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Seeing pretty girls, I sometimes forget my lyrics – L.A.X

I’m seeing you. I’m seeing everyone in this room. I have about four girlfriends. I’m an Alhaji and I’m allowed to have as many (wives as possible).

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Fast rising hip hop singer, Damilola Afolabi also known as L.A.X, has vowed to take his place of honour in the music industry, just like Wizkid and Davido. Despite having many girlfriends, the act has also pledged not to follow the trend and have a baby mama. In this interview, L.A.X, who just came back from the tour of the United Kingdom, opens up on his musical odyssey, while equally talking about his collaboration with Wizkid in his new song entitled, Nobody.

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Tell us about yourself?

My name is Damilola Afolabi. My stage name is L.A.X and I’m a very cool person. I’m from Ogun State. I come from a very large family; we are like 200. I do music for a living.

How did you discover your musical talent?

Music for me started in 2008. But professionally, I started music in 2011/2012. However, 2008 was the first time I ever entered a studio to record a song, which was after my WAEC. I did a 10-minute free style, which the group liked and I joined them.

Are you still in the group or you’ve gone solo?

I’m on my own now. I went to school in London and started recording my own songs, while they were back home in Nigeria. The separation was just something that happened, it’s not like we planned it.

What was your first single when you went solo?

The first single I dropped going solo was Tinko Tinko, and after that, I dropped a song, Jaiye with Ice Prince.

What song are you promoting at the moment?

I have a song entitled Nobody featuring Wizkid. I also have about three singles that I’m pushing at the moment including Gbefun and Gwaragwara

Which of the songs do you think would be a hit?

Gwaragwara right now is doing well. It has gotten to almost a million views on YouTube. It was inspired by a South African sound. I was watching some South African kids dance early last year, and I recorded the song right after. Gbefun is also doing well at the moment.

How does it feel like working with Wizkid, one of the biggest artistes in Nigeria?

Being in studio with Wizkid is something really amazing. We recorded a couple of songs but decided to drop Nobody for now.

How are your fans accepting these songs?

The acceptance is amazing. I just came back from a tour of three cities in the UK and people were singing the songs word for word.

What was your growing up like?

I was living with my grandmother. I wasn’t involved with anything entertainment at a young age. I wasn’t in the choir but I loved to sing. Living with my grandmother was great. She taught me how to speak Yoruba, which is why most of my songs have Yoruba words in it.

What were the initial challenges you had as an up and coming artiste?

The initial challenge was for people to accept your music! That’s what every up and coming artiste goes through. You will go through the process of going for shows and no one is screaming your name, to where you go for shows and everyone is shouting your name. But I don’t think it’s a challenge; it’s just what everyone has to go through.

What is your motivating factor?

My mum motivates me because I could remember the struggles she and I went through while I was growing up. I want to take good care of her, that’s why I keep struggling to make good music and make more money.

Have you written a song for women?

Yes, I’ve done that several times. I dropped a song called Runaway last year. It was about a girl I really liked. I was speaking to her but she didn’t accept my advances because I was an artiste. I’m thankful to her for giving me an inspiration, at least.

There’s a very stiff competition right now in the industry. How do you plan to break through it?

My music will speak for me. The kind of songs I’m dropping is a kind of songs that can be released many years after now.

Describe your kind of music?

My music is just me; it’s how I feel. I can’t say I’m doing R&B or Afro hip pop. I’m just doing what I feel and that’s what everybody knows me for.

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Have you ever forgotten your lyrics while performing on stage?

Yes, I have. Sometimes when I’m performing and I see a fine girl, I forget my lyrics.

Are you into any relationship at the moment?

Yeah. I’m into many relationships. I’m in a relationship with my producer, my director, and my manager.

Who are you seeing currently?

I’m seeing you. I’m seeing everyone in this room. I have about four girlfriends. I’m an Alhaji and I’m allowed to have as many (wives as possible).

Are you hoping to get a baby mama soon?

No. To be honest, I’m a family person. I will love to have a family, one wife and children. I don’t want to be in a situation where my children don’t have ‘mum and dad’ relationship. I know what it can take away from them.

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Which of your songs is your favourite?

I haven’t dropped that yet.

Who do you look up to in the industry?

I look up to D’banj because of his character.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

I see myself wherever God places me. My fans should keep expecting great music from me.


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