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Religious leader advocates return to farming to boost food production

The newly-turbaned Chief Imam of Aiyepe Ijebu, Ogun, Alhaji Safihiyu Awosanya, on Sunday advocated a return to  farm settlements by Nigerians to boost food production and stave-off famine.

Awosanya said this after he was turbaned as the new Chief Imam of Aiyepe.

He said the National Directorate of Employment (NDE) started the scheme some years back but it failed due to lack of continuity.

Awosanya said the three tiers of governments should provide modern social amenities at various established farm settlements.

These will lure our youths to key-in into the programme and for its sustainability, he said.

He said that they would be able to produce enough food stuffs that would last the country throughout the year while the excesses would be exported to foreign countries.

Through it, Nigeria would earn foreign revenue and shore-up its GDP, he said.

“The white-collar jobs are not there again. This is the reason why people must return to agriculture, “Awosanya said.

Awosanya advised the youths to also learn different vocational skills in addition to the knowledge they had already acquired.

According to him, this will be one of the very crucial measures through which the government can adopt to tackle unemployment.

“We must train the youth in vocations; how to use their brains and hands for their own survivals.’’

The Chairman, Aiyepe Ijebu Muslim Community, Alhaji Musibau Oyefeso, also advised parents and guardians to allow their children and wards to acquire both western and Islamic education.

Oyefeso said, “Allah has destined that Alhaji Awosanya will, one day, be turbaned as the Chief Imam of Aiyepe Ijebu. That is what has manifested itself today.

“I, therefore, call on all the members of the Muslim community in Aiyepe Ijebu to cooperate with the new chief imam in the discharge of his duty,” he said.

Awosanya was born 53 years ago in Aba Quarters, Aiyepe Ijebu in Odogbolu Local Government, Ogun.

Awosanya, a graduate of Amal Science from the University of Ibadan, joined the NDE as a project officer in October 1987.

(Source: NAN)


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  1. Onyewuchi Nze 14th May 2017 at 4:09 pm

    I like Yoruba Muslims. They are civilized and do not believe in propagating their religion through violence.

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