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Satanism in new age religious solution (7)

“Dear Prof, I really appreciate what God has been doing through you. I ordered your oil and prayed with it as you directed. Though before now, there was this evil bird that followed me and my wife and bawled always to our hearing anywhere we went. It has wrecked havoc in so many ways in our lives. Immediately after the prayer, the bird stopped bawling and remarkable changes occurred. There was this serious itching sensation in both of us that started in 2008 occasioned by an attack from an evil agent who also boasted of dealing with us and finally did as planed but God through the prayer, brought that to an end…God will continue to lift you higher…” Mr. Godspower 08134827673

“Dear Prof, Is good writing you now because God has done it again in our lives. My husband and i have been barren for over 16 years and doctors said i have no womb to carry a baby we have prayed to God for mercy and favour all to no avail. When i read your column, i was amazed at the testimonies of others. I decided to call you and you instructed me to order your anointing oil and to pray with it. I thought it was a joke as my husband has tried to solve this problem without getting any help from anybody. When we got the oil, we prayed with it, the first thing that i noticed after using it was my menses which ceased for over ten years it came out with something that looks like a dead rat. That same month i became pregnant. I had my baby safely. I am glad to inform you that God gave us a baby boy. Still be praying for us… May God bless you daddy”. Mrs. Susana Sunday Email [email protected]

“Dear Prof.  God has truly shown me that He is great. My wife was responsible for my woes I don’t want to give details here but she confessed after I ordered your oil and did the prayer GOD finally exposed her and she told me everything in confession how she manipulated my business, used my money to buy property for her man friend in America. I have gone through hell in her hands but God finally freed me from her witchcraft manipulation. Today, my business is back and she is still asking me to allow her to come back into my life….Prof I will not allow her back because I am enjoying my salvation now thank God that 13 years of marriage did not produce any child. She has gone for good…” (Names and contact withheld).

It came to pass that when Philip preached the gospel in Samaria, the power of the gospel produced result to the extent that many were converted to Christ. Among those converted was the sorcerer, Simon and other notable Samarians. They witnessed great signs and wonders done through Philip as a result enjoyed their salvation in Christ. When the apostles in Jerusalem heard that the gospel has entered Samarian, they sent Peter and John for the consolidation of the word. When they arrived Samaria, they demonstrated the power of God by laying on of hands which resulted to the out pouring of the Holy Ghost.

Many of them that believed, received the Holy Ghost and when Simon saw that through the laying on of hands, the Holy Ghost was given, he was tempted to offer bribe in order to obtain the gift of God as some of our present day men of God have sold themselves to the devil only to attain material opulence and gain vain popularity. I weep for this generation because they do not know as they lack the spiritual insight to differentiate between the works of darkness from that of God.

A situation in which a man of God was instructed to sleep in a coffin or gasket for a week only to obtain the satanic power of vision and prophesy is a bugaboo and an affront to the principles of divinity.
A man of God  seeking for freedom recently spoke to me that he was deceived by one of his friends to search for power from a wrong source and he was instructed by the occult guru to sleep in a coffin for seven days and being amazed of how he was going to sleep in a gasket for seven days, the evil man consequently informed him that the seven days will just appear to him like an hour and half, promising of assisting him to put him into sleep {hypnotism} and guiding him in the dream state. By dream state, the occultist was referring to his conscious experience in the gasket which he {the occult man} was going to make to appear as mere dream.

According to the man of God, the occultist gave him something to drink after much incantation; he thereafter drank it and consequently went to sleep inside the gasket. He woke up after one hour and half which was equal to seven days in the physical calculation. According to him, he was empowered in the realm of the spirit by evil spirits to perform signs and wonders through prophesy and vision. The funny thing is that his life sperm was reduced. In his words, “I was given the power that I was looking for. I am 45 years old now and I have only one more year to live now in accordance with our agreement. Please Sir is there a way God can destroy this and extend my life on earth… I am ready to serve him now…”

Here was a man who started the ministry as a true servant of God now ending as an agent of darkness. He has made money, name, gotten enough material things but his soul is on daily demand by the evil powers he sold it to. He is expected to die any moment and I have ministered to him and by the grace of God, the evil powers will never have power over his victory in Christ. He is presently anointing himself with my oil, which he will do for five weeks. I shall publish his testimony in due time.

So many preachers have sold themselves into the hands of the enemy in one way or the other. As I am writing this, I received a call from one of my close friends whose wife visited a “pastor” who saw clearly what is happening in the secret and family life of my friend and offered cutting his body with blade in order to rub a demonic substance as solution to what he saw. Another person informed me that he took some prayer group to his house in the village, only for them to exhume buried charms prepared with fresh egg, some part of goat meat still bleeding, and fresh coin all of which have been inside the earth for over fifteen years. Deception!

Where in the bible or during Christ ministry on earth did you hear of exhumation of charms? I shall expose the process involved in exhumation of charms and armlets in this column to enable the children of God be at alert. As Peter rebuked Simon saying, “Thy money perish with thee…” and Simon demanded for prayer for his freedom, so shall all those involved in this manipulation be humbled by the true power of God and be set free from evil powers- Act 8:9-24.

In continuation of the ongoing manipulation inherent in many religious centers in connection with false solution so many souls are already carried into the abode of destruction.


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