operations.

He said there has been a remarkable improvement in the fight against boko haram insurgency as its activities has been silenced to the barest minimum.


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  1. Eclat De Bullet 2nd September 2017 at 2:29 am

    As for me, i can see a failure battle from the Chief of Air Staff Sadique Abubakar statement.

    Some body that said he is an Air Staff Officer that is fighting an insurgency you do not know how many population or numbers this fighters are, as well in a Nation with more than 100 million in population , now the Officer in control is boosting and proud of training 450 people.

    Is that not too poor to go against the fight because boko haram is killing this officers, solders and military on everyday.
    These number of officer trained to join the rest of Government troops is to make it clear the they are just there making their money.

    Sometimes they pass the Bill of 10.000 officers recruits but recruit only 100 of them while the rest of the money will be going in to their pause.

  2. Eclat De Bullet 2nd September 2017 at 3:09 am

    Nigeria Army, Citizens and others that do not know about these truth, should know it today.

    More especially Zoo Nigerian Army (Burutai), Air Force(Sadique)and Navy, the Boko Haram your are ensuring the Zoo to defeat them soon was kept and established there for a purpose by your Supreme Masters of which until the purpose will be actualise, Boko Haram will not stopped.

    So you people can not stop Boko Haram, stop assuring any body that you military will defeat boko haram, you Zoo military.

    Boko haram CAN NOT and WILL NOT and WILL NEVER be defeated until OR unless Biafra GO.

    This truth will be so much difficult for so many people to believe but this is just the TRUTH.

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