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Seadogs join calls for restructuring

From: Adewale Sanyaolu

The National Association of Seadogs (NAS), also known as the Pyrates

Confraternity, has drummed support for the restructuring of the

country saying such move would address the rising agitation for

cessation among ethnic nationalities.

A statement signed by the International President of NAS, Arthur Boje

Esq, explained that there was little or no disagreement among

Nigerians and students of Nigerian history about the fact that from

either the 1914 amalgamation or the independence in 1960 till date,

the Nigerian project had not been a success story.

“Taking a reference from indices which included; Gross Domestic

Product (GDP) per capita income, infant mortality, life expectancy,

literacy, physical and social infrastructure, cost of governance, and

public-sector efficiency, the Nigerian experiment has, for the most

part, proven to be an unmitigated failure. We are of the view that

urgent and radical measures are required to rescue Nigeria from an

impending disaster,” the statement noted.

The NAS leader also stated that the association was resolute in its belief

that rationality and good conscience demand the restructuring of any


“Obscenely rewards political office holders who “served” for only 4

or 8 years, with hundreds of millions of naira in lifetime pensions

and free housing, while retired civil servants who sacrificed as long

as 35 years of their lives in the service of the nation, slump and

sometimes die, on endless queues, waiting for paltry pension receipts

that they cannot be sure will ever come.

Has an educational system that brazenly demands from one pupil a score of up to 130 points while requiring from his or her classmate a mere 4 points to qualify for the next class, solely on the basis of their

different ethnic backgrounds, certainly needs to be restructured,’’.

Boje, who is also the NAS Cap’n, said the above deficiencies coupled

with other manifestations of structural imbalances that have remained

the major impediments to the socioeconomic development of Nigeria are responsible for the current increased tension and restiveness across

the country.

Boje, said the organisation said that since the restructuring idea has

received various interpretations among proponents and opponents,

including the call for such initiatives as the devolution of political

power from the federal government to the states or indeed to regions,

it is vital for the government to heed the call.

He maintained that his organisation would not be ‘‘ bogged down in an

effort to define these demands. We however consider ourselves

duty-bound to draw attention to various critical issues about today’s

Nigeria that should have a direct impact on the main restructuring



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  1. Ezekiel Okeke 11th October 2017 at 7:13 pm

    It is Disintegration base on backgrounds of the natives- the only scientific answer. Southern political future is defined in three Republics- Biafra of south east, Niger Delta of south south, Oduduwa of south west, with economic cooperation and assistance etc. South feed north, south has the basis to exist and coexist with comfort in all respects under the three Republics. The fallen caliphate in the name of nigeria has declared war against south, is waging war against south. South has capabilities and capacity to crush the enemy in one night- only coordination is needed, and it is now. God Is With Us!!!

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