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Restructuring: What the readers say

I dedicate today’s column to some of the readers’ reactions to my views on restructuring and other matters. Enjoy them.

A million thanks to you for coming out with this incisive piece in the Daily Sun July 28. Suddenly, the vampires and exploiters didn’t know the empirical meaning of the word ‘restructuring.’ They are shameless hypocrites, but surely they are going to stew in their own juice this time around and there are no two ways about it. I suggest you publish the fantastic piece for the whole four Fridays in August so that the shameless hypocrites and deceivers will continue to read and learn what restructuring is all about. May God continue to bless you. Ben Nwayotalu.

Is it not curious that Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State is part of a committee of Governors and Traditional Rulers of the North to reach a consensus on restructuring which he will rubber-stamp as APC’s definition of the subject matter? 08172120562.

A brilliant one you have today. Until we realize that our problem is not necessarily restructuring or referendum as widely spread but simply and squarely leadership, as that is the bane of our progress and development, we will still be where we are (retrogressive). There is a serious need for an urgent reexamination of Nigerians so as to rediscover ourselves. Doing this will bring to our knowledge that the needful now to solve our problem is behavioural/attitudinal diagnosis and cureration particularly amongst our leaders, most of who are just selfish, unaltruistic, unpatriotic and bereft of ideas. Dr. S.I. Uzochukwu.

It is not a must to abolish the states and go back to the regions, before restructuring can be done. Thanks. 08066998804.

What are we going to restructure? I ask this question because if we restructure Nigeria without restructuring our leaders, does it not amount to an exercise in futility? Are the National Assembly members not going to pad the budget after the restructuring? Pickford. Your article today made my day. You said it all. We Igbos have to put our thinking cap and speak with one voice. We have to invest in the East. 07061656039.

Thanks for your write-up though I didn’t agree with all your points. My point is that I am surprised at your wondering that all the Igbos are not on the same page. That is why we don’t have a party and can’t produce the president for the past years. An average Igbo man wants to be a king and somebody is talking about Biafra. Even the restructuring will still not work for them. Igbos need reorientation. They should learn how to follow and show love to one another. We all can’t lead at the same time. There is Uwazuruike, there is Kanu, and many more of their likes are still coming. Restructuring yes; timing not yet. Kingsley Ezikeoha.

Your facts were very well articulated. I couldn’t agree more. However, it doesn’t come as a surprise to those of us who have been following the antecedents of this government and its supporters. No amount of grammar employed in any preaching will enable the message permeate the presidential brain. For now, the East is not invited to the table. It should be a challenge to the zone to get its acts together come next election, so that even if we do not produce the president, we will have a say in who becomes the president. 2019 cannot come sooner enough. Chiadikaobi Ezike.

You spectacularly and logically hit the matter very well. APC as a party should think well. Do they plan to rule or just a mere taking over of the government from the PDP? It took APC almost eight months to constitute its belated cabinet. Before they know it; four years ‘don waka go’. Please tell them to take their change as it is no longer useful. Thanks a lot for your good work. O.O.O. Pickford.

Thank you for your elaborate and clear presentation of facts in your piece June 16. Many in this country have been fed on lies for long. Your article will continue to pierce their hearts for many years to come. Isaac Ukwenya.

Your article in the Daily Sun of June 9 was thought-provoking. It contains the truth they don’t want to hear. I am writing on restructuring that I would put on my Facebook. Best regards. Valentine Enuwe.

Contrary to the belief of many Igbos that they are marginalized in Nigeria and hence, their agitation for Biafra, many non-Igbos believe that Igbos are highly favoured and they, therefore, see the agitation for Biafra as an act of provocation of other ethnic groups. The recent order of Arewa youths should be seen in that light. No Igbo man living in the North will be attacked on this ground because they are not as vocal on the agitation as their brothers at home. 08033397362.

Your article of June 9 was fantastic. Thanks for your courage in dishing out the hard truth. Keep it up. 08037460829.

Your opinion in Afara Lane of June 16 is well taken. Of particular significance is your suggestion that government should address the problems facing Nigeria and not their symptoms. Prof. Sam Uzochukwu.

Thank you for your piece, ‘Two Years of APC change’. I was one of the fanatical ‘change’ supporters. I always read your article and agreed with you. May we determine our right future come 2019. Mujitaba Buhari.

Thanks for your observation on the lopsidedness in recruitment at the Federal level and marginalization of the South-East Nigeria cum Igbo race. It seems that the party in power is yet to understand the value of unity. If that is the case, it then means that the best option for the country is divided we stand. Chinedu Ekwuno.

I understand that I made a mistake supporting Buhari before the election. I was thinking of Nigeria as one nation where all are equal. Events since Buhari government came in made me realize that truly we are not one. Appointments and government’s projects allocation made me know that. Sorry that I have a different political opinion and have opposed you during the campaigns. K. Utazi.


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