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“SSSHHH quiet! Why do you always have to make a racket out of nothing, huh?”

“Ssshhhh quiet! Why do you always have to make a racket out of nothing, huh? We are going to have the talk today,” he said with determination.

Efe Anaughe

“WHERE are you taking me?” I asked sitting up in surprise. “Wherever the wind takes us,” Dennis joked. I was not amused. “Dennis turn this car back, right now! I am not in the mood for this please,” I shouted angrily trying to shake off the languid feeling that a minute ago had enveloped me.

“Ssshhhh quiet! Why do you always have to make a racket out of nothing, huh? We are going to have the talk today,” he said with determination. The talk? I panicked. I didn’t want to have the talk. I was not ready for the talk. How do I get out of this now? My mind raced, this is not happening, I thought as I uttered the first words that came out of my mouth. “I am sorry not today, Mummy’s 70th birthday is coming up and I have so much to do.

Can I take a rain check?” I asked anxiously. I regretted it as soon as I blurted it out. I didn’t want him at my Mom’s birthday. “Really Tobs? And you’re just telling me? I will let you off this time because I don’t want to add to your stress,” he said with panache. I heaved a sigh of relief as he dropped me and drove off. I already suspected what Dennis had to say and I was not ready for it. He obviously wants to take our relationship to the next level but I am not ready.

The week was hectic leading up to the birthday. Mom said she didn’t want anything elaborate, just a Thanksgiving Service; food and drinks for those present and of course the usual souvenirs. “If the mountain will not go to Mohammed, then Mohammed must come to the Mountain.

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Come along girls, let’s patch things, kiss and make up,” Jasmine said as she sauntered into my room Saturday night preceding my Mom’s Tuesday birthday celebration followed by the ladies. I quickly stood up from the bed and putting on my best smile, I turned around and hoped to God I had a contrite expression. I looked at Zara, folding my hands together I went to her, tears welling up in my eyes and said “I am so sorry Zara, can you ever forgive me?” I asked soberly.

She gave me a look that I had never seen before then gave me a hug. I had hurt her and deeply too. Zara is a handful but she has a good heart, maybe I was out of line or maybe not but I will never do that again. “Never do that again!” She said gruffly. “Thank you,’ I said sincerely. We were able to talk like we hadn’t done in a while. The girls insisted on knowing the arrangement for Mom’s birthday and were very helpful in their input. Domestic Violence Anonymous (DVA) also celebrated Mom’s birthday on Monday preceding the Tuesday of her birthday at Golden Tulip Hotel.

It was amazing. Mother is a Trustee of Warien Rose Foundation, the parent body of DVA and has done so much by way of support. I am glad we were able to make that day special for her. Tuesday was the D day and all Moms’ friends showed up in droves. Truly Mothers are special. We must learn to appreciate them before they leave us. Sometimes we just don’t do enough for them. I appreciate my Mother; Mrs Rosaline Anaughe more with each passing day; her wisdom, knowledge, support, strength and sacrifice.

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She has been my rock. Mama thank you for all the years of being there even when it was not convenient. Guess who showed up without invitation? You probably have already; Rick and Dennis! These two men I think have decided to make my life hell. Why can’t they just back off and calm down? Why do they need to always be in my face and business? I know I need to make a decision but does it have to be under duress? I wonder which of the girls told them the location of the Thanksgiving. I better let that slide, we just patched things up, I dare not make an issue out of this.


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