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Still think you’re too fine to be anyone’s side chick?

I am back to the grind; sometimes going to work can be tedious. We have our usual girls’ hangout tonight and Kaycee is hosting. Yes, you got that right; no alcohol, strippers or boys tonight. I am down with that but there will be a lot of hissing and dissing from the diva Queen herself; Zara! She always complains whenever it is Kaycee’s turn to host the girls but we have a golden rule; no one is exempted from girls’ night out.

If someone does not show up, she will serve a punishment that can only be given by the last person that hosted. The last time Zara excused herself, Kaycee made her attend a 3 day crusade in her Church and distribute flyers during Evangelism.  Zara was not amused but had no choice.  Kaycee had a surprise waiting for us. Our girl time with Kaycee required us dressing up, it was fun. Trust the girls; we went all out including me with our primping, makeup, outfit and accessories.

Kaycee chose a swanky new Restaurant; it was an expensive venue and it was Karaoke night. Jasmine wore gold sequin shorts, white blazer and nude heels, Kaycee wore a buttoned dolman sleeve textured Jumpsuit, Bola wore an off the shoulder and caressing the legs for the occasion gown, I wore a Vila gold short skirt, Stella McCartney pumps and Jane Norman clutches while Zara wore a sassy white pant ensemble with gold accessories. The colour for the night was white and gold.

We all looked sexy and glam! As soon as we stepped into the Restaurant/Bar we were the cynosure of all eyes. Kaycee requested that she be allowed to place orders for us, she ordered for Orange slush punch which was refreshingly sweet with a tart, citrus twist, although it takes a little more preparation time since it needs to freeze overnight, but believe me it’s worth the wait. “Wow, this is delicious,” I said after taking a sip. “Is that gospel music I hear?” Bola asked wonderingly.

“Yes, a Pastor owns this place,” Kaycee said shyly. “He must be a swaggalicious Pastor, I never thought I would say this but I am impressed,” Zara said with a comic expression on her face that left us in stitches. “Well ‘Pastor Kaycee’ I know you don’t like us talking about boys on your day but there has to be an exception to the rule sugar,” Zara said brazenly. Zara continued unperturbed by Kaycee’s surprised look. “We have a lot to talk about and no, it can’t wait. Bola’s sugar boy (referring to Bola’s married lover) has asked her to have his baby and Jasmine has a new catch in her office complex who is smoking hot.

I have seen the guy and I say she should ditch Christopher for this Adonis. When I saw him, he was dressed to the nines in a dapper suit, pink shirt, bow tie and sporting a boutonniere with patent leather shoes and a gold watch chain to complete the debonair look. The man is simply a god,” she finished with a sexy growl.

We all looked at each other and laughed. “Really Zara, I didn’t know you stared at the man to the point that you can be so detailed about his looks and appearance,” Jasmine said laughing. “So Bola, you are expected to ‘mother’ a child, interesting. Well, you know my thoughts, I still think you are way too fine and intelligent to be any one’s side chick and as for Jaz, we both know why you want to do what you want to do, right? Chris is a good guy, may be a bit gullible but aren’t most men like that?” I asked.

As Kaycee opened her mouth to speak Zara brashly hushed her up saying in an American slur, “we all know whatcha gonna say.” “That don’t mean she gat no right to say it,” I fired back with a scowl. “Alright Madam Advocate, no insult intended.” Zara said with a smile trying to calm frayed nerves.

“Kaycee?” I turned to her gently encouraging her to speak with a smile. “I just wanted to say if Jasmine is no longer interested in Christopher she should move on even though I think he is loving, caring and good looking,” Kaycee said quietly.

“Do I detect someone is crushing on Jasmine’s boyfriend?” Zara asked teasing Kaycee. “What if I am?” Kaycee challenged back. “What!” We all exclaimed at the same time, four pair of eyes turned to Kaycee; confused, surprised, shocked, amused were our varying expressions.


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