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Rivers 2019: Wike will be re-elected –Cleric

By Brown Chimezie

Apostle Mike Wealth is the General Overseer, of the Port Harcourt-based Pillar of solution power Ministry. The clergy who is popularly referred to as the Seer by his members, is held in high esteem by them because most of his prophesies always come to pass.

What are the challenges you encountered while trying to start your ministry in Port Harcourt?

It was not easy because I didn’t have N1 or any relation in Port Harcourt when I first came. But I was confident because God sent me here. I started making enquiries of where and how to secure a space. After fruitless search for months, one woman directed me to a community town hall in Alakahia area and I met the community leaders. Initially they refused to release the hall to me because they have never given it out for church activities before. But because God is involved they had no option than to release it for the work of God.

However, when they eventually gave me the place, I could not pay the rent. So, I went about asking for alms and people responded. That was how I was able to pay for few months and not quite long people started coming to worship there as God used me to transform lives and save souls. Expectedly, the youths of the community started envying me and they asked me to leave their hall. Then I asked the Lord what should I do?  The Lord used a woman who is a member of the church to make available her four plots of land in the area. So, we cleared the bush and the next night we had a vigil which attracted an overwhelming crowd.

Most Nigerians believe that some men of God use other ‘means’ to attract members to their church, what is your take?

I don’t know about how other men of God got their members, but as for me, my ministry has testimony just as I recounted earlier. I rely on prayer for whatever I want from God. If I go on my two kneels and cry to God He will give me whatever I ask from him. God is behind my success and there is no power that is greater than the power of our Lord Jesus Christ. I have been investigated by people to ascertain if my power is truly from God. Most times some pastors and members come and spend time or days in my house to know if there is anything I do in secret or anything I put on that gives me power. Most of them sleep with me in my bedroom but they discovered that I’m real and open to them.

As the number of churches and Mosques increase in Nigeria, so is iniquity and sin increasing. How do we reconcile that, especially against the background of the claim that Nigerians are the most religious? 

The Bible says, ‘Righteousness exalt a nation but sin is a reproach’. So, when you deviate from the approved way of seeking the face of God any other means is religious. Christianity is not a religion but God’s way of life. Nigerians must come close to God and do what He asked us to do and our nation will be better.

Are you one of those who predicted that President Muhammadu Buhari will become the President? 

I did not predict the emergence of President Muhammadu Buhari as President of Nigeria rather I prayed to God to give us a good leader and in His infinity wisdom, He chose Buhari.

What is your assessment of the administration so far? 

It has not being easy these two years of the All Progressives Congress (APC) government.  In terms of security, the government has subdued the dreaded terrorist group, Boko Haram. We give God praise for this achievement. And also pray that God restores the health of President Buhari.

In recent times Rivers State has been the hotbed of political violence, how has the church tried to restore peace in the State? 

The Bible says we should pray for those in authority and pray for peace to reign in the country. This is the role of the church of Jesus Christ and that is what we are doing. Thank God peace has returned to Rivers State.

Do you foresee Wike staying beyond 2019 as governor of Rivers State?   

The people of Rivers State love Governor Wike so much because within two years he has transformed the State. I have been praying for him to continue the good work and I assure you that he will be re-elected in 2019. Before now, the road that leads to my church was no-go area but today Wike has reconstructed the road from Rumuokoro to Choba down to NTA. No doubt, Wike has warmed himself into the heart of Rivers people and they will return him as governor in 2019.


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