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Satanism in new age religious solution (9)

My children were given the best kind of training I could afford, even overseas. I laboured for them together with my wife.

We trained them so that they could be useful to us but the reverse later became the case. All of them turned against us and never wanted to hear from us again, for no reason. Two of them took to drugs and started living worthless lives in America. I and my wife developed high blood pressure as a result. My wife became very worried and I trusted God for the best. I have been reading your column for a long time and consequently decided to patronise you after we had lost almost our earnings on seeking for solution that we never got. My wife advised me against contacting you as she was of the opinion that it was going to end in futility. As a man, I decided to contact you and after you had investigated my case, you made a recommendation. By the grace of God, I followed your counsel and ordered your oil and prayed with my wife as our expiring strength carried us. As we prayed, and anointed the sand we got from the village, in line with your instructions, we were informed of a strange illness that came upon one of my relations in the village. She started confessing of being responsible for the woes of our children. The village head, after hearing the entire thing she said, sent some emissaries to us and they informed us of all that the woman said, and pleaded that we should join them in the village. But you admonished us against that. After her confession and what happened to her, my children were set free from her manipulations. The two drug addicts fled from addiction. They started having serious financial breakthrough and they are taking good care of us. My wife left for America last week and I shall soon join her…Your God is great my brother…God bless you.”  Chief Arthur. Email [email protected]

“Prof. it is as if I am dreaming. I do not know what to say and do to thank God for the good work he did for me through you. It was in July 1999 that I saw a strange face in my dream that gave me food and thereafter informed me that it was human flesh that he fed me with. I started vomiting in the dream and woke up still vomiting. Everybody around me was afraid. Beginning from that day I became sick mysteriously to the extent that I lost everything to treatment. For 17 years now I have known no peace, I have been in pains of a sickness that doctors could not dictate. Someone assisted me to get your oil, and assisted me to do the prayers too; daddy I am a happy man today. I did not know that God could heal me through your oil. Neither did I know that a friend that owed me was responsible for my problem. Sir, I used the oil as you instructed me, after eight days I noticed that my stomach was turning me and I immediately vomited exactly the same thing I ate in the dream about 17 years ago. Today I am fully healed, fit to do anything. Secondly, man of God, a friend of mine later confessed to be the cause of what happened to me and today he is very down with the same sickness. I want you to help him so that he will not die, please.” Damien Ogu. Contact withheld.

Whenever any prayer is made for you with the use of any demonic candles and incense it means that you have sold yourself to spirits in the fire occult kingdom and in most cases during initiations in which one is instructed to dance round the fire. That is, fire sacrifices known in the Sanskrit parlance as Agni Yajna those who are easily used for this sacrifice are those who have via wrong solution contaminated themselves through the use of both candles and incense. This results in untimely death.

Bathing in the river is a means of receiving solution to one’s problem and it is another way in which one is kept under the contact point of the devil and his forces. You may have at one time or the other in your life visited a ‘prophet’ for the solution to your problem and the prophet finally took you to a river to bathe you. Though this is usually done for people, especially women looking for the fruit of the womb, or for other persons looking for security.

There is a man whose stock in trade in Anambra State is taking his clients to the river as a way of ministering solution to their needs. I wish to tell you that your bathing in the river for this purpose is an indirect way of presenting you as a condemned human being and as ‘meat’ to the forces of darkness within the water spirit realm. The moment one is presented to the river for bathing his body automatically becomes a playground for demonic experiment.

In those days, there was a man, who is still operating his cult as a Christian church today. This man is hailed with various titles by his followers. A day came when he wanted to use some people’s destiny and divert them to some other people that came for solution. He brought the list of the names of the people that he took to the river for bathing. Without delay, he submitted the names and gradually diverted all their blessings.

I want to let you know that at any time a ‘man of God’ is taking you to a river to bathe you, you should know that your name is going on record and will be finally submitted to a higher master for invocation. The bible says, “The thief cometh not but to steal and to kill and to destroy. I have come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly” (John 10:10)

I will continue to expose the works and activities of evil men and women masquerading as servants of God in the world of man. As a matter of fact, so many agents of darkness have manifested in our world today operating as ministers of light. Some of them specialise in the exhumation of charms and armlets.

There is a church I know that got its power from the water occult kingdom. This church started like a non-denominational ministry that has metamorphosed to “A Living Church” today. The founder is a woman and she claims to specialize in exhumation of charms. But this is a strong manipulation of the devil aimed at hoodwinking the congregation of Christ.

One cannot serve God and Satan, nor use satanic power to please God. I recently talked to a young lady who has suffered a lot in the hands of witches and who had also spent all her earnings on family liberation yet her case was getting worse day by day. On a particular occasion she took this woman that exhumes charms to her home, she succeeded in exhuming charms from her car and was able to exhume charms again from her bedroom.


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