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Restructuring will solve country’s problems, says former Senator Kaka


A former Senator, Adegbenga Kaka, on Monday reiterated calls for restructuring Nigeria as the only panacea to the various challenges confronting the country.

Kaka, who had represented Ogun East in the Upper Chamber from 2011 to 2015, made the call while speaking with journalists in Sagamu.

The former lawmaker was the Deputy Governor of Ogun from 1991 to 1993 when Chief Olusegun Osoba was the governor.

Kaka spoke on the sidelines of the donation of food items to the pupils of School for Children with Special Needs by a philanthropic group, “ASK 65’’.

It was in commemoration of the 70th birthday of Alhaji Yusuf Ashiru, a member of the group.

He said that there was a need to de-centralise the Police for more effective and efficient security.

Kaka decried the wanton killings of innocent Nigerians in recent weeks in some parts of the country.

He described the development as “sheer negligence’’, urging the Federal Government to urgently address the security challenge facing the country with all seriousness.

“It is rather unfortunate that the killing is being sustained.

“In a sane country, even during civil war or even in [an] international war, they will account for every lost soul at the battlefield.

“America is an example. During the Gulf War, everyday they will do account of those lost lives, and do as much as possible to minimise the loss of life.

“Now, we precipitated war in our own country against innocent populace out of sheer negligence.

“From the North-East to the Middle Belt and even to the South-South, South-East and South-West, you would discover that most of these deaths are avoidable deaths.

“It is sad and I think the Federal Government should swing into action to stop these wanton killings.”

“I will continue to say that there is no way a centralised police can effectively monitor what is going on across the country and ensure adequate security no matter how sophisticated they may be.

“They are not well-equipped and they are not sophisticated,” he said.



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  1. Ezekiel Okeke 8th January 2018 at 5:45 pm

    Disintegration based on backgrounds of the natives is the only scientific answer. The natives has Disintegrated which must be defended in the ongoing Revolution War of the natives. God Is With Us.

  2. ADE 8th January 2018 at 8:59 pm

    If all other region will come out in mass against hausa fulanis power hungry tribe and insis on that or nigeria britain made will part ways,,notwithstand nigeria is not one..is only to those in government not to the citizens

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