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Sade Okoya changes the game

may her imperial majesty continue to reign! That’s the estimation of some society women of Sade Okoya now, even though there’s no record of her being a wife to an oba.

The Okoyas are always known for throwing one party or the other and, in fact, they popularized the aso ebi with the 60th birthday celebration of the authentic matriarch of the Okoya household, Alhaja Kuburat Okoya in September 2002.

Then the whole of Lagos would troop to their Lekki castle thereby causing huge traffic on that route. But these days, they have become more strategic and classy with their parties. Gone are the days of all comers affair. This change was one thing Sade successfully achieved as she now calls the shots in the household of Chief Rasaq Okoya.

Recently, the Okoyas once again hosted the A-list of Lagos social establishment. It was the 40th birthday of Sade Okoya. The ceremony was indeed super fabulous and had the trappings and hallmark of balling at Style Avenue.

It was indeed a diamond for diamond, cash for cash event. She wore intricately crafted diamond necklaces that could restore the sight of a blind man with their luster and glitz. She was simply breath-taking with huge cocktail rings on her fingers.

Sade Okoya proved on that day that as far as wearing dramatic diamonds was concerned in this country, her match is yet to be born. What she had on her neck was to put it mildly, mind-blowing.

Top society women posit that it was rather the product of hours of handcrafting by a reputable jeweler. Her bangles and rings were huge. She was all over the place with her personal assistant, oh sorry, her best friend, Mrs. Oguntade. As she changed for the second time for the reception party, it was pretty obvious that her destiny lies on the Bling Boulevard.


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