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Saraki won’t resign, insist senators

The senator representing Bauchi Central, Isa Hama Misau, and his Kwara South counterpart, Rafiu Ibrahim, have said that Senate President Bukola Saraki would not resign from the position when the Senate resumes on September 25.

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They warned senators elected on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) against fomenting trouble when the upper chamber resumes from recess, saying they would meet their match if they do so.

In a joint statement, yesterday, in reaction to an interview granted by the senator representing Katsina South, Abu Ibrahim, to the Cable online newspaper, the duo said the Katsina senator and his colleagues in the APC would meet their match should they try anything illegal in their plot to remove Saraki from office. The statement read: “It is obvious from the statements of Abu Ibrahim that he and his cohorts are not democrats. They do not believe in the rule of law, the provisions of the constitution, the standing order of the Senate, parliamentary procedure and the due process. “How will a supposed democrat be threatening disruption of peace in the parliament because his party lost members and lost its majority status? His statements showed why one of them led thugs to disrupt the proceeding of the Senate, steal the mace, the symbol of authority of the legislature and yet there is no consequence. Both the mastermind and his thugs have been protected from being prosecuted. Now, Abu Ibrahim has given us an insight into what they are planning and we will be ready for them. He has also shown an indication of how he, as the chairman of the Police Affairs Committee, has been misusing the police against other Senators.

“APC should note that they are now the minority party. PDP has more members. When we resume, if they push us, we will move for a head count of members and change some of our principal officers to reflect party strength. Today, by the list paraded by APC themselves, they have only 48 senators and PDP has 54, APGA has two and ADC has two. There are two vacancies. That is the distribution in the Senate. Let them continue to deceive themselves.

“We will use our strength to defend the position of the present leadership of the Senate under Saraki and Senator Ike Ekweremadu. We will defend democracy and rule of law against the pretenders. We will show that every senator represents different constituencies in our country.

“Our colleague from Katsina State has equally demonstrated that even though he has spent four terms in the legislature, he has not imbibed parliamentary ethos. Even his knowledge of the provisions of the law and the Senate rules is suspect. That is why he misrepresented the provisions of Rule 12 order 1, 2 and 3 of the Senate about the process of reconvening the Senate after it properly adjourned. By the provision, without all the leaders of the four parties initiating the reconvening of the Senate before the adjourned date, nothing can legally happen. Also without the consent of the Senate President, nothing can happen. “We urge him and his colleagues to know that if they try anything illegal and indecent, we will resist it through legal means.”

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  1. Ebuka Amaechi 5th August 2018 at 9:21 am

    It has become obvious that those demandn the Resignation of the Senate President Dr Saraki & his Deputy Dr Ike Ekweremadu & threatning to un Constitutionally Convene the Senate, Wt view to Impeach the leadership of the Senate. After they failed in their bid to use the Nations Security Agencies,Paid wt the Nigerian Tax Payers,to perpatuate Illegality against the Collective wish of Nigerians.Irresptive of Party Affiliations. The action of this Senators,who most of them ve Corruption cases abt the massive Lootns of their States treasuries & Money Laundry, Due to Politics of Ethnicity & Religious Bigotory, Were shamelessly calln for the Resignation of the Leadership of the Senate of the federal Republic of Nigeria,wt impunity.Pots caln Kettle black. In concert wt the newly foisted Chairman of APC,ex-Labour leader comrade Adams Oshiohomle,Who sadly ve refused to realise that leadership of Labour,is quite different frm Party Politics, the issues are resolved tru dialogue in every Participatory Democracy. Consequently,I urge all those beatn drums of War,their Sponsors & Collabrators to BEWARE OF IDES OF HISTORY !

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